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Our Books are Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We are quite confident in the quality of our books and our gluten-free recipes. If you purchase a gluten-free recipe book directly from us via this website (using Paypal/credit-card) and are dissatisfied with it, you may return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund (less original shipping and handling charges). If you purchased a printed book during a "buy one get one" or similar promotion and only return one of the books, your refund will be pro-rated accordingly (e.g., you return one of two books, you are given a 50% refund).

If you purchase one of our E-Books (Amazon Kindle or such), Amazon's terms and conditions dictate any return policy — our money-back guarantee applies to our physical printed book edition only.

If you purchase one of our books from a retail location, its return is subject to the selling store's return policies. If you purchase a book from us directly at a trade show and wish to return it, the refunded amount will reflect a $4.00 handling charge to cover the costs of processing a check and mailing it to you (and, you must provide a copy of the original sales receipt to us with your returned book).

Books must be in original condition, or reasonably close to it, to qualify for refund. Since we either donate returned books to libraries, or give them away as promotional items, books with significant damage will not be accepted for refunds.

We must receive the book prior to issuing any refund. This guarantee is limited to one book per person so as to prevent any abuse of our generous return policy.

When you purchase any of our books, you are issued a customer number and unique transaction-ID. Include that ID with any correspondence to ensure proper credit is issued. If you lose this ID, email us with your contact information and we will attempt to locate it for you. No books returns are accepted from parties other than the original purchaser.

Please Contact Us prior to returning book so we can note your desire to return it within the 30-day window and also prepare to issue the fastest possible refund once we receive your book. Your return-shipment to us must be postmarked within 30-days of the date you originally received your purchased book (per tracking-information USPS provides us showing confirmed delivery-date to your location).


Recent Testimonials

" ... your dessert recipes are different!! They are spectacular! And I can't wait to try the rest of them! Most celiacs (or those on a gluten free diet anyway) have gotten so used to mediocrity... and it doesn't have to be that way! NO MORE MEDIOCRITY!"
Kelly S., Ontario, OH

"I made the Chocolate Ganache Cake (p. 20) with my own icing for my dad's birthday. Dad has been on a Gluten-Free diet since the early 80s. This is the best cake he has had since then. He was blown away by how moist it is."
J. Pillsbury , Lawrenceville, NJ

"This is a beautiful cookbook. Very thorough, great layout and the photos are outstanding. Excellent all around, I am so thrilled that I ordered this!!"
D. Latham, Raleigh, NC

"...Our gluten free daughter has been putting it [cake] in her packed lunch for school all week, so it obviously was a hit.... The book itself is gorgeous - beautifully produced, with great pictures (one for each recipe, which I think is important), good, clear instructions, and a big easy-to-read type-face."
Lucy (Free-From Blog), UK

I made the carrot cake from your cookbook for a birthday party.  After tasting it, I realized how I had almost forgotten what "real" cake tastes like!  It was almost a religious experience....LOL!!! Read More...
L. Hill, Boston MA