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World 1: Fiancé Fell in Love with the Housekeeper’s Daughter (1)

It was the middle of summer, so the weather was unbearably hot.

It was inevitable for people to feel more irritable in this weather, and this was especially true for Ye Chen.

On this unbearably hot day, he was forced to come to the hospital to apologize to someone.

He walked into the hospital like a ticking bomb that would explode with the slightest provocation.

It was quite noisy in the hospital since people came and went, but everything became quiet when Ye Chen entered the VIP ward of the hospital.

The doctors and nurses spoke in whispers because they fear that they might accidentally disturb the patients that were resting.

In contrast, Ye Chen didn’t hesitate to make a racket.

He didn’t knock on the door before he pushed the door to the VIP room open.

The door hit the wall of the room with a loud bang, awakening the woman who was resting on the hospital bed.

The young woman’s body snuggled comfortably against the soft blanket, so only her palm-sized face was revealed.

Her curly burgundy hair contrasted sharply against her pale face, making her appear harmless and pitiful.

Ye Chen was startled when he saw the young woman’s fragile appearance; this was the first time he had seen her appear so fragile.

However, his surprise merely lasted a few seconds until the young woman opened her large eyes.

Her eyes looked sharp and threatening as she gazed at him.

The fragile and harmless appearance from before had all but vanished.

Ye Chen frowned and said, “Chu Xiang, don’t you think you have caused me enough trouble already I don’t like you at all, so there is no point in trying to force me to be together with you.”

Chu Xiang stared at the familiar yet strange man standing in front of her.

Her heart pounded quickly against her chest as tears pricked her eyes when she stared at him.

This was the memory left by the original owner of the body.

Chu Xiang quickly sorted out the original owner of the body’s chaotic memories with her powerful divine sense.

She was able to understand everything in two short seconds.

The person standing before was her fiancé.

Her fiancé wanted to break off their engagement because he had fallen in love with her housekeeper’s daughter.

The same woman who had followed and served her for ten years.

Chu Xiang blinked her large eyes.

The sharp gaze disappeared in an instant and was replaced with the icy-cold gaze as she looked at him.

Chu Xiang usually looked at Ye Chen affectionately in the past, but now, there was only contempt in her eyes.

“Ye Chen, weren’t you the one who told me that you loved me and wanted to marry me Weren’t you the one who proposed to me So how can you have such an ambiguous relationship with another woman when you already have a fiancé”

Ye Chen’s pupils darkened at her words as he countered, “I was still young when I promised to marry you.

Chu Xiang, don’t try to hold onto me just because of some childish promise I made to you when we were young.

Also, don’t cause trouble for Xuewei because it’s not her fault that I don’t like you.

I will not marry you even if you commit suicide!”

“If you don’t like me, then why did you propose to me It would’ve been fine if you broke off the engagement before you got entangled with another woman.

However, you didn’t call off the engagement before you found a mistress behind my back! Now, you broke into my hospital room and kept rambling about your mistress.

Ye Chen, don’t you feel ashamed at all You were the one who caused all of this, yet you have the audacity to come and shout and holler at me in my room.” Chu Xiang was very calm and collected compared to Ye Chen.

Each and every sentence that she spoke further exposed how the unfaithful man was trying to deliberately distort the truth.

Ye Chen hated Chu Xiang’s passive-aggressive attitude and in contrast, he liked Bai Xuewei’s gentle and sweet personality much better.

He and Chu Xiang would quarrel relentlessly on a regular basis and he felt very irritated because of their constant arguments.

He didn’t expect that he would feel even more suffocated and uncomfortable than usual after being ridiculed by Chu Xiang’s cold and indifferent attitude.

Ye Chen used a malicious tone to counterattack.

He sneered coldly at her and said, “If I’m as rotten as you said, then why are you still trying so hard to latch onto me Who do you think is more shameless, me or you”

“A person will not be blind for their entire lifetime.

Since the world is so vast, it is inevitable for me to meet a few scums in my life.

Scram.” Chu Xiang reached out and pressed on the call button.

The nurses and doctors rushed into the room when she pressed the button.

Chu Xiang faced the doctors and nurses that arrived in the room and said, “This person barged into my room and has seriously affected my health.

Please kick him out right now.

I don’t want to see him step inside my hospital room again in the future.”


Miss Chu, I will put this gentleman’s name on your visitation blacklist.

Sir, please leave this room immediately or I will call the security guard.”

The hospital’s service for its patients in the VIP ward was excellent.

The medical staff immediately blocked Ye Chen and firmly asked him to leave.

Both Ye Chen and Chu Xiang were born with a golden spoon, so others had always treated them with respect.

This was the first time that Ye Chen was being driven away like this.

His face turned green in anger, he glared at Chu Xiang, and gritted his teeth, “Good job, Chu Xiang! Just don’t beg me to visit you in the future!”


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