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Only after the bungee jump rope tethering Chu Xiang whipped back up a few more times did the staff slowly lower her down into the speedboat lying in wait on the lake.

When the staff of the boat asked how she felt about the jump, Chu Xiang held a thumbs-up gesture towards the camera before laughing to her heart’s content..

“I never knew bungee jumping could be so thrilling! Isn’t the next event diving underwater Hurry up, let’s go look for Brother Liao.”

The speedboat made a quick turn and zoomed back towards the shore.

The moment Chu Xiang lifted off her helmet, her shoulder length hair fluttered in the wind.

Appearing as if she had escaped from the chains holding her back, she lifted her arms into the air and welcomed the strong  breeze into her embrace.

Everyone witnessing her actions would naturally succumb to such a carefree smile.

That dazzling spectacle of Chu Xiang was the perfect picture of someone who had undergone trials and emerged victorious.

As soon as Chu Xiang arrived by the shore, Liao Ze took the initiative to welcome her back.

Stretching out his hands to assist her down the speedboat, he shifted his worshipping gaze towards her and exclaimed in admiration, “Chu Xiang, you’re amazing! Absolutely amazing!”

“Brother Liao, I certainly can’t be more amazing than you.”

Liao Ze quickly shook his head and waved his hands in denial.

“It seems that I will have to call you Sister Xiang from now on.

The feats you accomplished today have certainly forced open my eyes.

To be honest, I initially thought that the organizers for the program had gone crazy.

Not only did they invite me to participate in such nerve-wrecking activities, but they even invited a young lady like you to do so.

Contrary to my expectations, you seem to be even more capable than I am.

Thus, you must allow me to call you Sister Xiang from today onwards.”

Chu Xiang shrugged her shoulders, hinting that he could do whatever he wanted.

She then shaded her eyes to look up at Dong Bohao as he traversed the tightrope.

“Since Brother Dong has only arrived at the halfway point, why don’t we proceed to the diving activity first We might as well get something to eat along the way to replenish our energy.

I’m actually quite tired.”

Liao Ze nodded hurriedly.

“Let’s quickly take our leave.

I will never come back to this place ever again.

I’m also quite tired myself despite not being able to achieve much today.

You might not believe me, but I will soon collapse from fatigue… the fatigue of my heart.”

Chu Xiang chuckled as she walked towards the car and asked for a piece of paper.

“Let’s leave a short note behind for Brother Dong, saying how we’ll be taking our leave first.”

“A note”

Chu Xiang then wrote on the piece of paper, ‘Brother Dong, thank you so much for your hard work.

Sometimes, I can’t help but think that you’re somehow invincible.

Anyways, we’ll be waiting for you at the diving spot~”

She even drew a small heart at the back of the note.

Liao Ze cackled.

“Good! That’s very good! It will definitely get on his nerves! Who told him to pull such stunts against us for the entire day He should have just done them by himself.

Let’s head over to the beach and enjoy ourselves!”

“Alright, let’s go!” Chu Xiang stuck the note onto an eye-catching spot.

Putting on her pair of sunglasses, she stepped into the car and headed to the next destination.

The diving spot was not far away.

During their car ride, the two of them ordered a bunch of food and drinks on their phone.

Before long, Liao Ze’s complexion finally returned back to its normal color, probably because he thought it was time for some perfectly normal fun.

[I apologize for laughing, but this is the first time that I have ever felt sympathy for Brother Dong in his own live broadcast.


[After a long streak of victories against the esteemed guests in his past live broadcast, Brother Dong has finally suffered his first defeat.

He probably thought that he would continue to reign supreme on his throne and never expected Chu Xiang to surpass him.]

[Chu Xiang is such an amusing person.

Is she starring in any other programs I want to see more of her so badly.]

[This is the first program that Xiang Xiang participated in after coming out of retirement.

Everyone, thank you so much for your support!

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