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Even if she did chase after money and marry into a wealthy family, she did not do anything to let anyone down.

For those people who had stepped back towards Chu Xiang as her fans, they could have been emotionally touched by her actions and words, which incited them to support her once again.

But what about the haters They simply looked to vent their anger towards someone, and that someone just so happened to be Chu Xiang.

However, wouldn’t directing their malice towards Chu Xiang for no plausible reason whatsoever make them the brainless ones

When things arrived at such an extreme, they could naturally move in the opposite direction.

The haters have been venting their evil intentions toward Chu Xiang for such a long time that no one dared to speak up on behalf of Chu Xiang any longer.

With her comeback today, however, she managed to emphasize the valiant discrepancies in front of such a large audience.

Thus, the audience would start to doubt the previous accusations against her and truly believe that she had been wronged from the start.

The moment the haters began swarming the chat, everyone’s disgust for them gradually turned into sympathy and love for Chu Xiang.

The ones who stood up for her had already formed a capable army.

Who knew how many fans she had gained from today alone

After they arrived at the beach, Chu Xiang and Liao Ze laid down on the beach chairs in the shade of their umbrella.

Indulging themselves in the sweetness of a cake, they enjoyed the gentle breeze of the glittering ocean.

The director split the screen of the live broadcast into two panels.

While one side displayed the scene with Chu Xiang and Liao Ze, the other showed the things happening on Dong Bohao’s side.

On his end, he had just finished his walk across the steel tightrope and had collapsed onto the ground due to fatigue.

As he continued panting heavily for air, his face had flushed red and was now drenched in sweat.

His absolutely drained state after walking across the steel tightrope differed greatly with Chu Xiang’s.

After comparing the two, the bullet screen was filled with laughter and jokes.

By the time Dong Bohao had gotten down via the cable car and seen the note left behind by the other two, Chu Xiang and Liao Ze had already finished their meal, dressed themselves in diving suits, and dove into the ocean.

Although the diving suits weren’t as tight as they could have been, they nevertheless fulfilled their purpose.

 Furthermore, the suits enabled the film crew to do their job skillfully.

Liao Ze dove while holding onto the hand of the instructor.

While his body may have been stiff, he nevertheless succeeded in reaching the destination below with utmost caution.

Turning his head around to look at Chu Xiang, on the other hand, he noticed how she was swimming elegantly like a mermaid.

Not only did she perform the dive by herself, but she even stretched her arms out to touch the shoal of fishes varying in color.

She naturally looked much more experienced than Liao Ze.

The filming crew managed to perfectly capture Chu Xiang’s graceful motions as she swam around the ocean.

The viewers gasped in awe while witnessing the beauty of the world underwater around Chu Xiang’s outstanding figure.

While swimming around the wonders of the ocean, she looked as if she was in her natural habitat.

Not only would she greet the schools of fishes in her path, but she would even go through the larger gaps between the corals like a fish that was glad to return to its home.

[I have officially become a fan of Chu Xiang.

These scenes are far too beautiful! Does she not resemble a mermaid I suddenly have the urge to see her dressed, not in a black skin tight suit, but in an outfit that mimics the scales of one!]

[Chu Xiang indeed possesses a naturally beautiful figure.

However, her complexion seems a bit worn out.

Perhaps she may not have looked after herself very well over the past year.

From the close-up view of her face during the bungee jump, she appeared to have aged slightly, judging from the appearance of her skin.]

[How could the young lady of a rich family not be able to maintain their looks I reckon she had been worn down by the family.

The despicable trio of the Lin Family should be punished for their sinister actions! Oh right, doesn’t Scumbag Lin own some sort of company in the industry I have made up my mind to boycott the products of the Lin Group and will support Chu Xiang no matter what.]

[That sounds about right.

Scumbag Lin had always been a person with a wicked personality.

I too will boycott the products of the Lin Group.]

[Me too! I will also boycott their products.]

While there may still be a few haters spouting nonsense here and there, the majority of the viewers had already decided to ignore them.

On the other hand, Chu Xiang’s fans had already overwhelmed the chat and were discussing her with the other passers-by.

They had even begun promoting Chu Xiang’s previous works.

Some of the viewers were even listening to her songs while watching the live broadcast.

After Chu Xiang swam three or four rounds around the coral reefs, Dong Bohao finally arrived at the designated location.

Immediately diving into the water, he swam two rounds around the corals with Liao Ze.

He then grabbed onto Chu Xiang and Liao Ze with each of his hands and swam towards the surface of the water.

Upon emerging from the ocean, they waved their hands high into the air for a nice picture.

Dong Bohao burst into a fit of laughter and shouted, “We have succeeded! Today’s extreme challenges were a complete success! There was nothing that we could not accomplish today!”

Liao Ze purposely pushed Dong Bohao back into the water before yelling at the top of his lungs, “I will never ever come back to this program! Brother Dong better compensate me for the mental damages I suffered today!”


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