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Although Chu Xiang did not say anything, she revealed a dazzling smile that encompassed the emotions she felt today before diving back into the water.

The live broadcast came to an end with Dong Bohao joking around with Liao Ze and Chu Xiang swimming freely around them.

When the cheerful broadcast ended, everyone could only lament waiting another week for the next one to air.

As the host and his two guests seemed to have been enjoying themselves, their enthusiasm naturally spread to the viewers who also had fun watching the three of them joke around.

Furthermore, Brother Dong’s fans who acted in a ridiculous fashion at the start of the live broadcast apologized in chat for their inexcusable behavior.

[Our prejudice against Sister Xiang was unjustified.

We never would have thought that she would be such an outstanding guest.

Moreover, she even interacted pretty well with Brother Dong.

We were simply being unreasonable.]

[To think that I would be influenced by the comments of the haters and have a prejudiced point of view against Sister Xiang.

However, I have officially become her fan today and hope that she will appear as a guest on Brother Dong’s live broadcast once again.]

[I deserve to be scolded and punished, for I ridiculed Sister Xiang by making a bet that she would fail her ascent of the cliff after three minutes.

I was also one of many to complain about her appearance in the show.

On the contrary, my previous thoughts about her have turned a complete 180.

I never would have expected her to be such an amazing person.”

[Everyone, thank you so much for supporting Xiang Xiang.

It is such a joy to see the amount of support you guys are giving her on the first day of her comeback.

I’m simply floating in elation right now.

As a matter of fact, I’m currently drowning in tears of joy.

Xiang Xiang has gone through so much over the past year.

But seeing her receive so much encouragement brings tears to my eyes…]

[Xiang Xiang, I love you! We will definitely support you wherever you go! Fighting!]

Chu Xiang’s first live broadcast after coming out of retirement ended as a complete success.

Even the director and filming crew of the program were taken aback and overwhelmed by the sudden rise of support and viewership, and they suddenly had the urge to invite her back onto the program.

Furthermore, the people who interacted with Chu Xiang in person definitely felt the mysterious aura emanating from her presence.

Anyone who came into contact with her could not help but feel that attraction.

The director of the filming crew intuitively felt that Chu Xiang would soon skyrocket in popularity.

In fact, he truly believed that she would gain a larger fanbase that would surpass the numbers she had had before.

When that time came, the program, [Are Celebrities Capable Or Not], would naturally increase drastically in both viewership and popularity.

Besides, Glorious Star Entertainment had even worked behind the scenes to promote Chu Xiang’s appearance in today’s show, which created even more exposure for their live broadcast at the same time.

This was certainly a pleasant surprise for the organizers of the program.

Everyone now had a much better attitude towards Chu Xiang.

After the broadcast ended, the entire area burst into a lively atmosphere.

As promised, Dong Bohao treated Chu Xiang and Liao Ze to a grand seafood meal.

Although Chu Xiang was on a diet, she did not hold herself back on such occasions.

As soon as the delightful dishes arrived on the table, Chu Xiang reached out and began forcing open the shells of the prawns and crabs.

Munching down and indulging in the creatures of the sea, a mountain of shells and bones soon piled up on the table, leaving not a single bit of meat behind.

Chu Xiang’s outgoing personality naturally closed the gap between the three people.

Although they were celebrities signed by different companies, they quickly got acquainted with one another and insisted on calling each other brothers and sisters.

Moreover, they have even exchanged their contact information.

Dong Bohao shifted his gaze towards Chu Xiang and smiled.

“Your appearance in the program has certainly allowed me to save quite a bit of energy.

Why don’t you come back on the program again”

Chu Xiang returned his smile.

“I will definitely find the time to come back onto the program.

After watching many of Brother Dong’s broadcasts, I was immediately mesmerized by your stunts.

While there are many people who want to do the things you do, there aren’t very many who actually follow through with those desires.

It’s no wonder so many people are attracted to your show.”

“You clearly stated it yourself.

You better not refuse when I invite you over next time.”

“You can rest assured, Brother Dong.

I’m even willing to follow you to space if I really have to.”

Liao Ze shook his head and said with his mouth full, “Oh, poor young ‘un, that old man will definitely drag you into a pit.

Just wait and see.”

Dong Bohao jokingly pulled Liao Ze close to him and burst into a fit of laughter.

“If that pit really did exist, I would also be dragging you down with me.

Don’t think of running away.”

When Chu Xiang finally returned back to her apartment, her entire body ached to the point where she could barely even move her finger tips.

She quickly prepared a medicinal bath and dumped her body into the bathtub before listening to the message sent by Uncle Dong.

“The outcome of the live broadcast today surpassed all of my expectations.

I will soon connect you to hosts of other programs.

In the meantime, why don’t you post an official announcement of your comeback on your social media That would give your fans a place to express their feelings about your return.”

On her first ever post on her social media, Chu Xiang selected the photo of her smiling without a care in the world on the speedboat and combined it with the following caption.

[My dear babies, I have made my return and will always be there for you~]


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