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As soon as Chu Xiang made her post on her social media, several waves of her jubilant fans had already noticed and began spamming cheers in the comments section below, welcoming her back into the entertainment industry.

However, wherever the light goes, the dark follows.

In this case, a horde of haters had also arrived.

Fully anticipating their appearance, Uncle Dong had already assigned multiple accounts to prevent the hate comments going too far overboard.

Aside from those haters, the users who became fans of Chu Xiang from the previous live broadcast had also left behind some encouraging messages on her post, supporting her comeback as a celebrity.

Everyone hoped for her to appear in more programs.

The haters who had once reigned supreme over Chu Xiang’s social media had finally lost all momentum and suffered their first defeat in a long while.

Consequently, her social media became a place of great celebration for the time being.

Embraced by the warmth of the medicinal bath, Chu Xiang scrolled through the comments below her post and deleted the posts created by the original host of the body.

Now, the only post that remained was the one she recently added to her timeline.

Not only did it serve her comeback as a celebrity, but it even symbolized the rebirth of Chu Xiang in this world.

From then onwards, she vowed to live a completely different life from the body’s previous one… to walk on the glorious path leading to a world of marvels!

Soon enough, the terms, “Chu Xiang’s Comeback,” had already risen to one of the top searches on the web.

Search results would be filled with passionate discussions regarding her appearance in the recent live broadcast.

Within those discussions, quite a few people believed that the recent sweep of her previous post signified her bidding farewell to her previous self as a celebrity a year ago.

Some even began speculating about the things that she experienced over the past year.

There was one quote, however, that started to gain traction among the forums.

“I wish that scumbag and his mistress would end up vanishing from this world! That evil witch from the Ling Family would be better left unseen for all eternity!”

This quote would often appear whenever the topic regarding one of the three despicable humans was brought up.

It also quickly showed up as one of the top few searches.

One example of the searches related to the trio included, “Scumbag Lin, His Mistress, And the Evil Witch.” Upon seeing this development, Uncle Dong then released the videos of Chu Xiang’s hospital interview.

In the video, one could clearly see Chu Xiang contemptuously signing the divorce agreement and accepting the conditions of leaving the marriage without any compensation.

The moment the video was uploaded online, the users — who enjoyed causing a ruckus online — talked about how the exact video had already been posted before.

But since it was deleted, not many people had the chance to view it.

Instead, the journalists purposely tried to make the users forget about the video by uploading pictures comparing the appearance of Chu Xiang and Mo Xinru.

They even posted speculations about how Chu Xiang was purchasing contraceptive pills, which naturally caused the public to view her with disdain.

Essentially, they were doing whatever they could to tarnish Chu Xiang’s reputation.

Noticing how something felt off about the above topics, everyone started to become interested and watched the entire video.

After doing so, anyone with common sense would naturally despise Scumbag Lin.

When they saw Chu Xiang’s pale complexion as she laid weakly on the hospital bed, their instincts told them to sympathize and side with her.

Adding onto the fact of how he had an affair with his previous sweetheart and even forced Chu Xiang to sign a divorce without receiving any compensation, Scumbag Lin became the target of everyone’s hatred.

The Xiang fans decided to support her by posting the pictures of her volunteer work at an old folks’ home.

The pictures clearly showed the interactions between her and the elderly while she wore a sweet, charming smile on her face.

Anyone with a pair of functioning eyes could tell that the elderly were genuinely enjoying the time spent with Chu Xiang.

Such a heartwarming scene could not possibly be fabricated.

And here came the main issue at hand.

With how much respect and love Chu Xiang displayed for her elders, why would she call the madam of the Lin Family an evil witch That could only mean that the madam was exactly like so.

While it may be a common occurrence for celebrities to be used, the grudges within the wealthy families, on the other hand, piqued the interests of the netizens who sought after real-world drama.

What really was happening in the love-hate relationship between Lin Jiawei and Mo Xinru Why did Mo Xinru originally abandon Lin Jiawei to go abroad What kind of charm did Mo Xinru possess for her to keep Lin Jiawei in her tight grasp even after all those years abroad What kind of sadistic witch was the madam of the Lin Family What kinds of terrifying methods did she use to torment Chu Xiang

Their imagination was certainly boundless.

The more they delved into the topic, the more intrigued they got about the Lin Family.

The people investigating this matter even went so far as to ask whether their speculations were correct in the comments below Chu Xiang’s post.

Eventually, this matter received the same amount of traction as Chu Xiang’s comeback into the entertainment industry.

The ones who dug even further discovered how Lin Jiawei attempted to prevent Chu Xiang from coming out of retirement, which further worsened everyone’s impression of him.


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