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From this situation, Chu Xiang definitely acquired the upper hand as the traffic on the website reached a new high.

At this point, the Lin Family and Mo Xinru must have found themselves with their backs against the wall.

The pedestal that they once stood high up on had collapsed in that instant, throwing them down into the category of inferior, despicable human beings.

Flustered, the female cousin of Mo Xinru gave her a quick call in the evening.

“Sister, did you know that you’re currently trending on social media There’s so many people flaming you for being a mistress.

What in the world happened to you Did you not say Brother Jiawei had blocked that woman from going back into the entertainment industry”

Mo Xinru was taken aback by the sudden turn of events.

“Xiao Jia, what did you just say Could you repeat it clearly once again”

“You’re currently trending on social media, but not for the right reasons! Sister, you better take a look at the situation now.

I’ll leave the unpleasant things for you to find out for yourself.

Everything happened because of that Chu Xiang.

Upon making her comeback today, she insulted you and Brother Jiawei during her first live broadcast.

She had even insulted the madam of the Lin Family.

You should really take a look at the madness that’s happening right now.”

“Alright, I’m going to hang up first.”

Immediately after, Mo Xinru tapped on the search bar in her social media.

The number one trending search was titled, “Chu Xiang’s Comeback,” while the third most trending was titled, “Chu Xiang Making Her Comeback In [Are Celebrities Capable Or Not].”

She clicked on each search result, only to see a chaotic bunch of comments.

As she scrolled through the comments, she could only lift one of her eyebrows in confusion.

After all, the comments were mostly congratulating Chu Xiang for making her comeback into the entertainment industry.

What did these things have to do with her

Mo Xinru quickly scrolled through the bunch of search results regarding Chu Xiang without much interest.

Just as she was about to exit the site, a particular search result in the top seven searches caught her eye.

“Scumbag Lin, His Mistress, and the Evil Witch.”

She startled.

Not only was everyone bashing her and Lin Jiawei, but they were even going as far as to insult Madam Lin.

[To think that a wealthy girl like Mo Xinru actually wanted to become someone’s mistress and forced Chu Xiang to divorce Lin Jiawei.

Furthermore, she even allowed Lin Jiawei to prevent Chu Xiang from making her comeback into the entertainment industry.

How shameless! She’s the textbook example of a mistress.]

[Mistress Mo isn’t just any ordinary mistress.

Just take a look at what she had done in the past.

Not only did she take advantage of Lin Jiawei’s wealth to study overseas, but she even brainwashed him to the point that he needed a substitute that looked like her to dote on.

After coming back from overseas, she once again has Lin Jiawei back in her grasp.

Speaking of Lin Jiawei, that human is also one hell of a despicable bastard.

They’re such a perfect match for each other.]

[Seeing how evil the witch of the Lin Family actually is, it’s no wonder that Scumbag Lin ended up choosing his childhood sweetheart.

Ahem! What a perfect couple! They should just keep at it with each other so that no one else will have to suffer from their hands.]

[At this point, I’m convinced that the evil witch of the Lin Family actually is Marguerite Baker of Resident Evil 7.

As for Mistress Mo, she’s probably just some pretentious bitch who acts cute and takes advantage of other men.

Finally, Lin Jiawei is simply the definition of a delusional, narcissistic bastard who is already beyond the realm of redemption.]

Mo Xinru was naturally astonished at the remarks made about them online.

As her mind attempted to process all the information, she still did not know how to react to the sudden turn of events.

Having been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she had only ever received countless praise from the people surrounding her.

Never before had she had to face such unrestrained insults against her, let alone from millions of people on the internet.

It was humiliating!

Wiping his hair as he stepped out of the bath, Lin Jiawei noticed that something was amiss with Mo Xinru’s expression.

Concerned about her, he asked, “What happened Is something wrong”

Mo Xinru immediately handed her phone over to him.

“Didn’t you say that you prevented Chu Xiang from going back into the entertainment industry If so, how did she come out of retirement She even dared to insult me!”

“There are places where my hands cannot reach in the entertainment industry.

I reckon she must have walked along the path presented by someone else.

What did she even say about you” Lin Jiawei sat next to Mo Xinru.

As soon as he read the obscenities written about him and his family, he was indeed quite flabbergasted.

Scrolling down hundreds and thousands of comments, Lin Jiawei realized how all the negativity that was pointing towards Chu Xiang was now directed towards him — each comment becoming increasingly vile with no one speaking up for him.

The words, “Scumbag Lin, His Mistress, and the Evil Witch,” were especially shocking to his eyes.

Despite all the negative comments, however, Lin Jiawei remained unfazed.

Even if those words were written over the sky, it would not affect him in any way whatsoever.

He then turned off the phone and stretched his arm around Mo Xinru as he reassured, “Pay no attention to their words.

I will order my men to erase every single one of those comments later.

When that time comes, the internet will have been wiped clean.”


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