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He pulled Mo Xinru into an intimate embrace before attempting to drag her down to bed.

On the other hand, Mo Xinru immediately pushed him away.

“Did you not see how those people insulted me How could I not care about them Tell your men to erase those comments at once! You were the main reason why this happened in the first place.

Why should I suffer such humiliation along with you Don’t you know who they’re calling a mistress!”

“You’re not the mistress.

Chu Xiang is.

Did you already forget how I have always been in love with you My heart has never wavered even after so many years.”

“Then why did you marry Chu Xiang”

“Xinru, why don’t you try looking at it from my perspective When you mentioned how you wanted to settle overseas and were even dating another guy, I was so discouraged and ended up marrying Chu Xiang.

I only wished to have someone who looked like you in the house every day.

It was simply a way to comfort myself.

Didn’t we already have a talk about this When you came back from overseas and said I was your true love, I immediately divorced Chu Xiang.

Isn’t that enough to prove that I have no feelings for her”

Seeing how desperate Lin Jiawei was with his words, Mo Xinru felt a great sense of relief.

Even then, a hint of discomfort was still lingering in her heart.

“Go into the study room and deal with that matter at once.

Otherwise, you will not be allowed to sleep in the bedroom.”

Lin Jiawei helplessly dragged himself into his study room.

Immediately, he turned on his laptop and began to investigate the things that took place today.

Consequently, he discovered that Chu Xiang ended up signing with Zhou Ye’s company.

As he dug deeper into his investigation of the matter, he found the picture of Chu Xiang having a meal together with Zhou Ye.

That event seemed to have taken place soon after Chu Xiang signed the divorce agreement.

Seeing how enthusiastic they were when talking to each other, there were even some articles speculating the relationship between the two of them.

Lin Jiawei tightly knitted his eyebrows.

“Why did Chu Xiang decide to sign with Zhou Ye’s company Did she deliberately sign with him, knowing our bad blood”

Originally, he did not want to involve himself in this particular matter; with Zhou Ye’s involvement, however, things had certainly changed.

How could someone like Chu Xiang, who was well past her prime, be able to attain such a high profile as soon as she came out of retirement The only plausible reason for that is that Zhou Ye played a huge part in this outcome.

But why did Zhou Ye suddenly make his move Could it have something to do with Chu Xiang’s character

Hmph! No one understood Chu Xiang better than he did.

Over the past year of living as his wife, Chu Xiang had long since lost the shining light in her eyes that she once had during her prime.

Furthermore, her youthful vigor had also disappeared completely.

She had simply become a shell of her former self.

However, why did Zhou Ye decide to support Chu Xiang After further thinking, one of the reasons that Lin Jiawei came up with was that Zhou Ye wanted to humiliate him.

Coming to that conclusion, Lin Jiawei immediately called his assistant and ordered him to handle the mess happening on the internet.

He frowned.

“Locate Chu Xiang’s whereabouts and give her some money.

Make sure to warn her to not say any other unnecessary things in public.”

Immediately after, Lin Jiawei notified the servants of his house about the situation, ordering them to conceal the truth and prevent Madam Lin from finding out.

Upon finishing those tasks, he suddenly felt an indescribable jitter in his body.

The cute kitten he once accepted had now turned into a feral cat.

If he knew such things would happen now, he would never have come into contact with Chu Xiang in the first place.

Meanwhile, indulging herself in a medicinal bath, Chu Xiang gently massaged the sore parts of her body.

At the same time, she used a bit of her spiritual force to absorb the energy from the medicinal ingredients in her bath.

Wiping away the medicinal ointment applied on her face, she took a look at her reflection in the mirror and realized that her skin had improved slightly, albeit it was necessary to keep up the treatment for a while longer.

Using the ingredients she purchased, Chu Xiang created her own skincare product.

Only after applying it to her entire body did she dress in a bathrobe and step out to her bedroom.

With the intensive amount of care Chu Xiang was placing on her skin daily, it was only a matter of time before she regained her youthful appearance.


Chu Xiang grabbed a cup of water in her hands and walked over to her door.

Although she did not recognize the person at first, after a moment of thought, she realized that the man standing before her was Assistant Lee, the man who was always around Lin Jiawei.

“What do you want”

The assistant handed over a cheque.

“Miss Chu, President Lin isn’t very happy with the situation that happened today.

This is a gift that President Lin asked me to bring along.

He hopes that you will be more careful with your words in the future.”


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