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Or that was what Lin Jiawei thought.

Facing such a simple person as Chu Xiang in his eyes, he decided to not rush and take his time instead.

Ever since the beginning of this matter, he had never thought of her as an opponent on the same level as him.

Leaving Zhou Ye’s involvement aside, the few words from Chu Xiang that left a deep impression on Lin Jiawei was when she mentioned his business.

From those words alone, he began speculating whether they had something to do with Zhou Ye taking the opportunity to deal with him.

He practically stayed up the entire night, running through the list of possible ways that Zhou Ye could attack him.

Despite going through all those possibilities, Lin Jiawei failed to take into account the two witnesses of the previous commotion, the two celebrity trainees living next door to Chu Xiang.

Having yet to reach twenty years of age, the two ladies — as signed celebrity trainees of the same company specializing in singing and dancing — saw Chu Xiang in two different ways.

While they may have worshipped the past Chu Xiang, they also resented her in a way for not meeting the public’s expectations of her.

After witnessing the commotion that took place just now, on the other hand, their hearts pounded at how cool she was.

Unable to keep those feelings to themselves, the two of them immediately spread word of the commotion they personally witnessed to their close friends online.

Naturally, the story was passed on to their other close friends.

In the span of a single night, the news had already spread to close to a hundred university students and eighteen other celebrities or celebrity trainees.

It was only a matter of time before it extended its reach into the public.

Chu Xiang woke up early in the morning and put on her make-up, ignoring the internet.

Since she had already laid out and determined a series of plans for her future, the news no longer has the ability to influence her current life.

Immediately after finishing her preparations, she made her way to the company to practice.

Since most of the people among Lin Jiawei’s upper class circle included young people, they were quick to receive news about the hottest topics online.

Thus, they had inevitably stumbled upon the drama between Chu Xiang and the Lin Family.

Whenever they thought of Lin Jiawei or saw him in person, they could not help but think of the meme regarding the evil trio.

Despite being in the same hierarchy as them, the situation had actually escalated to such a ridiculous point.

They could not help but be amused about this exact outcome.

During that time, Lin Jiawei received many calls and messages.

Even though they appeared to be words that should comfort him, he quickly realized that all of them were simply making fun of him.

His mood plummeted.

Even while hanging out with Mo Xinru, he did not smile even a single time.

As a matter of fact, Mo Xinru also received the same kinds of calls and messages from her friends and family.

In an attempt to ignore their words of ridicule feigned as comforting words, she decided to forgo work and even social interactions.

Meanwhile, the two of them even got into several arguments because of this exact outcome.

Their resentment towards Chu Xiang grew even larger.

However, the one person that suffered the greatest blow was Madam Lin.

Despite her servants’ attempts to conceal the situation from her, she eventually discovered the truth when her friends that she invited over jokingly spoke about the exact matter.

Astonished by their words, she ended up exploding in rage on the spot.

Having humiliated herself thoroughly by doing so, she ended up with a sleepless night.

Eventually, Madam Lin ended up calling Chu Xiang to interrogate her about the matter.

However, she never once responded to her calls.

She smashed her phone onto the ground and was determined to scold Lin Jiawei thoroughly after calling him to come back home.

“What the hell is wrong with you How could you not even deal with a single woman like Chu Xiang Take a look at just how much trouble she caused for our family!”

“Since she’s currently under the protection of Zhou Ye, I can’t be making any reckless moves against her.

However, I will never forget the humiliation I suffered because of her.

When the opportunity shows itself, I will definitely ruin her entire life.”

“You better make sure to teach her a good lesson.

She dares to call me an evil witch It appears that she has become much bolder!”

Madam Lin boiled in rage to the point that she lost her appetite entirely.

Lifting herself up from the dining table, she walked back upstairs.

“I will not be eating anymore.

I’ve gotten full from anger.”

The two people that Lin Jiawei cared about the most in his life included his grandmother and Mo Xinru.

At this moment, both of them had been humiliated by Chu Xiang.

Furthermore, they ended up venting their rage towards him, causing him to feel extremely frustrated.

He had never once loathed Chu Xiang to such an extent.

He wanted to ruin her life once and for all.

After a moment of thinking, Lin Jiawei recalled how Mo Xinru had a cousin working in the entertainment industry and asked Assistant Lee to contact her immediately.


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