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When Zhu Yujia noticed Assistant Lee calling her, she was slightly taken aback.

After all, she learned that Lin Jiawei wanted to support her with resources and to get her into the same show as Chu Xiang.

Without even thinking about it, she clearly understood that he wanted her to bully Chu Xiang as a way of letting Mo Xinru vent her anger.

Zhu Yujia’s family background was rather average, but she had always admired her aloof cousin.

This time, not only would she receive resources benefitting her career, but she would even be able to help her cousin — ultimately killing two birds with one stone.

As promised, Lin Jiawei invested a sum of money into the program, [Outdoors], and managed to replace one of the third-rate female guests with Zhu Yujia.

While Zhu Yujia prepared for the program excitedly, Chu Xiang was also increasing the intensity of her stamina training.

In order to be at her peak condition for her next live broadcast, Chu Xiang would bathe in her medicinal bath and take the time to improve the quality of her skin every day after arriving back home.

Only after doing so would she go to bed for the day.

Ten days later during her next program, Chu Xiang’s skin had improved drastically as it looked much softer and smoother than before.

Even without the use of makeup, her appearance would rival that of an eighteen year old girl.

Furthermore, her figure had also gone through a subtle change.

Although the physical difference may not be obvious, the aura lingering around her body was able to attract the attention of anyone that laid their eyes on her.

Looking at Chu Xiang’s current appearance, both the fitness instructor and physique coach of the company showered her with praise for managing to improve and polish her appearance within such a short period of time.

Having been working in the entertainment industry for all these years, Chu Xiang was the only person capable of such an impossible feat.

Later in the afternoon, Chu Xiang finally arrived at the location of the live broadcast that seemed to be a maze within a forest.

During this program, the five original hosts could each invite a guest of their own.

The host who invited her was a 30-year old female celebrity called Xu Qian.

Upon seeing Chu Xiang, she smiled, yelling, “My dear disciple, hurry up and come over.

Your master would like to see you properly.”

Without any hesitation, Chu Xiang dashed over and hugged her arm.

“Master, although I haven’t seen you in such a long time, you are still as beautiful as ever.”

The viewers watching the live broadcast were all surprised by this unexpected scene.

[How did Xu Qian and Chu Xiang become master and disciple]

[Xiang Xiang had once filmed a TV drama with Master Xu before.]

[Hehe! Seeing how her fans don’t dare to talk about her TV drama, I assumed that they do remember that both her cooking and acting skills were absolutely horrendous, right]

[You haters are such moronic bastards.

You don’t need to flaunt your low IQ wherever you go.

I’m only here to see Sister Xiang dominate the program and achieve first place.

Could you haters just shut the hell up Thanks.]

[My Jia Jia will be the one who achieves first place.]

[My Qin Bao will be number one!]

Immediately after the live broadcast began, the bullet screen had already been filled with heated discussion.

The legions of fans were now going at each other with great intensity, the screen bustling with various kinds of comments.

After each of the five hosts introduced their invited guests, the first task was then announced to the five teams.

The first task would be a competition between the five teams.

The rankings would be based on the order in which the teams completed the maze.

Aside from getting through the maze, the teams would also have to locate five different cards hidden throughout the area.

As for the rewards of finishing the first task, the winners out of the five teams would have more screen time during the next task of the live broadcast.

As such, the teams on the lower end of the rankings would receive less screen time while the team in last place would receive no screen time.

Finally, each team would only have half an hour to finish the maze.

Otherwise, they would have to withdraw from the competition.

As for the most important condition of this first task, the teams would be able to rob each other of their cards at will.

Exciting, exciting.

[Since they’re able to steal from each other now, things are definitely going to get interesting.]

[Oh my god! There are four girls in the program.

How are they going to steal from each other Hahaha! Why did Sister Qian invite a female guest with her Their group is definitely going to lose.]

[Things aren’t fully set in stone yet.

From Chu Xiang’s performance in “Are Celebrities Capable Or Not,” I suspect that she may actually be able to achieve first place.

However, I’m still not 100% sure.]

[Hurry up and start! Don’t stop stealing from one another! Everyone, why don’t we bet on who will achieve victory in this first task]

The five original members groaned.

“Why did the organizers include that rule in this first task Why couldn’t they just choose a fun game to play Did they really have to make the competition so cruel”

The director of the filming crew mercilessly announced, “The first task will now commence.”

Everyone immediately dashed into the maze.

Zhu Yujia seamlessly followed Chu Xiang, looking for the perfect opportunity to make her trip.


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