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Chu Dongqi looked at the newspaper and his expression changed subtly.

He didn’t speak for a long time.

Chu Xiang chuckled and said, “Dad, you’re acting exactly like the kind of person who would sit under a lemon tree in a variety show on TV! You’re so sour!”

Chu Dongqi smiled when he saw her laughing cheerfully.

As long as his family was happy together, everyone else such as the Ye Chen, the Ye Family, Bai Ling, and Bai Ling’s daughter were all insignificant outsiders to them.

As long as they lived happily together, other people had nothing to do with them.

Of course, they still have to settle the debt they have with the Ye Family.

The Chu Family and the Ye Family originally planned on cooperating together on a venture.

They had almost finished discussing their corporations too.

However, the Chu Family didn’t have to cooperate with the Ye Family indefinitely.

There was another family, such as the Xiao Family, that was also very influential and powerful.

The Xiao Family was an up-and-coming family in the business world.

The former head of the Xiao Family built the family from scratch.

Unfortunately, the former head of the Xiao Family overworked himself until he fell ill at less than fifty years old.

Now, his son, Xiao Han took over the family business, allowing his father to peacefully recuperate at their villa.

Xiao Han had been raised and trained to be the successor of the Xiao Family since he was a child, so he developed to have keen insight and a dependable character.

When he took over the Xiao Family, he managed to bring the Xiao Family to new heights rather than causing the family business to go through turmoil.

He appeared in the covers of many major business magazines when he was only 25 years old and was one of the highly eligible bachelors in the business world.

The Chu Family’s business venture this time was very profitable.

Xiao Han was interested in cooperating with the Chu Family, so he had a private conversation with Chu Dongqi with the perfect plan for cooperation.

He was young, motivated, and cautious.

He was more competitive than old and well-established families like the Ye Family.

If the Ye Family weren’t future in-laws with the Chu Family, Chu Dongqi would’ve never cooperated with the Ye Family.

Now that he found out that Ye Chen was secretly bullying his daughter, he was firm on taking revenge.

He ordered his company to call off the cooperation between the Ye Family and them.

Instead, he planned on working together with the Xiao Family.

It was better to work with young and energetic people.

Chu Dongqi can already predict that working with the Xiao Family will benefit both families and it was going to be more profitable than working together with the Ye Family.

Chu Dongqi’s orders came into effect the very next day.

Ye Zhenhong had just learned that Ye Chen fell in love with someone else and that the Chu Family wanted to break off their engagement.

After being informed of that, he was also informed that their new venture with the Chu Family had fallen through.

The Chu Family refused to cooperate with them.

He hurriedly called Chu Dongqi and said, “Old Chu, we’ve known each other for over ten years.

Our children’s quarrel should not interfere with our business affairs, right Ye Chen is going through a rebellious phase right now.

You and I both know that he loves Xiang Xiang a lot.

Ever since he was young, he would beg us to let him marry Xiang Xiang, otherwise, why would our family set an engagement for them then I will give him a thorough scolding and ask him to apologize to Xiang Xiang.

Don’t be angry anymore.”

Chu Dongqi snorted coldly, “He’s going through a rebellious phase Xiang Xiang was so heartbroken that she turned to alcohol to dispel her sadness.

She over drank alcohol and had alcohol poisoning; she had to stay in the hospital for days! And where was your son Well, your son was sharing a room with Bai Xuewei.

I don’t want a son-in-law like your son, and I won’t allow my daughter to be bullied by anyone.

There is nothing you can say to change my mind because I’ve already made my decision.

Old Ye, I suggest that you should take good care of your son.

If you continue to let him fool around like this, how will he be able to manage your company in the future I have another meeting now, so I’m going to hang up.”

Ye Zhenhong was the president of a large company, so he would lose face if he continued to argue.

He sat down in his office with a dark and gloomy expression on his face for a long time.

Finally, he picked up his office phone and dialed Ye Chen’s phone.

Once the call connected, he said to Ye Chen, “Come to my office. Immediately.”

Ye Chen was drinking at the bar all right and he currently had a hangover headache.

It took him a long time to finally get up and tidy up.

He drove to the company.

As soon as he entered through the door of his father’s office, Ye Zhenhong picked up the cup on the table and threw it at them.

Ye Chen hurriedly avoided the glass cup flying at him.

The expression on his face changed and said, “What are you doing, dad”

“What am I doing Do you know how much money you caused the company to lose You cause us to lose one billion yuan! Do you know what it means for us now that the Chu Family refused to cooperate in this venture It means that the Chu Family will never cooperate with the Ye Family ever again in the future! Ever since the Chu Family and the Fang Family merged their company to form the East Corporation, their company has surpassed our company by a whole lot.

If the Chu Family decides to suppress our company in the future, what do you think will happen Have you ever thought about the consequences” Ye Zhenhong hated his son for failing to meet his expectations.

He wished that he could give his son a good beating.

Ye Chen stared at his father blankly.

He had never involved himself in the company.

He was still fooling around in school, acting as the campus idol.

Even so, it didn’t mean that he didn’t understand the meaning behind Ye Zhenhong’s words.

The Chu Family refused to cooperate with the Ye Family and the Chu Family might suppress them in the future.

Their refusal to cooperate already cost the Ye Family more than one billion yuan.


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