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When the two of them arrived at a fork in the maze, Xu Qian wanted to continue down the left path but was dragged back by Chu Xiang.

“That path has already been taken by another group.

Let’s go down the right path instead.”

Xu Qian looked around the fork in the maze at a complete loss.

“Huh It had already been taken Why do I not see any signs of that”

Chu Xiang immediately grabbed her by her hand and ran down the right path.

“Just trust me and follow my lead.

Look, the tree ahead has a card in it!”

“What Where” Xu Qian narrowed her eyes to look further in front of the path, but she still could not see anything until Chu Xiang suddenly climbed up the tree.

“Huh Make sure to be careful!”

Utilizing every part of her body, Chu Xiang quickly climbed up the tree with ease.

After grabbing and analyzing the card, she faced the camera with a grin.

“I found the first one!” she shouted while sliding down the tree trunk toward the ground.

Xu Qian dashed towards Chu Xiang and looked around her body.

Only after making sure that she wasn’t injured did she heave a sigh of relief.

She gave her a thumbs-up “Not bad, my disciple.

Where did you learn such skills”

“I somehow found my way into the Magic Kingdom.

Now that your disciple has become a full-fledged mage, you will definitely have a full stomach by the end of the day if you follow me around.”

[She even knows magic Hahahaha!]

[Our Sister Xiang is so cool! I never knew she was also so good at climbing trees.

Sister Xiang, bring me with you!]

[To think that she would be the first one to find a card.

That’s awesome! Hopefully, it won’t get stolen anytime soon.


[Chu Xiang already knows how to rock climb and even has the guts to walk across a tightrope.

What’s so strange about her knowing how to climb up a tree Perhaps that’s all she has been doing instead of studying properly.

What’s so cool about that You shouldn’t be encouraging kids to do these types of things.]

[So what Our Xiang Xiang is simply such a cool person.

When Xiang Xiang donated money to charity, you were probably still playing around with mud.

Why don’t you do the same as well If so, I will call you a hero!]

Chu Xiang’s remarkable performance gave her fans the courage to rise up against her haters.

Consequently, the haters found it increasingly difficult to cause a ruckus, much less win an argument against her fans.

After her wonderful display, Chu Xiang lifted her thumb up and handed the card over to Xu Qian.

Then, she leisurely squatted down and picked up a mushroom at the foot of the tree.

On the other hand, Xu Qian grasped onto the card nervously.

“What do we do if someone tries to steal the card from us”

“In that case, we should just hide it properly.”

Taking off her arm sleeves, Chu Xiang turned it into a satchel and placed the mushrooms inside.

She then shifted her gaze towards Xu Qian before grabbing the card from her hands and squeezing it into her underwear.

“No one will be able to steal it now,” Chu Xiang exclaimed with her arms stretched out.

Xu Qian gawked stupidly at her.

“Are you really doing this My disciple, what happened in the past year that made you like this”

“I had no choice.

After all, there were far too many evil monsters in the Magic Kingdom,” Chu Xiang said jokingly as she stared into the brightly lit sky.

Immediately after, she turned back around and began to explore other parts of the maze with Xu Qian.

Those few words touched the hearts of many viewers.

[The Magic Kingdom that Chu Xiang spoke of….

Could it possibly be the Lin Family Those people from the Lin Family are all evil monsters…]

[Surely, you’re thinking too much into those words.

However, that reasoning does indeed sound plausible.

That Lin Family does feel like a place with a murky atmosphere surrounding it.]

[Xiang Xiang is such an understanding person, for she does not want to talk about any unhappy topics.

Look, she has already found the second card!]

A total of 25 cards lay hidden within the maze.

This time, Chu Xiang found a card stuck in the ground at a particular dead end.

However, the impressive thing was that the card only had a certain corner sticking up from the ground, making it extremely difficult to spot.

Xu Qian was astonished.

“Disciple, your observation skills are far too terrifying! Surely, your attentiveness is unparalleled in this world.”

Chu Xiang chuckled.

“Isn’t it natural to remain attentive in the presence of my master Aren’t I the best disciple in the entire nation”

When the two of them arrived at a crossroad in the maze, they just so happened to bump into Qin Bao and Liang Zhen’s team.

At that moment, Zhu Yujia recalled the rule about stealing other teams’ cards and said with a smile, “What a coincidence… Today, I have been such a burden for Qin Bao, so I have been trying to think of a way to make up for his hard work.

I wonder… if the two of you managed to find any cards or not”

Immediately after, Zhu Yujia revealed a rather adorable smile.

Liang Zhen grinned too.

“I have yet to see what the cards actually look like.

Anyway, I’ve dug up a certain wild herb.

I wonder whether it tastes good or not”


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