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Xu Qian too replied with a smile of her own, “The group responsible for hiding the cards sure knows how to hide them well.

We’ve run around the maze for such a long time, yet we haven’t come across a single card.

However, we did pick up some mushrooms along the way.

Why don’t we hurry up and keep looking for the cards”

Although Xu Qian tried to leave after uttering those words, Zhu Yujia clasped her hands together and apologized before pouncing fiercely on Chu Xiang.

“Sister Chu, I really want to compensate for Qin Bao helping me out the entire time.

Why don’t the two of us have a quick go at each other before you leave”

Chu Xiang swiftly took a step back and dodged the attack with ease.

Immediately after, she grabbed her wrists and pinned her down on the wall of the maze as she jokingly shouted, “No one move! The police have arrived!”

Xu Qian patted Qin Bao on the shoulder as she burst into laughter.

“Your partner has just been apprehended by the police.

What are your thoughts about it You should really think twice and practice more before attempting to steal from us.”

Qin Bao shrugged his shoulders as if to proclaim his innocence.

“Isn’t this a false accusation I never had any intentions of stealing from you.

After all, aren’t the two of us a couple If I wanted to steal, I would’ve aimed for Brother Zhen instead”

Xu Qian pushed him away.

“Eww! Who would want to be a couple with you Now that your partner has been captured by us, why don’t you hurry up and bring out some items for the ransom”

Digging through his satchel, Qin Bao reluctantly brought out a bar of chocolate.

“I went to far lengths in order to keep this hidden, but I’m going to give it to you now.

You better cherish it dearly.”

After receiving the ransom chocolate, Xu Qian broke it into two pieces and handed one-half over to Chu Xiang.

Then, she finally let go of Zhu Yujia and said, “You better turn a new leaf and not perform any other wicked deeds.”

Although Zhu Yujia was fuming, she nevertheless forced a smile.

“Do the police these days act in such a rough manner We definitely can’t afford to offend such people.

Had I known this fact earlier, I would have tried stealing from Brother Zhen with Qin Bao instead.

Unless… Brother Zhen, why don’t you help the poor out”

Liang Zhen hugged the wild herbs in his hands tightly while putting up his guard.

“You better not come anywhere near me.

Otherwise, I’m going to shout as loud as I can.

Anyway, I’ll be taking my leave now.

Don’t follow me.”

Just as he was about to leave, Chu Xiang spoke.

“That path is a dead end.

We just came out of that way.”

“Oh, really In that case, we’ll go on this path then,” Liang Zhen switched routes and quickly ran away while holding onto his partner’s hands.

Chu Xiang pulled Xu Qiang over.

“Why don’t we follow Brother Zhen Let’s see whether or not he’ll be able to find a card with his luck.”

As soon as everyone left from the crossroads, Qin Bao called Zhu Yujia over and took a different path.

After all, it wouldn’t be a good show if the teams started to walk on the same path.

Qin Bao gave Zhu Yujia a few words and asked for her cooperation in acting her part in the show.

Only she herself knew how wicked her heart truly was as she continued to think of her next approach against Chu Xiang.

From the information gathered so far, it wouldn’t be possible to catch Chu Xiang with her guard down.

In fact, she simply couldn’t do so.

Thus, she planned to take a different approach when the two of them met again in the future.

When that time would come, she vowed to steal every single one of Chu Xiang’s cards and reduce her total amount of screentime.

During their entire conversation, Chu Xiang and Xu Qian were both hiding around the corner.

Only after Qin Bao’s team left did the two of them come back out.

Taking the lead, Chu Xiang walked towards the path that Liang Zhen initially wanted to take.

“What is the meaning of this”

“Isn’t this a competition All’s fair in a competition, right We need to continue going west if we want to get out of this maze.

The route that Brother Zhen took should be the one heading east.

Thus, it will probably snake back around or end up as a dead end.

We’ll just let him go that way.”

[Sister Xiang is actually quite smooth with her words and actions, huh She seems to be quite adept with a wide variety of skills.

Who wants to bet with me that Sister Xiang will get first place]

[Did none of you see that Chu Xiang was bullying Jia Jia just now Are you all blind]

[Surely, you’re the blind one Zhu Yujia was the one who pounced over in the first place.

On the other hand, wasn’t Chu Xiang simply joking around Did it not sound like a script to you]

[Chu Xiang’s impression of a police officer was quite amusing.

However, isn’t Zhu Yujia getting too out of hand Although she supposedly injured her ankle, she still tried to steal a card.

How did she even pounce on Chu Xiang with her injured ankle, to begin with]

[Hurry up and pay attention to the stream! Chu Xiang is going to steal the card from someone!]


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