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Since Zhu Yujia replaced another celebrity in the group at the very last minute, in addition to being a complete stranger to the other celebrities, her sudden departure did not affect the live broadcast whatsoever.

While the two groups in third and fourth place continued to wail in agony over the second mission, Chu Xiang and Iron Ox’s group had already proceeded to the third mission, which involved cooking a meal over a campfire in the wild.

Having been handed an earthen stove and small pot, they were then tasked to search for their own ingredients in the surrounding nature.

Iron Ox immediately dashed over to a nearby river to catch some fish.

Originally thinking that it would be an easy task, he was quickly taken aback to find out how difficult it actually was.

Frustrated by his insufficient abilities, he said dejectedly, “Why don’t I work on the earthen stove instead Does anyone else here know how to fish”

His partner immediately replied, “I don’t know since I’ve never done it before.”

Facing Chu Xiang, Xu Qian asked, “I can’t catch them either, so I guess I should explore the forest to look for some wild vegetables”

Arriving at the riverside, Chu Xiang looked around and seized the makeshift fishing equipment.

“I’ll give it a go.

There also seems to be some river crabs.

I’ll see whether I can catch some or not.”

“My dear disciple, please be careful.”

With that, Xu Qian grabbed the satchel created using Chu Xiang’s sleeves and slung it from her shoulder to her waist.

After urging Iron Ox to quickly prepare the fire in the stove, she then ran into the forest to look for more ingredients.

[Since the third and fourth place teams have already run out of time and taken their leave from the live broadcast, there’s only four people left to perform such a difficult mission.]

[Do you think they can complete this mission with fifty minutes left It looks extremely difficult.

Not only do they have to look for their own ingredients in the wild, but they even have to prepare their own fire.

Without any proper fishing equipment or even a fishing net, how are they supposed to catch the fish]

[I’ve heard that some people in this world are capable of catching fish with their bare hands.

Who knows Seeing how Chu Xiang is currently focusing her intense gaze on the fish in front of her, surely she couldn’t be thinking of doing just that right]

[There are plenty of sharp branches around the area! Chu Xiang, hurry up and use one of them as makeshift spears!]

[It looks like today’s mission will end up as a failure.

Even when Iron Ox dove into the water just now, he still failed to catch a single fish.


Although the viewers had already witnessed the competition in the first mission, they nevertheless found the mundane tasks of catching fish and firing up the stove to be quite entertaining.

The bullet screen was soon filled with comments discussing how people lived in the countryside.

They were even saying how it would be game over if the four remaining celebrities were suddenly placed in the countryside to survive by themselves.

On the other hand, as soon as Chu Xiang determined it to be the right moment, she shot her hands like a bolt of lightning towards the fish hovering still in the river.

Despite her efforts, the fish slithered away and even splashed a handful of water towards her face.

In a moment of desperation, she pounced forward again, only to grab herself a fistful of sediments in the bottom of the river.

At that moment, the bullet screen was filled with gales of laughter from the viewers, obstructing the actual content on the live broadcast.

[Someone please make a meme from that scene XD.

Compare it to the other time when Sister Xiang was strategizing to steal the cards from the first mission.

Hahaha! How cute!]

[The Sister Xiang today is quite adorable, huh Why does it feel as if the fish was teasing her]

[Not only did the fish escape, but it even splashed water into Xiang Xiang’s face.

Seeing her current dumbstruck expression, she must be wondering where she went wrong for the first-place team to be fishing for food at such a place.


Chu Xiang’s current actions contrasted nicely against her big-brained plays in the first mission, ultimately serving as great entertainment for the viewers.

Even the two masculine, fit men, Iron Ox and his partner, ended up with tasks unbefitting of their appearance as they continued to carefully set up the preparations for the earthen stove.

At one point, they even accidentally knocked each other over and smeared mud all over their faces.

By the time they finished setting everything up, they already had mud stuck all over their bodies.

Meanwhile, Xu Qian was also at her wit’s end.

Lacking any knowledge of wild herbs, she only picked up a bundle of what she thought to be edible grass.

Despite her greatest efforts, none of the things she gathered were edible whatsoever.

While Iron Ox proceeded to start up the fire, Xu Qian lied down on the field of grass in fatigue.

“Disciple, your master will have to rely on you to find food now.

Surely, you wouldn’t let your master starve on the side, right”

Hearing her words from the side, Iron Ox chuckled.

“Did you already get used to having your victories handed to you on a platter I want to see just what you will do next week since your disciple won’t be here to help you.”

“Hmph! I’ll deal with that when the time comes.

Besides, I will be relying on my disciple this week anyway.”

Chu Xiang wiped the water off her face with her sleeve and laughed.

“Master, rest assured, for I believe that I have just discovered the trick.

Wait for me here.”

At that moment, the organizers of the live broadcast announced, “The team in second place, your time has run out, so please take your leave.”

With that, four men in black dashed over and dragged Iron Ox’s team away.

Staring blankly at the four men, Iron Ox suddenly came to a realization.

“Wait a minute… I wouldn’t have been able to savor the meal in the first place, so why did I bother setting up the earthen stove just now!”


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