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Xu Qian burst into a fit of laughter and exclaimed, “My dear ally, you may set your mind at ease as I will definitely savor your portion of the meal.”

She then ran towards the riverside and asked excitedly, “My disciple, have you caught any fish yet Each one that you catch will ultimately belong to the two of us, for there is no longer anyone here to share it with.”

“I will definitely be able to catch the fish this time!” Chu Xiang exclaimed with the utmost confidence.

When the previous fish that “teased” Chu Xiang swiftly slithered its way over, Chu Xiang immediately pounced in its direction.

Contrary to all expectations, since one of her legs had gotten stuck in the mud below the river, she was suddenly pulled back as she fell face first into the water, creating a splash above the surface.

[Hahahahaha! LMAO!]

[Will definitely catch the fish, my ass! I turn away for a second, and she does this Hahaha!]

[I swear… that fish must be some sort of mythical beast.

Screenshot it and spread it around as a good luck charm!]

[It seems that Sister Xiang has finally met a worthy opponent.

Recording a live broadcast must be quite the challenging task.

Although life certainly isn’t easy, one is required to have multiple talents to work in this field.]

[This program appears to specialize in destroying a celebrity’s image.

While Sister Xiang may have completed the past two missions with ease, to think that she would end up facing trouble in the presence of a mere fish.

What a sudden turn of events!]

Since this program was designed to reward the most successful team with the most screen time, Xu Qian and Chu Xiang were the only ones left in the live broadcast at this moment.

Not foreseeing this outcome, the organizers were worried that the viewers might stop watching the broadcast.

However, no one expected the battle between Chu Xiang and the fish to be this intense and entertaining to watch as the large majority of the viewers were still enjoying the show.

At that moment, the director ordered the filming crew to capture more of Chu Xiang’s expressions, in addition to the traces of the cunning fish in the river.

Stunned, Chu Xiang lifted her head from the river and slowly propped herself up.

Xu Qian immediately walked into the river to support her and asked while holding back her laughter.

“My disciple, are you okay”

Chu Xiang breathed deeply.

“Master, it seems that I didn’t put enough effort into my training…”

“It’s alright, why don’t we do this together instead” Xu Qian said while pulling up her sleeves as if preparing to go to war.

“I don’t believe that the two of us won’t be able to catch that one fish today! Ignore the other fish and do whatever it takes to catch that cunning bastard!”

Despite their best efforts, the two of them never did end up catching the fish.

With a fish as quick-witted as that particular one, how could anyone who isn’t specialized in the field be able to catch it, not to mention with their bare hands For whatever reason, that particular clever fish really kept appearing around them as if toying with them.

Even so, the two struggling predators made for an extremely good show as the viewers laughed until their cheeks started getting sore.

Reckoning that they had already played around long enough, Chu Xiang dispersed the spiritual energy concentrated around her legs.

With that, the fish also decided to go on its way.

What kind of fish would keep playing around with its predator All the abnormal things regarding the fish was entirely influenced by the spiritual energy to make the show more interesting.

Placing her hands on her knees, Chu Xiang revealed an unwilling expression as she watched the fish slither down the stream.

Xu Qian patted her on the shoulder and said, “Oh well, we can just spare its life.

Anyways, let’s go look for something else to eat around the area.

In any case, we’ll have to complete the mission.”

After trudging out of the river, Chu Xiang caught sight of a certain crab not too far away at the side.

While slowly approaching the crab, she concentrated her spiritual energy into her hands.

The moment the crab sensed the spiritual energy, it immediately approached her as if voluntarily falling in a trap.

Chu Xiang stretched out her hands and successfully caught the crab.

Lifting up the crab in a victorious pose, she rushed towards Xu Qian with a bright smile and exclaimed, “Master, we’ll be having river crab for dinner tonight!”

“Well… thank god we’re able to have a meat dish.”

With that, the two of them led the filming back to their camp and began preparations for dinner.

While steaming the sole crab in a pan, they also brewed a pot of mushroom stew.

On the outskirts of a large forest, the two ladies sat next two their earthen stove, staring pitifully at their single crab and pot of mushroom stew.

Amidst the comical scene, the afterglow of the setting sun further emphasized their miserable state.

The live editors added in an effect of the autumn gale sweeping away the fallen leaves into the live broadcast.

With the mood further enhanced by the mournful background music of an erhu, the viewers lost their minds as they burst out laughing uncontrollably.

As soon as the two ladies lifted up their share of the sole crab, the live broadcast immediately came to a sudden end.

Outraged, the viewers complained that they hadn’t watched enough and urged the organizers of the program to come up with similar missions as the third one in the future.


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