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When the live broadcast finally ended, a young lad hurriedly ran over with a towel and draped it over Chu Xiang’s shoulders.

“Sister Xiang, do you feel cold Since we’ve already cut the live broadcast, you should hurry up and get into the car.

We certainly don’t want you to catch a cold.”

“Alright, I’ll go say goodbye to Sister Xu first.” Chu Xiang nodded before walking towards Xu Qian.

“Sister Xu, thank you so much for today.

You must be very tired since you had to put up with my troubles.”

Xu Qian smiled and waved her hands.

“Shouldn’t you be the tired one today I’ve only made it this far because of your assistance.

Inviting you as a guest was definitely the right choice on my part.

So, what do you think about our live broadcast Isn’t it quite fun”

Chu Xiang shrugged.

“Well… it’s not that much different from [Are Celebrities Capable Or Not]”

“Haha, true enough.

I watched your recent live broadcast with Dong Bohao.

To say the least, it was indeed fun to watch as you have such a wide range of skills.

What are you thinking of doing next I’d say that you can easily become a permanent host in any type of live broadcast.

Increasing the viewership of the national citizens will always be a good thing.”

“Well… I’m planning to continue participating in a wide variety of programs for now.

While I’m certainly in the process of making other arrangements, you can’t forget that I’ve just come back from retirement.

I still have to take things slowly and see where my career brings me.

Don’t forget about me when you receive any other opportunities in the future~”

“I will most certainly keep you in mind.

Anyways, why don’t we have dinner together We’ll go back home after we eat.” Xu Qian grabbed Chu Xiang by the hand and dragged her along.

“Usually, everyone gathers for dinner after we finish filming the live broadcast.

But since everyone had already taken their leave, then so be it.

Oh, we’ve eaten at this nearby hotpot restaurant before, and it was pretty good.

Are you down”

“Sure, why not But I’ll be the one treating you to dinner tonight.

Since we haven’t seen each other for such a long time, you better not try to argue with me.”

“Haha, alright.

In that case, I’m gonna have to eat a bunch tonight~”

From today’s experience, Xu Qian realized that Chu Xiang was much more cheerful compared to the time when they filmed a TV drama together.

She even seemed to have matured as a person.

Not only would she think over her actions when facing the live cameras, but she would even exchange pleasantries with her colleagues after finishing the live broadcast now.

Unlike the last time she met her, Chu Xiang has become a rather sensible person.

It was easier to grow fond of her now.

Since their relationship wasn’t one of competition, in addition to having filmed a TV drama with one another, the two of them could be considered as old friends.

After meeting each other again after such a long time, they had an especially good conversation throughout the course of their dinner.

In the midst of their conversation, they suddenly brought up the topic of Zhu Yujia.

Upon mentioning her, Xu Qian asked out of curiosity, “Do you and Zhu Yujia have some sort of beef against each other Why do I feel like the two of you didn’t get along particularly well today”

As Chu Xiang placed a slice of mutton into her mouth, she replied with doubt, “I didn’t even know who she was until today, so even I was quite puzzled by her actions today.

I felt as if she was targeting me for whatever reason.

Had I not been training my leg muscles, I would definitely have taken my leave early into the first mission.”

“Hmm… the two of us actually work in the same company.

However, during the times I bumped into her at the company, she would always greet me with a polite attitude, so I’m not quite sure why she acted the way she did today.

Even so, the two of you didn’t bump into each other very often anyway, so let’s just forget about this matter.

Who knows whether she holds a grudge against you for something that happened in the past or not You should just forget about her.”

Chu Xiang nodded, but she still felt as if something fishy was going on behind the scenes.

After all, it could be said that Chu Xiang was an omniscient being when it came to the memories of the original host, for she could even dig up the memories that the original host had long since forgotten.

Thus, if the original host had interacted with Zhu Yujia in the past before, she would definitely know about it.

Since Zhu Yujia had replaced one of the esteemed guests at the very last minute and specifically targeted her, Chu Xiang could only come to a single conclusion… that Zhu Yujia entered the live broadcast just to create trouble for her.

Upon arriving back at her residence, Chu Xiang gave Uncle Dong a call and told him everything about the matter with Zhu Yujia.

Uncle Dong was confused.

“Someone you never met or heard of before is targeting you for whatever reason Alright, I’ll investigate the situation.

I’ll let you know when I discover anything strange.

Anyways, you must be very tired today, right I watched the live broadcast.

It must have been very tiring for you.”

Chu Xiang chuckled.

“Surely, I still can’t get too tired from those tasks, right As long as I can make a successful comeback, it doesn’t matter whether or not I have to work even harder.

Oh, by the way, Uncle Dong, is it possible for me to receive my salary in advance”

“Your payment for participating in the past two live broadcasts will soon be transferred over to your account.”

“Umm… aside from that amount, could I still receive a bit of my salary in advance”

“You still need more To require so much money… could it be that you’ve run into some kind of problem”

Staring at a particular column regarding Lin Jiawei’s interview in a magazine, Chu Xiang laughed.

“Let’s just say that I’ll be… investing.”


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