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Lin Jiawei had originally ordered Zhu Yujia to inconvenience Chu Xiang merely on a whim.

However, his actions backfired greatly on him as he ended up quarreling with Mo Xinru, resulting in her moving back to her family’s house.

His mother was also greatly affected.

He only did this with intentions to brighten their mood, but in contrast to his expectations, his goodwill ultimately led to unexpected consequences.

Assistant Lee knocked on his door while holding onto a phone.

“President Lin, Zhu Yujia is calling you right now.

Are you going to answer the call”

Lin Jiawei knitted his eyebrows in frustration and sent an irritated glare towards Assistant Lee, seemingly sick of everyone around him.

Noticing his bad mood, Assistant Lee immediately retreated and spoke a few words to Zhu Yujia before hanging up.

Zhu Yujia wept in grief at home, unable to bear the endless hate comments mocking her.

From her perspective, Mo Xinru should have been the one facing those comments.

After all, she was only giving her a helping hand, so why did she end up receiving all the hate Furthermore, Mo Xinru and Lin Jiawei had also been giving her the cold shoulder, which was also unreasonable and unfair to her.

As someone working in the entertainment industry, Zhu Yujia had been receiving most of the hate online while Mo Xinru would only, at best, be insulted as a mistress by a few comments here and there.

Thus, wasn’t Zhu Yujia being treated like cannon fodder in this situation Clenching her phone tightly in her hands, she began trembling with rising anger.

Unable to do anything against Mo Xinru or Lin Jiawei, she subconsciously vented her rage towards Chu Xiang.

On the verge of losing her sanity, she kept repeating Chu Xiang’s name and cursing her for making her suffer in this manner.

‘Does that b*tch think that I’m an easy target to bully Hmph! I will eventually settle this debt and exact my revenge!’

In the meantime, Zhu Yujia’s manager sent out a declaration on her behalf, avoiding the major issues while addressing the trivial matters.

She then claimed that everything was merely an accident, for Zhu Yujia had always respected Chu Xiang as her senior in the industry and would never display any form of malice towards her.

As such, if anyone else continued to start any form of baseless rumors and Slander Zhu Yujia, the company would not hesitate to take legal action against them.

Since this kind of statement was quite common within the entertainment industry, no one really cared for or thought too much about it.

On the other hand, the high-spirited users began speculating the possibility of Chu Xiang being the daughter of Director Mo, going wild with their stories.

[Originally being an abandoned child who grew up in an orphanage, Chu Xiang struggled her way up the entertainment industry.

When she finally reached her peak, she fell in love with a man and ended up marrying him.

However, that goal of true happiness was quickly shattered the moment she discovered that the man treated her as a substitute for his former lover.

Furthermore, she was even forced out of the family by her husband’s mother, only to find out that her ex-husband’s true love was actually her sister.]

Such was the story speculated by netizens.

With Zhu Yujia attracting even more attention from the public, they couldn’t help but feel as if they were spot on with their guesses amidst their heated discussion.

But if this situation really was as they described, this would end up in history as the largest aristocratic melodrama in real life.

Although the users online had already stopped talking about Zhu Yujia, she was nevertheless frustrated, for it signified how everyone had already determined and accepted her previous actions.

This matter would forever stain her reputation.

Furthermore, if she stopped receiving attention from the public and her fans, she was practically canceled.

Despite receiving a lot of hate from the internet, it still gave her a large amount of public attention.

Since no one cared enough to bother with her any longer, her popularity had plummeted to rock bottom.

Throughout this entire situation, she had been cursed and ignored by the public at the same time.

Perhaps it was only a matter of time before she was forgotten by everyone.

Just as she thought that her situation wouldn’t get any worse, she was struck yet again with another stroke of bad luck.

Her company had just notified her that someone else would be replacing her for the scheduled commercial shoot.

The commercial organizer claimed that she was no longer a suitable figure and immediately looked for a substitute.

With that, she lost the opportunity to take part in a 500,000 yuan job.

Zhu Yujia’s rage was at full-blast.

However, her company urged her to keep a low profile and not cause any trouble for the time being.

As such, she could only hide in her own house and hope to slowly recuperate her losses from then on.

During that period of time, she did not dare utter a single word.


After dealing with the matter regarding her investments, Chu Xiang returned to the company and quickly learned about the situation online from Uncle Dong.

She never expected the internet users to actually link her together with the Mo Family.

Amused, she continued allowing Uncle Dong to handle that particular matter while solely focusing her attention on work.


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