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Zhou Ye shrugged.

“From a normal person’s perspective, how could being related to the wealthy and influential Mo Family not be a good thing”

“It’s one thing to be related to Mo Xinru.

However, seeing how her parents have yet to take any action regarding the matters between her and Lin Jiawei, do you think that they’re any better Besides…” Chu Xiang’s lips curled up into a smile.

“I want to do everything on my own.

Thus, is the Mo Family really worth clinging to even after looking at it from my perspective”

Zhou Ye whistled in awe.

“I have never met anyone else like you before.

You’ve certainly widened my perspective of this world.

From the looks of it, you certainly seem to have full confidence in your investing abilities.

Anyways… future Queen of Investments, would you like to have dinner at the family restaurant in front before going back”

“Sure, why not Director Zhou will be treating me, right I don’t have much money on hand right now since I’ve been investing too much lately.”


Make sure to treat me if you really do make a big return, alright Don’t forget that I invested five million yuan in you.”

Zhou Ye originally wanted to have some fun at the motor racetrack.

However, he quickly changed his mind after speaking to Chu Xiang.

After all, he had never met anyone who gave off such a calm yet mysterious feeling before.

Despite being kicked out of the Lin Family in such an unreasonable manner, she had enough of a backbone to show everyone that she was still living a happy life.

Despite being bashed down by the internet, she remained calm and ignored everyone’s opinions.

In fact, she seemed rather free and at ease.

Despite the Mo Family being wealthy, she would rather not be associated with them.

Despite hanging out with her boss, she had, ever since the beginning, treated and talked to him as if they had always been friends.

For such reasons, Zhou Ye felt that speaking with her was far more interesting than hanging out with his usual friends.

Even when they were having a meal together, there wasn’t a single moment of awkward silence.

Every conversation that he would start, Chu Xiang would follow up one way or another.

Her thinking and opinions never failed to amuse him.

He truly looked forward to the day she reached the peak of the industry and silenced all her haters and antis who berated her for no reason whatsoever.

After getting to know her better, Zhou Ye understood that Chu Xiang wanted to get to work as soon as possible.

Thus, he proposed an idea.

“Why don’t you participate in an interview Aren’t those kinds of programs trending right now Besides, everyone seems to be rather interested in you as a person.

You should take advantage of the opportunity and satisfy a bit of their curiosity.”

Holding onto a piece of fruit with her fork, Chu Xiang stared at him.

“Huh I’ve never seen those kinds of programs before.

What are they called”

“Hmm… I’m not quite sure either.” Zhou Ye had only caught a glimpse of such programs.

After looking up the topic on his phone, he showed the screen to Chu Xiang.

“Oh, it’s this one right here.

It is said that the host is someone who’s daring enough to ask any type of questions to the interviewee.

Doesn’t it sound fun”

Chu Xiang opened the article and glanced through its contents.

“This type of program seems to suit me quite well.

Without even thinking, I can already guess what kind of questions the interviewer would ask me.

It’s probably going to be something along the lines of… ‘Oh Could you tell us more about your divorce What about your reason for coming out of retirement What’s your relationship with the Mo Family’ I should be able to answer these questions with ease and gain even more popularity.”

“Your ability to gain popularity has certainly saved the company a lot of money.

I’ll give Uncle Dong a call and tell him about the interview when I get back home.” Zhou Ye poured a cup of water.

“What do you think about tearing that scumbag apart during the interview”

Chu Xiang giggled.

“Has Director Zhou already watched the live broadcast Those words that I uttered were quickly popularized online.”

“What were those words again The scumbag, his mistress, and the evil witch” Zhou Ye burst into laughter, on the verge of tearing up.

“I reckon that Lin Jiawei must have lost his mind.

But seeing how he sent someone to target you during a live broadcast, he seems to be the same as ever… resorting to his dirty little tricks.

His mind must be smaller than the eye of a needle.”

Chu Xiang gulped down a mouthful of water and looked at him.

“Does Director Zhou have some sort of beef going on with Lin Jiawei For what reason He doesn’t seem to be someone of your level.

Someone like you shouldn’t even bother dealing with a gremlin like him.”

Zhou Ye spread his hands and replied narcissistically, “Perhaps Lin Jiawei envies my handsome appearance and outstanding character.

But honestly speaking… he’s like an annoying cockroach.

When the time comes for you to slap him in the face, I’ll definitely be there to support and back you up!”

Hearing the sarcasm in his voice, Chu Xiang raised her glass of water and clinked it with his glass, as if it was a glass of wine.

Did someone with Zhou Ye’s status really need to deal with Lin Jiawei in such a roundabout manner Surely, he could immediately declare war on his company and get rid of him, right But from the looks of it, Zhou Ye didn’t seem to be joking around when he called Lin Jiawei an annoying cockroach.

Aside from that, did Lin Jiawei really have a grudge against Zhou Ye because of mere jealousy


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