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Zhou Ye’s words definitely had much more influence than Uncle Dong’s, for he managed to get Chu Xiang into an interview two days after he made the promise to do so.

The particular interview program was called [Unusual Q&A], a trending weekly program that invited celebrities with interesting “drama” over as esteemed guests.

However, the key point was that the organizers would not inform the guests about the questions prior to the live broadcast.

The host of the program would bring up any kind of questions, and the guest would have to somehow answer them, whether or not they had prepared for them beforehand.

Thus, the celebrities lacking self-confidence would never participate in such a program as a guest.

On the other hand, this guaranteed that the ones who voluntarily took part in it were, at the very least, courageous enough to do so.

As such, the program skyrocketed in popularity as it attracted many viewers who wanted to either know more about the particular guest or get more information about a particular controversy surrounding that guest.

When Chu Xiang was putting on her makeup backstage, the host, Zhang Nan, casually walked over.

He tapped her on the shoulder and faced her reflection in the mirror.

“Hehe… since it is Xiao Chu’s first time here, are you getting nervous”

Chu Xiang smiled.

“Sister Nan is the stabilizing force of the program.

My nervousness had completely subsided after seeing you.”

“Even if you say that, I will certainly not show mercy later~” Zhang Nan said with a wink.

“Since there are many rumors surrounding you lately, wouldn’t I have to address them all for the audience while you’re still here Otherwise, the program would lose its reputation.

Anyways, the broadcast will be live in ten minutes.

Xiao Chu, make sure to prepare yourself for what’s coming.

Everything will go smoothly as long as you can maintain that calm composure of yours.”

Not showing the slightest bit of anxiety, Chu Xiang chuckled.

“Thanks, Sister Nan.

I will be in your care in a moment.”

Zhang Nan smilingly walked back to the stage and made preparations for the live broadcast.

She then said to her assistant, “Today’s live broadcast will definitely be a good one.

I can already tell with a single glance that Chu Xiang is one of the daring kind.”

“In that case, you may be able to relax for this week’s live broadcast.

It seems that you won’t have to beat around the bush and rack your brains to come up with various kinds of ways to have her answer certain questions.”

Having gone through this process on a weekly basis, the two of them had subconsciously made this the norm in their minds.

On one hand, Xiao Tao had turned into a nervous wreck as it was her first time on the program.

While helping Chu Xiang with her final preparations, she could not help but mention, “Sister Xiang, if you happen to come across a troublesome question, you don’t have to force yourself to answer it.”

“Haha! When have you ever seen me feeling troubled Everything that I say in this broadcast will definitely be the words I’m willing to say.

As for the ones that I don’t see the need to answer, no one will be able to pull them out from my mouth.

Alright, let’s go.

It’s about time for the broadcast to go live.”

After sending Chu Xiang up the stage, Xiao Tao retreated to the corner of the stage and looked at her anxiously.

One had to understand that not just anyone could take part in such a demanding program.

The celebrities who failed to grasp the dimension of this program tended to collapse under pressure.

Such ones would either speak far too much or too little, easily provoking the viewers’ ire.

However, such cases were only in the minority as most of the ones who partook in this program would usually have prepared themselves to expect the worst.

Even then, Chu Xiang was a rather special case, for she had much more drama than the usual guests.

Xiao Tao could not help but worry about her, afraid that Zhang Nan’s questions would overwhelm Chu Xiang.

As soon as the broadcast went live, Zhang Nan immediately faced the camera and introduced Chu Xiang to the audience before following up with a light conversation.

Easing her into the interview, she started off by asking Chu Xiang about her comeback into the entertainment industry.

“Xiang Xiang, the previous two live broadcasts that you participated in were especially tasking on your physical body.

While you may have certainly displayed an outstandingly heroic side to you, it was nevertheless the complete opposite of the idol character that you built up in the past.

Could you tell us the reason for this change”

“Haha… I guess I should address the topic now.

Everyone knows that I was an idol in the past, right Sister Nan, you should know that being an idol is certainly not an easy task, for you would have to pay attention to practically everything that you do in your daily life.

During that period of my life, I was a timid girl who had just entered the entertainment industry.

Naturally, I was afraid that my fans would end up disliking me and felt as if I had my hands tied behind my back.”

“After taking a hiatus from the entertainment industry for a whole year, you finally built up the courage to let go of that character”

“That’s right.

To be more precise, I only became this daring half a month ago,” Chu Xiang joked.

“Sometimes in life, we may suddenly undergo drastic changes after achieving some sort of enlightenment.

I believe that I went through such a change.

At that point, I asked myself whether I did anything wrong to feel shameful.

My answer was a solid… ‘no.’ I came to the conclusion that happiness is best achieved by displaying one’s true self.”


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