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At that moment, Zhang Nan realized that Chu Xiang had purposely led the conversation onto a sensitive topic.

Thus, she followed up, “By now, everyone should have heard the news regarding your divorce half a month prior.

Did your sudden enlightenment have something to do with that matter When you were rushed to the hospital, the media reported that you attempted to commit suicide.

Did that really happen”

She revealed a slight smile.

“I had indeed made a stupid mistake.

Committing suicide is actually extremely foolish.

Anyone who has not experienced this would not understand how harmful it is on many levels.

How do you think it would affect others At some point, they would eventually continue living on with their daily lives.

As for the one committing suicide, if you aren’t afraid of death, is there really a need to be afraid of living In fact, if you want to continue living a happy life, why don’t you just throw away everything that makes you unhappy In my case, I simply went with the divorce.

It’s that simple.

When going through suffering, as long as you can change your way of thinking, you’ll be able to attain enlightenment.”

Instead of explaining why she committed suicide or how she was hurt emotionally, Chu Xiang twisted the topic and claimed that she made a foolish mistake by even thinking of suicide as an option.

Furthermore, she conveyed her thoughts in a less serious manner: ‘When worst comes to worst, you’ll just have to change your way of thinking.

By doing so, you will, at the very least, have an open mind that enables you to think of a solution.’

Zhang Nan nodded with a smile.

“Your way of thinking is certainly not wrong.

If one resorts to suicide, they would have lost absolutely everything, including their very existence.

However, by thinking of a way to continue living, you’ll eventually understand what it means to attain true happiness.

As such, all the pain you had gone through would have been worth it.

I truly admire you for thinking that way.

Aside from that, there was also another popular interpretation of your suicide, saying you wanted to threaten your ex-husband to split the properties since the two of you signed a property notarization before getting married.

What do you think about that”

Chu Xiang spread out her hands.

“Do you think someone who was willing to sign a property notarization as unfair as the one presented to me would actually be greedy for money Aren’t the people who interpreted the situation this way simply coming up with conspiracy theories Surely, that way of thinking is reaching too far.

Such people must have thought that I was trying to either stall for time and play the long game or abolish the property notarization, right Have they not considered what would happen if my husband were to die in an accident before I got my hands on the money In that case, wouldn’t I have lost everything despite suffering through jt You should know that this isn’t how you swindle people as you’re placing yourself at too high of a risk.”

Zhang Nan imagined herself seeing news of Lin Jiawei’s death and thought about what would happen if Chu Xiang were to play the long game as she had described.

She then asked, “For what reason did you consider signing the property notarization at that time Did your ex-husband bring up the topic or did you do so in order to avoid rousing any suspicions

Chu Xiang laughed lightly.

“Actually… it was neither of us.

Afraid that her grandson would be swindled by me, the Madam of the Lin Family had specially brought the topic of the property notarization up.

Otherwise, she would never have accepted our marriage in the first place.”

“Speaking of that… I believe that our fellow viewers are rather curious about the words that you shouted out once during your live broadcast.

If I recall correctly, the popular meme went along the lines of ‘I wish that scumbag and his mistress would end up vanishing from this world! That evil witch from the Lin Family would be better left unseen,’ right”

Calm and collected, Chu Xiang nodded her head firmly as Zhang Nan continued.

“What kind of emotion did you feel at that time for you to have shouted out those words After seeing the recording, it felt as if you were letting something go when you uttered them.

Plus, you looked rather refreshed when you got onto the speedboat.”

“That’s right.

It felt as if I was venting all my frustrations and emotions by shouting into the air.

After doing so, it seemed like a heavy burden was lifted from my shoulders.

I truly thought about forgetting everything that had happened in the past and letting bygones be bygones.

However, it appears that my past will continue to annoy me until I do something about it.

At that time, the directing crew asked me to shout whatever was on my mind when jumping down the cliff.

Naturally, I decided to shout out my most pressing desire at hand.

If my wish were to come true, all my troubles would inevitably disappear.”

“Hmm… You’re saying that your ex-husband’s family is still looking to trouble you even after the divorce When you called the Madam of the Lin Family an evil witch, your words seemed to harbor a great sense of hatred.

I saw that some of the users online said how you were being too harsh with your words.

Did your patience finally snap at that time, or was it merely for a momentary satisfaction”


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