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Throughout the live broadcast, Chu Xiang really did answer the questions in a bold and daring manner.

Although she may have spoken a lot, she didn’t not seem to have directly shared anything, purposely giving hints here and there for the viewers to speculate.

It was as if she had assigned the viewers the homework of analyzing her speech.

However, her hints were more than enough for the viewers to conclude that Lin Jiawei and Mo Xinru were indeed shameless individuals, not to mention that grumpy Madam of the Lin Family.

Not only did they lie about the truth regarding Chu Xiang’s situation, they had even pushed her to the point of committing suicide.

Even after she no longer wanted to associate with them, those bastards kept bothering her and attempted to prevent her from making a comeback!

[These people are far too shameless! Aren’t they basically blackmailing and playing around with a young lady using their money Scum like that should be brought down!]

[Without even thinking, I can already guess what kind of torture that Old Witch must have put Chu Xiang through during her time in the Lin Family.

I bet calling her by such a nickname is already being quite courteous.

Besides, is such an evil witch really worth giving one’s respect to just because they grew older In that case, why don’t we just release all of the elderly criminals from prison]

[Xiang Xiang even blamed herself for making the foolish mistake of attempting to commit suicide.

How heartbreaking! Those three can just f*ck off!]

[Not only was Chu Xiang basically cheated on, but she was apparently thought of as a substitute all along! If they really were blood-related sisters, that b*tch must be such a wicked person!]

[We now fully understand the reason why Xiang Xiang dislikes the Mo Family so much.

After all, can a family that allows their daughter to become a mistress truly do anything good in society]

[That’s right! Xiang Xiang must have no connection whatsoever to the Mo Family! So what if they’re a big shot Xiang Xiang has never worshipped money!]

Imagining Chu Xiang’s messed-up situation in their minds, netizens fumed as their hatred for Lin Jiawei and anyone related to him quickly surged.

Instead of speculating about the aristocratic melodrama, they all agreed that Chu Xiang was better off alone.

On the other hand, that disgusting couple could just stand far away.

In reality, their guesses about Chu Xiang’s situation weren’t very far off the mark.

What else could Chu Xiang’s grievances possibly be about Wasn’t it simply related to the rumors floating around the web Despite thinking of the worst that could have happened, reality was just that much worse than what everyone had originally guessed, so much so that the pain that everyone speculated the original host to have suffered was only a tenth of the amount that she had indeed undergone.

This puzzling interview had much more of an impact on the viewers than if Chu Xiang were to break down and publicly accuse the Lin Family for torturing her.

After all, the things that the viewers guessed would more likely cause them to feel more indignant at the injustice of the situation.

Naturally, they would harbor even more hatred for the Lin and Mo Families.

During that time, the words, “The clouds have parted,” became trending on the forums.

Wherever those words were mentioned, someone would always bring up Mo Xinru’s name into the conversation.

Amidst Mo Xinru’s circle of acquaintances, people usually wouldn’t care about what others called them.

However, there also hadn’t been any cases where someone had blown up on the internet in such a large-scale before.

With that, Lin Jiawei and Mo Xinru quickly turned into their circle’s laughingstock, including Madam Lin, of course.

T/N: The clouds have parted = The truth has been exposed.

This was not the literal translation but I figured it would fit better.

Constantly being bashed and memed by the users of the forum, Mo Xinru had simply lost all face, feeling as if she was thrown to the ground and stomped on by everyone.

Previously, when people began speculating that Chu Xiang had some sort of connection with the Mo Family, she thought that the ones who thought so must have lost their minds.

On the other hand, seeing how Chu Xiang continuously shunned the Mo Family during the interview, she felt deeply humiliated.

While Zhu Yujia felt complacent just by having a hint of connection with the Mo Family, Chu Xiang didn’t even consider taking advantage of the rumors to cause a fuss.

Instead, she actually ended up dismissing the rumors

Despite discovering a rare treasure, Chu Xiang didn’t even bother taking a single glance in its direction, ultimately insulting it.

This was how Mo Xinru saw the situation.

She felt as if the entire Mo Family had just been humiliated by Chu Xiang.

Displeased by the recent events, Mo Xinru’s mother even went to look for her and scolded, “What exactly have you been up to This situation is far too unsightly.

At this point, our Mo Family is going to end up as a joke.”

Mo Xinru’s face was ashen.

“Jiawei said that he would take everything into his own hands and settle the matter.

I never expected the situation to escalate so quickly either.

Furthermore, that woman is also quite troublesome.

Does she think she can now babble nonsense in public just because she managed to land herself in a rather competent company with a good supporter She simply doesn’t know what’s good for her!”


Mo stared straight into her eyes.

“Surely, you don’t still have any lingering thoughts about Zhou Ye, right”

“Mom, what are you talking about I’m dating Jiawei.” Mo Xinru knitted her brows.

“Anyways, hurry up and find a way to get rid of that Chu Xiang.

Don’t let anyone insult us in such an embarrassing fashion ever again.

Our family is currently a complete mess.

We simply can’t bear to be humiliated like this.

You must definitely work together with Jiawei and create a good relationship with their Lin Family.”

“I know.

You don’t have to worry.

Everything should be fine on Jiawei’s side.”


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