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As soon as Mo Xinru’s mood was brightened up, her attitude towards Lin Jiawei naturally improved too.

Having been apart a long while, their feelings for one another grew fonder.

They spent a sweet night together and completely set the matter regarding Chu Xiang to the back of their minds.

Meanwhile, Madam Lin listened to her servant’s statement of the current situation online and felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from her shoulders.

With that, she was finally able to sleep well at night.

However, over the night, the circumstances took a complete turn in the opposite direction.

All of the internet users felt as if Chu Xiang’s haters were taking them for fools.

Did those bastards really think that they would believe in such unreasonable arguments without any solid proof

In reality, the proper way was for them to ask for evidence regarding the accusations, and they did as much.

At the same time, the users who could not put up with stupid comments any longer spontaenously began writing down comments with actual evidence backing them up.

By the time dawn approached, the entire forum was already filled with comments supporting Chu Xiang.

[I happen to stay in the same residence at Chu Xiang.

One time, my friend and I witnessed Scumbag Lin’s assistant going to her place in person and handing over a cheque, asking her to choose her words carefully.

Otherwise, he would not let her go unscathed.

To our surprise, Chu Xiang splashed a cup of water all over the assistant, including the cheque.

Furthermore, she even called Scumbag Lin and scolded him.

She told him that if she had five million yuan at hand, she would give it to him to get him to stay as far away from her as possible.]

[I’m the nurse who personally took care of Chu Xiang during her stay in the hospital.

I would like to say that Chu Xiang did indeed attempt to commit suicide.

It was a close call, but we managed to save her life.

This shows just how serious of a condition she was in at that time.

I can guarantee that she definitely did not use her life to threaten the Lin Family.]

[Scumbag Lin’s assistant even threatened and forced Chu Xiang to sign the divorce agreement in her hospital ward and leave the marriage with nothing.

Otherwise, he claimed that she would certainly regret her decision in the future.]

[When Chu Xiang was purchasing medicine in the traditional pharmacy, I heard her talking to her assistant that she wanted to buy ingredients to make a skincare product that would nourish her skin and improve her appearance.

It was nothing related to infertility or the things that the news claimed at that time.

Did you guys not notice how much her skin had improved since then]

[I happened to see Chu Xiang accompany Madam Lin on a stroll down the street once.

Although Madam Lin clearly had a helper walking next to her, she instead forced Chu Xiang to hold all sorts of heavy bags and even ordered her to test out her clothes and shoes for her.

This is simply preposterous! Did she think that Chu Xiang was one of her servants]

[I’m one of Mo Xinru’s classmates.

I can guarantee that Lin Jiawei had been dead set on chasing after her ever since then.

On the other hand, Mo Xinru had never once reciprocated his feelings.

It seemed that she never did love Lin Jiawei at all and was only using him as a spare tire to fall back on.

I even heard she got a new boyfriend during her time overseas.

After breaking up with him, she came back to China and stole Lin Jiawei away from Chu Xiang.

What a wicked b*tch!]

[I have once worked for the Lin Family as a servant in the past.

Here’s everything that I witnessed during my time working there.

That Madam Lin forced Chu Xiang to do all kinds of things that were unbefitting of her status such as taking care of her garden, making dinner, massaging her body, reading the newspaper for her, etc.

Furthermore, Madam Lin must be one of the pickiest and demanding people that I’ve ever met in my entire life, for that mouth of hers never stops running.

As such, Chu Xiang would rarely speak even a single word during her stay in the Lin Family, let alone reveal a smile.

I even heard she was diagnosed with clinical depression after I quit my job there.]

[Xiang Xiang even had to face depression No wonder she attempted to commit suicide! Even after suffering through so much… she’s still getting so much hate online Come on guys… she’s simply a young lady in her mid-twenties who’s striving to achieve her dream of becoming an actress.

Just who the hell is evil enough to treat her with such malice Do they have any sort of conscience at all]

[Who else can it possibly be I happened to be acquainted with a spammer who claimed that he made it big yesterday night.

He told me how he was offered ten times the original price to force Chu Xiang out of the entertainment circle.

Why don’t you guys have a quick guess at the culprit]

[Did they think they could do whatever they want just because they have a lot of money! Where do we find the spammers We also want to hire them! Let’s start up a crowdfund and hire those spammers to expose those wicked bastards!]

Of course, every claim was backed up with solid evidence this time, unlike the baseless accusations of the haters.

With that, Chu Xiang’s fans finally descended onto the battlefield and prepared for all-out war.

As if they had fallen into the ambush set up by Chu Xiang’s fans, the spammers ended up suffering a great defeat.

Upon waking and receiving the news, Madam Lin immediately fainted back onto her bed.

Mo Xinru was completely stunned by this sudden turn of events.

All the previous speculations targeting Chu Xiang were quickly proven false by the testimonies of various people involved.

Not only did she dig her own grave, but she even technically helped Chu Xiang gain a new legion of supporters and fans.

In spite of her initial wicked intentions, Mo Xinru had accidentally given Chu Xiang a huge boost that would surely come back to haunt her.


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