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“Y-You… You’re absolutely ridiculous!” she shouted, no longer wanting to speak to him anymore as she grabbed her bag and turned around to leave.

At the same time, her heart was boiling with anger.

Lin Jiawei knew she had feelings for Zhou Ye all along.

In the past, he would always act obediently in front of her to receive her attention… but look at him now.

Sure enough, his attitude took a complete turn after achieving his goal.

What a complete bastard!

As soon as she left, Lin Jiawei proceeded to write with jittery fingers to calm himself down, only to let out a huge sigh after recalling Mo Xinru’s infatuation for Zhou Ye.

Just now, Mo Xinru’s response felt like a curse to him.

It made him feel as if he would never defeat Zhou Ye and was unable to fully occupy Mo Xinru’s heart.

He recalled Chu Xiang’s voice through the previous call.

Just what was she doing in Zhou Ye’s office

Even though he knew that it was perfectly normal for a subordinate to go to their boss’ office, perhaps to discuss work-related matters, he couldn’t help but be suspicious of Zhou Ye’s reason for signing Chu Xiang into his company.

Why did the two of them seem to be enjoying themselves when they were out for lunch on that day Although Zhou Ye was clearly playing video games in his office just now, did Chu Xiang really go in there to have a work-related talk with him Why did Chu Xiang not wait for Zhou Ye to answer her knock before going inside Could it be that their relationship had already reached the point where she could enter his office whenever she wanted to In that case, wasn’t their relationship similar to his relationship with Mo Xinru

‘Zhou Ye this, Zhou Ye that! Why does everything have to do with that bastard Zhou Ye! Even the woman that I poured my heart and soul into loving remained infatuated with Zhou Ye for all these years, to the point where she would still get into an argument with me on behalf of him.

Who knows what my ex-wife was doing with Zhou Ye too Why do all the women that I associate with have some sort of connection with him’

In the mood to vent, Lin Jiawei picked up his car keys and went over to the mountain road for street racing.

Zhou Ye was absolutely in love with car racing.

In the past, Mo Xinru had even gone to the racetrack to cheer him on.

In an attempt to receive her attention, Lin Jiawei picked up the sport and had even improved to the point where he ended up participating in mountain street races.

Despite his greatest efforts, Mo Xinru never once looked in his direction.

At that moment, he drove his car to the seaside and pondered on his recent actions seriously.

Lin Jiawei wondered why he decided to walk down this path even though he was satisfied with his life during the past year.

Whenever he came back home after work, his loving wife would always be there to welcome him home with the sweetest smile in the world.

Although he noticed how his grandmother treated Chu Xiang harshly, he merely comforted and told her to endure instead of standing up for her.

Furthermore, she actually remained obedient and never caused trouble for him.

Once upon a time, he had a successful career, a loving wife, and a warm household.

In the end, he decided to throw all those things away just to get together with Mo Xinru.

What was the result The entire internet was treating him as a laughingstock, his grandmother had fallen ill from stress, and Mo Xinru’s old affections for Zhou Ye were rising back up again.

His life has turned into a complete mess!

He felt a stream of fatigue striking him from behind.

No matter how much time or effort he put into receiving Mo Xinru’s complete affection, he had a feeling that he would never be able to achieve that goal.

After all, he had pretty much done everything he possibly could for her at this point.

Did he really need to put in even more effort

At that moment, his mind turned blank like a piece of empty paper.

Not knowing what else to do, he ended up giving Chu Xiang a call.

While she may have blocked his personal number, she couldn’t have done the same for his company’s number.

On the other end, Chu Xiang lifted her game controller.

“You allowed me to win In that case, let’s go for another round and see what happens.”

Chu Xiang picked up the call from the unknown number immediately.

“Hello Who is this”

After taking a deep breath, Lin Jiawei said in a gentle tone, “Xiang Xiang, why don’t you come back to my side Let’s go back to how we used to be, okay”

Since the next round of the game had just begun, Chu Xiang couldn’t hear his words clearly and asked again, “Who are you”

Lin Jiawei knitted his brows and frowned slightly.

“Xiang Xiang, don’t be so angry with me.

Just come back to my side, alright We’ll go back and live in the villa that we first lived in.

Then, you won’t have to bother with my grandmother or anyone else.

It’ll only be the two of us.”

Having heard every single word clearly this time, Chu Xiang sneered, “Lin Jiawei Have you lost your mind First, you divorced me.

Now, you want me to be your mistress Why don’t you just f*ck off Who the hell do you think you are Take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

Even if you want to become my gigolo, I will never accept you or get back together with you.”


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