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Chu Xiang hung up the call without any hesitation, and Zhou Ye burst into gales of laughter on the sofa, “Lin Jiawei wants you to become his paramour What the hell is he thinking Has he lost his mind”

Chu Xiang snorted.

“Hmph! That bastard is simply looking down on me.

Ever since his goddess returned from overseas, I could only give way to her helplessly.

Since he’s now being ignored by her, won’t he naturally think about me again I reckon he thinks that I’ll be the perfect doll for him to keep in his golden house.

He seems to believe that I should be grateful to him for giving me a chance to live the rest of my life in pleasure, without needing to think about money or worry about the constant naggings of his grandmother.”

Resting his head on his palm, Zhou Ye said, “Heh… You sure do understand him well.”

She shrugged.

“Oh well… he’s always been that way.

Anyways, let’s stop talking about him now.

The mention of his name only ruins the mood.

Are we still going to play another round By the way, did you call me over just to play video games with you”

Zhou Ye picked up his game controller and laughed.

“Of course not, we’ll also be going to a dinner banquet later.

I heard them mentioning something about how one of the people acting a specific role in their show injured themselves during a fall.

And now, they’re looking for a replacement.

Follow me to the dinner banquet and see how things go from there.

Besides the show they’re filming is also about to end.

If everything works out, it will be broadcasted even earlier than if you were to look for and be a part of a new show.”

Chu Xiang’s eyes sparkled brightly.

“In that case, could you tell me what kind of people they are What kind of characters are they In a moment, I’ll make sure to prepare thoroughly for the occasion.”

“Hahaha! You don’t have to do that.

All you have to do is to just sit next to me.

Unless… you don’t even want to give me the face to do so” Zhou Ye shot a quick glance in her direction while keeping a close eye on the game.

“When Lin Jiawei called you just now, did you feel somewhat touched”

“Huh… Touched by what By the opportunity he gave me to become his canary Did you actually think that was possible Even if he were to go against his grandmother’s will to stand up for me now, I will never go back to his side.”

Zhou Ye slowly lowered his head.

“That’s true.

How could I forget that you’re the one who’s going to make it big through your own investments Who knows You may even be able to raise a gigolo for yourself whenever you want to.

Everything you said about Lin Jiawei was also true.

Do you remember how I hung up a call when you came in earlier It was a call from that bastard.

Did you know what he asked me to do He wanted me to stop supporting you.

I knew that he wanted to do something about you, but I never knew he was that desperate.”

A mocking smile graced Chu Xiang’s countenance.

“I can’t say for sure, but I reckon he wanted me to go back to act as his kitten or puppy and would later abandon me again after getting bored.

All of his friends had that sort of mindset, changing girlfriends as leisurely as changing clothes.

They would only aim for the increasingly good-looking celebrities.

Isn’t that what Lin Jiawei is thinking right now”

Zhou Ye shifted his gaze towards her, astonished.

“Wow… it appears that your past year of being his wife wasn’t a complete waste, for you have gained such a great understanding of his circle.

However, I have to say that I’m not the same as those bastards.

I’m sure you can see that since I have never and would never associate with them.

Instead, I would rather stay at home and play video games.”

“Oh…” Chu Xiang muttered while concentrating on the video game.

In the next moment, she burst out laughing.

“You lost! Tell me, did you go easy on me this time”

Dumbfounded, Zhou Ye stared at the screen and changed the game.


Let’s try this game this time.

I don’t believe that I can’t defeat you.”

Chu Xiang remained silent with a smile on her face.

One of the things that piqued her interest after being transported into this world was playing video games.

No matter what games they played, she was afraid that Zhou Ye would keep losing to the point of doubting his own existence.

Although Zhou Ye spoke with confidence and sat in his serious gamer position, he was never able to defeat Chu Xiang even once.

Looking at the defeat screen once again, he wiped his face and wondered if he was still dreaming in his bed, unable to comprehend how Chu Xing was this good at every single game.

Was she once a pro gamer

Taking a glance at the time on his watch, Zhou Ye said, “Alright, that’s enough gaming for the time being.

Let’s talk business now.

We do not want to mess up the opportunity to attain the best outcome later.”

Revealing a smile that seemed more like a smirk, Chu Xiang decided to not destroy his dignity.

Who was the one who said that he wanted to save face just now

Walking over to the counter, Zhou Ye made two cups of coffee.

“This is something that I recently learned.

Why don’t you try it out”

Chu Xiang took a sip and savored the taste.

Nodding in approval, she smiled.

“It’s not bad.” She couldn’t help chuckling at his collection of things.

“It seems that Director Zhou’s hobbies are quite the expensive ones, huh How come you even have an air fryer Do you often make fries with it here”


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