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Zhou Ye plugged it in.

“That’s right.

Do you see that curtain over there Occasionally, I would project a movie on the wall behind and watch it.

However, what’s a good movie without some snacks to compliment the experience There’s even an ice cream maker, blender, and a popcorn machine over here.

Are you interested in trying them out”

While savoring the rest of her coffee, she replied, “Maybe next time.

Why don’t we talk more about the show that you mentioned earlier I’m more interested in that.”

“Alright, take a seat over here.” Zhou Ye led her over to the sofa and called Uncle Dong over to give her more information about the show.

Chu Xiang took a quick glance at Zhou Ye.

If Uncle Dong was going to explain it to her in the first place, shouldn’t he have just told her to go find Uncle Dong Sure enough, he only called her over to play video games with him.

But since he introduced her to a show, she decided to let him off the hook this time.

This time, Uncle Dong seemed to attach great importance to this opportunity as he explained the show down to the smallest detail.

Furthermore, he even told Chu Xiang about the personalities and hobbies of the figures that would show up in the banquet later to avoid accidentally offending them.

The best case scenario would be for Chu Xiang to catch their attention.

Holding the cup of coffee in his hand, Zhou Ye placed his arm on the sofa’s armrest and leaned back against the sofa.

As he kept a close eye on Chu Xiang’s actions, he realized that she was earnestly listening and paying close attention to Uncle Dong’s words.

While others might praise the charisma of a man who concentrated on their work, it seemed to be the same for women alike.

This was especially so for Chu Xiang since she had just come over from practice and was still dressed in her performance attire, looking extremely professional.

He couldn’t help but picture the image of Chu Xiang sitting on the main chair while listening to Uncle Dong’s words, emitting the glamour of a female director.

A smile escaped him.

Zhou Ye quickly took a sip of coffee to cover it up.

But as soon as he shifted his gaze towards Chu Xiang’s phone, his expression immediately turned ashen.

Lin Jiawei really didn’t know what was good for him, never learning from his previous mistakes.

One time after another, he kept trying to cause trouble for him and Chu Xiang.

Was he not aware that it would come back to bite him

While Chu Xiang and Uncle Dong continued discussing matters regarding the show, Zhou Ye’s mind had already floated towards the situation with President Lin.

Since Glorious Star Entertainment was but a mere small company under the banner of the Zhou Group, he ought to take a look at the other branches whenever he had the time to.

Otherwise, Lin Jiawei would forget Zhou Ye’s status as the young master of the Zhou Group and end up looking down on him.

Around dinnertime, Zhou Ye brought Chu Xiang over to the banquet.

At the venue were many directors, producers, investors, and other famous celebrities, which included the male and female leads of the show.

Everyone sat on a single table for twelve in the hall.

Upon seeing Zhou Ye bringing Chu Xiang into the banquet hall, while everyone was slightly taken aback, they didn’t bat an eyelid.

They happily greeted the two of them as if they were all already acquainted with one another.

Clearly understanding Zhou Ye’s reason for bringing Chu Xiang over here, everyone calmly observed her from the side, sneakily shifting the subject over to her to see her reactions.

Chu Xiang had long since gotten used to such occasions and did not require Zhou Ye’s assistance whatsoever.

Within a few sentences, she had already merged into their conversation and spoke merrily among them.

No matter what someone brought up, she would always be prepared and could follow along.

Holding onto a glass of wine, Zhou Ye sat next to Chu Xiang, prepared to assist her whenever she needed help.

However, he only ended up saying a few words occasionally as she skillfully replied to every single comment and question.

He felt as if he was the one lacking abilities during this entire conversation.

Originally, he was going to poke fun at her later if she were to mess up sometime during the conversation.

Why did it feel like he was the one being poked fun at instead

The male and female leads looked one another in the eye and thought to themselves that Chu Xiang was pretty much guaranteed to get a spot in the show.

While the male lead was indifferent to the situation, the female lead couldn’t help but feel a sense of urgency.

Girl-number-three, the one who accidentally injured herself, was assigned a role with a decent amount of screen time.

And it just so happened that the production team was going to film Girl-number-three’s part next.

However, with the support of Zhou Ye, would it be highly probable for the producer to add another slot for Chu Xiang to partake in the show If that were to happen, wouldn’t she, Girl-number-one, have less screen time on the show too

Despite her constant worries, Girl-number-one could not express her opinion recklessly, for everyone around the table were big shots in the entertainment industry.

Thus, she could not afford to risk offending them.

Seeing how familiar Chu Xiang and Zhou Ye were with each other, it seems that Chu Xiang wasn’t someone that she could offend either.


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