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That day, on the same night, Uncle Dong could only indulge himself in his dream for a fleeting moment before being woken up by one of his subordinates, informing him that Chu Xiang was captured in some sort of scandal.

Uncle Dong immediately searched the topic up on the internet and realized that it hadn’t become the top search query yet.

However, he reckoned that it soon would, for several news outlets and entertainment accounts had already posted of the situation online.

The photos being spread around included Chu Xiang looking out into the dusk of the night from the half-opened window of a car.

Furthermore, the figure of a young man dressed in a rather expensive suit could be seen on the other side of the car.

Most importantly, the car shown in the picture was one of extravagance.

This image caused Chu Xiang to gain a lot of attention and sparked many questions online.

Though she had just come out of retirement, how was she able to afford such a costly car Especially since she was a female celebrity, everyone’s imagination couldn’t help but go wild as they continued to make speculations.

Paying close attention to the car in the picture, Uncle Dong did not know whether to laugh or cry anymore.

After all, wasn’t that Zhou Ye’s car Which news outlet’s reporter was actually stupid enough to publish this without asking around for confirmation Did they not have their own PR Department

Looking at the watermark attached to the bottom of the photo, Uncle Dong quickly realized that the reporter that took the photo was from a news outlet that recently escaped from a predicament and was now desperately trying to make a name for themselves.

Thus, it wouldn’t matter whether or not they confirmed the context of the photo with their PR Department or not.

After all, their main objective wasn’t to make any explosive allegations but to earn money to sustain their company.

Upon discovering this particular photo, Chu Xiang’s haters immediately lost their minds and went wild.

[Hmph! What did I say A b*tch like her won’t be able to change her bad habits.

She’s simply a gold digger who’s willing to do anything for money!]

[No wonder Chu Xiang didn’t care about associating herself with the Mo Family during the interview.

Looking at the model of the car, perhaps she must have found a backer even wealthier than the Mo Family.]

[I can’t take this anymore.

Why does the news keep reporting about Chu Xiang every single day Can’t they report something big about the country for once Isn’t she simply a celebrity who’s already past her prime Her days as the most popular idol in the industry are in the past.

Most of her fans have already lost their interest in her, so why is she still trying to be relevant]

[Do these few photos even explain anything Could it be that Xiang Xiang isn’t allowed to have friends Did anyone capture someone going into her room What about the time when this picture was taken From the looks of things, doesn’t this image simply show that someone was giving her a ride home Is she not allowed to ride in a car like that]

[Ah… Chu Xiang’s fans are back to brainwash everyone again.

Of course, Chu Xiang will forever be a pure white lotus in your eyes.

Going back home with a man in the middle of the night could only ever be a pure thing.

Why don’t you idiots use your brain for once Would any ordinary person actually dare to go against the Lin Family and Mo Family in public, let alone on social media She even had the guts to call Lin Jiawei’s grandmother an evil witch.

Had she not had someone supporting her behind the scenes, I reckon she would have long since been canceled.]

[Why don’t you take a look at who owns Glorious Star Entertainment Do you really think that Lin Jiawei has what it takes to go against them Isn’t it entirely possible for her boss to be the one backing her Aren’t you the ones not using your brain here Oh… right, you have probably never been involved in such things before, right Can idiots like you just f*ck off]

[Hahaha! Everyone, come over and take a look at these clowns! They’ll believe anything that Chu Xiang says lol.]

This time, none of the bystanders involved themselves in the war between Chu Xiang’s fans and haters.

Originally, the haters thought that they would win the battle by a complete landslide.

They never expected Chu Xiang’s fans to remain such an unyielding stance even in such a situation.

To think that they would be forced into a stalemate despite having a much larger force.

Similarly, neither side wanted to give in.

Besides, since her fans kept refuting them with solid evidence, the haters naturally couldn’t do anything in response.

They couldn’t possibly peer into Chu Xiang’s room from those few photos, right


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