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At this time, Chu Xiang was enjoying herself in a medicinal bath.

Seeing how Uncle Dong called her again, she naturally suspected that something must probably have gone wrong.

“Uncle Dong, is something wrong”

Hesitating for a moment, Uncle Dong cleared his throat.

“Umm… Xiao Chu… I had a little chat with Director Zhou just now.

Oh… I’m only making a guess here, but… I feel that Director Zhou might have developed feelings for you.

Have you noticed anything of the sort”

Chu Xiang was slightly startled and thought for a while before replying, “I’ve never really taken that into consideration.

But even if he does have feelings for me, what does it matter”

“Then, what about you Didn’t you recently just get a divorce Besides, Director Zhou’s status certainly isn’t any lower than Lin Jiawei’s.

His parents’ reputation isn’t any worse either.

Furthermore, some of his relatives are working as government officials in City B.

If you do indeed have similar feelings for him, you must definitely take these things into careful consideration.

Since you’re a celebrity who is under my care, I do not wish for you to experience any further hardships.”

Chu Xiang burst with laughter.

“Uncle Dong, you’re actually worrying about a small matter like this Then, how about this I’ll let you know that I won’t have any intentions of marrying anyone in this lifetime.

My final goal is to reach the top, unwavered by anyone else.

As for Director Zhou… your words certainly make sense.

But his family will have nothing to do with me, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Heh The two of you told me the exact same thing, telling me not to worry too much.

Even so, you’ll still have to take those matters into consideration, okay The company has just publicly announced a statement on your behalf.

You should probably write a comment about it and go to bed soon.

Oh, right… you don’t have to think too much about Director Zhou.

I only wanted to let you know what could happen ahead of time.”

“Alright, I understand.” Chu Xiang couldn’t help but laugh, seeing how Uncle Dong was acting like a worrywart of a father.

Their relationship had completely changed from the first time they met.

Upon opening her social media and reading the statement, she wrote a short explanation, saying how this matter was nothing but a mere rumor.

Immediately after, she posted a selfie with the following caption, “I never expected such a large number of people to think so highly of my charm.

I truly appreciate everyone’s thoughts~”

Her fans stared blankly at their screens before cackling in the comments section.

[Our Xiang Xiang really is such an amusing person! That’s right, aren’t the haters simply complimenting her looks Though they had just insulted her for being a discarded woman, they’re now saying that she’s already found herself another wealthy person.

They do realize that not just anyone can achieve such a feat, right Our Xiang Xiang really does possess quite a charming appearance.”

[I think that those haters are simply lacking in common sense.

One day, they would start accusing Xiang Xiang for doing this.

The next day, they would insult her for doing that.

Just what are they even trying to do here Hahahaha!]

[It seems to me that these haters have already fallen into the rabbit hole.

Though us two sides may have many conflicting views, I’m truly glad that we can firmly agree on the fact that Xiang Xiang possesses unparalleled charisma and beauty.]

[Honestly, why did we even bother to waste our time dealing with those haters All we have to do is let them dance to their hearts’ content.

I want to see just how many weird accusations they can think of.

I reckon that their efforts would eventually lead to their own demise.]

[Xiang Xiang is truly such an open-minded person! I strive to become a person like her! Xiang Xiang, I will love you forever!]

[Damn! She looks so beautiful in that selfie! I will definitely keep following her forever!]

Chu Xiang’s haters never expected her to have no sense of shame.

To think that she would cunningly distort their accusations of her living off a wealthy man into praises of her charm.

Not only that, but she even claimed how they were actually admiring her beautiful looks.

At this point, they were beyond infuriated!

Sometimes, gossip can be overturned with a single sentence.

In Chu Xiang’s particular case, she had meticulously misrepresented her haters’ stance and turned the entire situation around completely.

Naturally, the haters ended up becoming the laughingstock of the community.

Besides, the pictures taken and used against her did not capture her kissing anyone or anything else that could have escalated the scandal.

On the contrary, Chu Xiang managed to turn the situation in her favor by changing the topic entirely.

Serendipitously joking around, Chu Xiang had changed the troubling matter into a fortuitous outcome.

The haters had completely lost all their confidence and ended up surrendering the battle.

With that, the entire situation was resolved before dawn had even approached.

With the efforts of Uncle Dong and his subordinates, Chu Xiang was quickly dragged down from the list of trending searches before things escalated even further.

At this point, the only ones left fuming from this outcome were probably Lin Jiawei and Mo Xinru.

After all, the two of them could naturally tell that the car in the photo belonged to Zhou Ye! Since Lin Jiawei had always seen Zhou Ye as his kryptonite when it came to relationships, he naturally saw this matter as one of his greatest humiliations.

On the other hand, upon seeing the photo, Mo Xinru’s heart and mind surged with envy, jealousy, and hatred.


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