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Lin Jiawei couldn’t quite pinpoint the reason for his current emotions.

For the Chu Xiang whom he abandoned to be valued so much by Zhou Ye, perhaps the two of them might have even gotten in a relationship of some sort.

Still, he did not feel as if Zhou Ye had simply picked up something that he no longer wanted.

On the other hand, he felt that Zhou Ye had snatched her away from him.

His heart was suddenly overcast by a thick layer of darkness.

He failed to understand why the Chu Xiang who had loved him to death would give up on him so quickly.

If he were to get her back from Zhou Ye now, wouldn’t it count as a victory for him

Over their past few interactions, Chu Xiang did not bother placing him in her eyes.

Even so, Lin Jiawei truly saw Chu Xiang as the innocent type of young lady who would go back to him after venting out her anger for a while.

From his perspective, Chu Xiang was still that naive girl who did not know much about how the upper class of society worked.

Thus, he considered the possibility of lying to her about the real reason for the divorce.

Couldn’t he simply tell her that he was forced to get a divorce from the pressure of the executives of the company

He immediately surged with high fighting spirit, thinking that his victory against Zhou Ye was already set in stone.

He especially wanted to see just what kind of expression Zhou Ye would make after suffering a defeat.

Distracted by his abrupt thoughts, Lin Jiawei did not bother looking around for Mo Xinru.

Besides, he thought the two of them should take some time off from each other and cool their emotions before meeting up again.

However, he did not realize that he had subconsciously placed the importance of his victory over Zhou Ye above Mo Xinru.

Early in the next day, Lin Jiawei immediately drove over to Chu Xiang’s residence and waited for her on the ground floor.

At this time, Chu Xiang was going down the elevator with a bag of traditional Chinese medicine in her hands.

Upon seeing her, Brother Yong and Xiao Tao who were both waiting downstairs waved at her with bright smiles.

Suddenly, Assistant Lee got out of his car and walked over to her.

Stopping in front of her, Assistant Lee too revealed a smile.

“Miss Chu, President Lin has come over to visit you.

He’s right over there in the car.

Please go over.”

Chu Xiang shot a menacing glance towards Lin Jiawei’s car before avoiding the obstacle before her and proceeding to walk towards her car.

“Didn’t I already tell you to stay far away from me and not provoke me any longer”

In a moment of panic, Assistant Lee obstructed her path once again.

“Miss Chu, President Lin had purposely come over to look for you.”

Immediately after, Lin Jiawei got out of the car and opened the trunk in the back.

He then lifted out a bouquet of roses and smiled gently at Chu Xiang.

“Xiang Xiang, don’t you like flowers Here’s a gift for you.”

At that moment, Chu Xiang suddenly had a flashback to several decades ago when a particular bastard had done the exact same thing at the entrance of her university.

Were scumbags like him fated to have the same ideas and thoughts Now that she thought about it, those two bastards really were similar in many ways.

Both of them truly believed that the original hosts were entirely infatuated with them and would go back to their embrace with a wave of their hands.

Did they have some loose screws

Worried, Xiao Tao hurriedly dashed over to Chu Xiang’s side.

Seeing her arrival, Chu Xiang handed the bag over to her and said, “Go and wait over at the car.” In the next moment, she leisurely walked over to Lin Jiawei one step after another.

As she walked closer, Lin Jiawei revealed a satisfied smile.

Before he even had the chance to say anything, Chu Xiang lifted his chin and sized him up, as if analyzing some sort of freak.

In a worried tone, she uttered, “No matter how much I look at it, you’re clearly human.

So… how do you not understand the human language”

Lin Jiawei sheathed his smile and frowned.

Whenever he showed such an expression in the past, Chu Xiang would never dare to irritate him any further.

Instead, she would soften up and try her best to amuse him.

In contrast to his expectations, Chu Xiang tapped him on the face disdainfully.

“Rough skin… unattractive features… scary eyes… terrible temperament….

Just what kind of self-confidence did you have to think that I would go back to a bastard like you” Taking two steps backward, she placed both her hands on either side of her waist and looked down on him.

“President Lin, please have at least a bit of self-awareness and prevent doing things that would make others look down on you.

Of course, I have long since despised you.

As such, make sure to stay as far away from me as possible next time, okay”

“Chu Xiang!” Lin Jiawei shouted and gritted his teeth, staring at her as if he had the urge to devour her whole.

Ignoring his call, Chu Xiang turned away from him and walked back into her car.

Since it was about time for her to meet up with the production crew, she no longer had any time to spare, let alone continue speaking such nonsense with that lowlife.

According to her previous understanding of Lin Jiawei, her few sentences should have been enough for him to not bother her in the future anymore.

After all, who asked him to have an ego larger than the heavens


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