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Having seen the video of Lin Jiawei going to Chu Xiang’s residence, Mo Xinru could not sleep at all for the entire night.

In addition to recalling how the Prince Charming, whom she failed to get together with, treated Chu Xiang gently, Mo Xinru’s jealousy surged and devoured her entire being, torturing her even further.

She had only recovered slightly from the emotional damage she suffered recently after receiving the bouquet of roses from Lin Jiawei early in the morning.

Who knew that, in the blink of an eye, Lin Jiawei had originally wanted to give the exact same bouquet of flowers over to Chu Xiang, only to be humiliated by her in public

‘Just what is this Lin Jiawei trying to do What does that bastard even see me as To think that he even dared to send the flowers that Chu Xiang threw away to me! He dared to do such a thing!’

With such negative thoughts plaguing her mind, she naturally misunderstood Lin Jiawei.

After all, he was certainly not short on money and had indeed thrown away the roses that he initially wanted to give to Chu Xiang.

In this situation, however, Mo Xinru had already lost all trust in him.

The only thought lingering in her mind was how nicely both Zhou Ye and Lin Jiawei treated Chu Xiang.

This was the worst humiliation she had suffered throughout her entire life.

At once, Mo Xinru gave Lin Jiawei a call.

But since he wasn’t in a particularly good mood either, the two of them immediately had an argument with one another.

Their relationship once again plummeted to rock bottom.

Soon after the call with Mo Xinru, Madam Lin called Lin Jiawei, chewing him out and telling him to come back home at this instance.

To think that the grandson whom she cared about most would try to get back together with that good-for-nothing Chu Xiang.

It seemed that her grandson wasn’t as obedient as she had originally thought.

Even with all these things in mind, Madam Lin’s health had actually improved slightly for whatever reason.

With the abundance of the Lin Group’s shares in her possession, in addition to her current distrust for everyone in the company, she decided to focus all her efforts into protecting her grandson.

As for all the comments on the internet, she simply ignored them, for she thought that it wouldn’t have much of an effect on her.

As long as she properly did her job as the Madam of the Lin Family, she believed that she could live whatever comfortable life she wanted.

The entire internet buzzed with heated discussions.

However, none of them had any impacts on Chu Xiang since she was currently working with the production crew.

Everyone she met in the previous dinner banquet were all present at the scene.

After greeting everyone in the area with Xiao Tao, she treated everyone to lunch and familiarized herself with them.

Director Lee first told her to stand at the side and watch how the male and female leads of the show acted.

He wanted her to fully adapt to and marge with the environment before filming her scenes.

As mentioned previously, the show was close to being finalized as only the final few scenes in the show, which included Girl-number-three’s appearance, remained unshot.

Who knew that she would injure herself right before her shoot and end up going through rehab in some other country.

Since the production crew could not delay the shooting of the scenes any longer, Director Lee opted to search for another actress who could replace Girl-number-three in the show.

After examining Chu Xiang’s performance closely, Director Lee couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

He never expected Zhou Ye to have such good persuasion skills.

There really wasn’t anything too great about Chu Xiang’s acting skills.

Even so, her performance as the naive young lady was satisfactory, to say the least.

However, Director Lee could tell with a single glance that she was currently lacking experience in acting, for she would sometimes rush with her lines.

Slightly worried, Director Lee called the screenwriter over and whispered to her, “Write a few scenes with varying moods for Chu Xiang to act out later.

Make sure to include some martial and historical scenes.

Pay attention to how she acts and think of a way to change her role in the show.”

The screenwriter nodded.

“No problem.”

Just as the screenwriter was polishing up the varying scenes, it was once again Chu Xiang’s turn to act.

Director Lee immediately called Chu Xiang over to have her act out the varying scenes.

In the first scene, she acted as a witch whose identity was exposed, nearly being beheaded by her lover.

Watching her performance closely, Director Lee said with a worried expression, “You must be one with the character during such an impactful scene.

You need to make your audience feel a sense of heartlessness about the event.

Give off a feeling that your lover of many years had just betrayed your trust and destroyed your relationship completely.

Do you understand”

Chu Xiang nodded.

“I understand.

Since he betrayed me, I would naturally want to make him suffer.”

Feeling as if she spoke those words subconsciously, Director Lee knitted his brows and said, “Alright, take some time to memorize your lines first.

For now, just think about your expression and body language during the scene.

Oh right, you’re also pregnant with a child in this scene.

This is an extremely important point that you’ll need to express clearly later on.”

Holding the script in her hands, Chu Xiang quickly glanced through the contents and memorized her lines.

Everyone in the production crew did not have much hope for her.

Was Chu Xiang really as capable of an actor as she was made to seem Would she be able to act out her part satisfactorily


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