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The show was based on an extremely popular novel, known as the “Heaven Realm Sect.” The second the adaptation was announced, all the novel readers were naturally worried as they were all afraid that the production crew might not stay true to the novel and ruin the reputation of the series.

Only after they announced that the adaptation film would strictly follow the original events of the novel did the fans breathe a sigh of relief.

However, no one ever expected, when the show was this close to being finalized, that Chu Xiang would end up acting a crucial role within the show! In the midst of their panic, the fans of the novels immediately threatened to boycott the show and demanded the director to either redo the scenes where Xuan Ruo appeared or cut off all the scenes where Chu Xiang acted in.

The mere thought of Xua Ruo’s character being distorted by Chu Xiang’s lackluster acting skills disturbed the fans of the novels to a degree where they simply could not bear to watch the adaptation!

Upon seeing their petition, Chu Xiang’s fans could not help but defend her, albeit weakly.

[Xiang Xiang is no longer the same person as before.

The evidence lies in her performance in her most recent live broadcasts.

Compared to her weak, delicate self from the past, she has become much stronger and more capable.]

[Oh, just shut your mouths! Do any of you really think that Chu Xiang is actually capable of acting as Xuan Ruo If she really does give us a stellar performance, I will live stream myself devouring my keyboard whole!]

[Chu Xiang’s fans really do have the same personality and thinking as her.

They definitely think that she will deliver an amazing performance.

As for me, I have already lost all hope…]

[I won’t watch the show 1.

I have a premonition that this adaptation will receive a score lower than four for its rating.

After all, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.]

[While I have to admit that Chu Xiang does have great talent for a wide range of fine arts, I can’t help being embarrassed by her lackluster acting skills.

Why would one push to partake in a movie shoot even though they’re bad at acting Isn’t she basically trying to steal money from her fans After all, only her fans will be watching the show at this point.]

[Before announcing her initial retirement, Chu Xiang acted in three different short films.

Although she may not have been given the chance to develop as an actress, it is a proven fact that she had indeed improved her acting skills with each film.

I truly believe that she will deliver an even better performance this time.]

[Haiz… are you saying that we should buy tickets to watch her improvement In that case, why couldn’t she work on improving her acting skills before shooting the movie Isn’t she essentially doing this for money How disgusting…]

[For a mere Girl-number-three to be standing next to the director while the male lead gets pushed to the side….

I’ll leave this thought to your own imagination.]

[F*ck off! Can’t we just stick to the topic about her acting skills What are you trying to imply here Seeing how disgusted Chu Xiang was by Lin Jiawei, surely she couldn’t have gone after the director to get a role in the show.

Is there a loose screw somewhere in your head]

With the resistance of the novel readers, the ridicules of the haters, the worries of the bystanders, and weak support of Chu Xiang’s fans, the official forum for “Heaven Realm Sect” turned into a complete **show.

As soon as Chu Xiang’s haters received news of this controversy, they immediately seized the opportunity to swarm the forum like a nest of bees, doing their absolute best to escalate the situation.

Furthermore, they had even uploaded clips of Chu Xiang’s embarrassing moments during her first time acting in a show.

With everyone gathered in a single place, they naturally saw the clips and unanimously decided that “Heaven Realm Sect” would end up as a failure of an adaptation.

All of Chu Xiang’s fans panicked.

Having defeated her haters countless times before, they never expected to have to deal with them again for a long time to come, especially after their previous crushing defeat.

Who knew that Chu Xiang would suddenly decide to act in a show that was being held with such high expectations

It was as if she decided to poke her finger into a hornet’s nest, in addition to losing the support of the bystanders.

At this point, what else could her fans use to defend her cause With their morale currently at rock bottom, it wouldn’t make sense to force themselves into another endless struggle against the haters as it would most likely incite more hate against Chu Xiang!

In the midst of the crowd, Xiao Tao suddenly posted a comment containing the following message: [Reliable Information: Chu Xiang’s performance in this show was absolutely magnificent.

Dear brothers and sisters, in spite of all the hate comments, Xiang Xiang promises that she will never let you guys down.]

Upon seeing the sudden comment, everyone naturally bombarded her with endless comments, asking her for the source of the information.

Of course, Xiao Tao could not respond to their inquiries.

Instead, she simply vowed that this piece of information was entirely true.

Besides, why would Director Lee have asked Chu Xiang to take the role if she was as bad as they made her sound

As a portion of Chu Xiang’s fans were teenagers and young adults filled with vigor, they instantly referred to the comment as a fact and used it to fight against the haters.

But as expected, those particular fans ended up as the laughing stock of the argument and worsened their stance as soon as the topic of her acting skills were brought up once again by the haters.

This time, the bystanders could not help but disapprove of the fans.

The novel readers were even more reluctant to give their approval.

Ever since Chu Xiang came out of retirement, her reputation had only ever increased by the day.

Now that things finally started to take a turn, however, her haters were all beginning to mock her from all ends, waiting to see how she was going to cause her own ruin.


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