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Despite the ongoing heated discussions on the forums, neither the production crew nor Chu Xiang responded directly to them whatsoever.

However, Chu Xiang did upload a photo of herself without makeup with the following caption: “I will soon get the chance to meet everyone~”

Having focused much of her effort into skincare since coming out of retirement, Chu Xiang’s appeal had certainly become quite formidable.

Even her bare face looked absolutely stunning.

Within seconds of seeing her post, her fans immediately showered her with praise as their hearts burst with excitement.

In this particular, there wasn’t much the haters could respond with.

The few ones who did, however, were simply lying through their teeth, claiming how they did not understand Chu Xiang’s beauty.

Seeing her selfie, the majority of the netizens, including the bystanders, could not help but speculate the possibility that Chu Xiang might have been chosen to play the role of Xuan Ruo solely because she was beautiful enough.

When they took a look at the situation from this perspective, everyone realized that the Chu Xiang who was dressed in Xuan Ruo’s costume looked extremely charming, completely different from her appearance as the sweet, naive young lady during her previous shoots.

In the official photos, the makeup for her brows and lashes were done perfectly, accentuating her natural beauty.

Her ink-black hair, complemented by her decadent scarlet dress, hung loosely like a river down her waist.

Furthermore, the small crimson flower marked between her brows revealed a slight hint of the wickedness in her character.

Looking at her appearance in the image alone, she really did seem like an actual witch! At that moment, the bystanders who understood how to appreciate beauty suddenly had a change in heart.

[With a face as attractive as Chu Xiang’s, I’d be willing to accept her any day.

If one told me that she actually stood at the peak of the magic world, I could certainly believe them.]

[Since Chu Xiang took the role of girl-number-three, she should be appearing very often in the show anyways.

This show will definitely be of excellent quality.

Besides, the director would definitely not destroy his own creation on purpose, so you shouldn’t really be that worried about this matter.]

[Who knows The director could have realized Chu Xiang’s lackluster performance and purposely reduced her appearance as the villain in the show! Seeing how she participated in the shoot at a much later time, her role in the show must definitely not be of much significance.

Thus, you shouldn’t need to think too much into the situation.

Just relax and look forward to the airing of the adaptation.]

Of course, both the novel readers and Chu Xiang’s haters still refused to back down.

[If Chu Xiang is still acting in the show, then we will not watch it.

Let’s see which side will prevail.]

Despite their constant threats to boycott the show, the production crew nevertheless did not have any intentions to conform as they were well-aware of Chu Xiang’s abilities as an actress.

Not feeling the slightest bit of worry, they remained silent and waited patiently for the airing of the show.

Had the screenwriter of the show attempted to appease the novel readers, she could have very likely worsened the situation.

Even if the author of the novel attempted to reassure the fans, their opinions might still remain the same, for there have certainly been cases where authors have ruined their work for money.

Thus, everyone related to the adaptation of the novel opted to remain under the radar for now while the heated discussion was left to simmer for two whole days.

At this point, Chu Xiang’s fans had already gotten tired of arguing in this matter and returned back to their headquarters.

On the other hand, the novel readers had joined hands with her haters in retaliation for her participation in the adaptation.

As time passed, their threats gradually started to gain a lot of attention.

In the end, however, this matter ended up with nothing definite.

In fact, Chu Xiang had attracted even more attention over its duration.

After resting for two whole days, Chu Xiang was called to the company by Uncle Dong for a meeting regarding her next work.

Previously, Uncle Dong had entrusted Chu Xiang’s acting coach to witness her performance on set.

Upon her arrival back at the office, she ended up showering Chu Xiang with endless praise.

However, she believed that Chu Xiang’s exceptional performance this time might actually have been a fluke.

While she may certainly have improved her acting skills through practice, she had never once displayed anything of similar capacity.

Knowing that, they decided to carefully consider her next work.

Having started her journey down the correct path, they realized that Chu Xiang needed to keep sticking with her own hand and play to her own strengths.

Only by doing so would she stay on the right track.

On the other hand, her vocal and dance coaches both thought that Chu Xiang still had much to learn when it came to these two aspects and believed that she should not even consider doing any work related to those things for the time being.

The one thing that Chu Xiang did not need assistance with right now was the condition of her body and health.

After all, her figure had been well-maintained over the past month, her skin simply outstanding.

She was no longer required to come over to the company for training.

After the managers of the operations and PR department suggested some ideas of their own, Uncle Dong took out a total of ten options for everyone to discuss: three screenplays, five variety programs, and two commercial shoots.

One of the screenplays was of the crime and thriller genre.

Having taken a liking to Chu Xiang’s performance during her past live broadcasts, the production crew of the show invited her to play the part of a female detective.

This particular show was a web series with finite funds.

Furthermore, most of the actors and actresses were average at best as only the male protagonist and main villain were actual actors.


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