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Only after consulting the company’s dietitian did Uncle Dong allow Chu Xiang to accept the two movie roles, two variety program offers, and one other endorsement.

The endorsement she received was from one of the nation’s highest quality dairy companies.

Without even thinking about it, Chu Xiang could tell that Uncle Dong only managed to secure the endorsement through his connections.

In fact, all her opportunities were only made possible because of Uncle Dong’s wide network in the entertainment industry.

Who knows how many favors he asked in his name just for Chu Xiang

At the end of the meeting, Chu Xiang walked over to Uncle Dong.

“ Uncle Dong, thank you so much for everything.”

Closing his laptop, Uncle Dong smiled.

“If you truly want to thank me, promise me that you’ll do things properly and not disappoint me.

The way in which I retire will depend entirely on your performance.”

“I will only make you proud.”

Hearing such confident words from Chu Xiang, Uncle Dong poked her in the forehead with his index finger and said, “Oh, Chu Xiang, it’s fine to act in such a manner at home or in the company.

However, remember to keep such things to yourself when you’re outside.

After all, there are many people out there looking to take advantage of your mess-ups.”

He added, “To tell you the truth, I did not get my hands on all these opportunities solely through my personal connections.

Had you not shown what you’re truly capable of, no one would have been willing to take any chances with you.

Take the endorsement from the dairy company for example.

Only after I sent them a video of one of your bare-faced dance practices were they willing to negotiate with us.

Don’t forget that you’re still required to meet up with them in person to sign the contract.

Strictly speaking, human resources are the most unreliable parts of this industry.

For opportunities are, most of the time, only given to the ones who are already doing well in their career while the ones who are actually in need of help would rarely be presented with any whatsoever.

Only by working yourself to the bone will you truly succeed.”

Confidence blazed in her eyes.

“Uncle Dong, you don’t have to worry so much.

I will definitely not disappoint you or cause you to lose face.”

At that moment, the door to the meeting room suddenly flipped open as Zhou Ye popped his head into the room.

Shooting a meaningful glance towards Chu Xiang, he asked, “Did the meeting just end How was it”

“I accepted roles in two different shows, the offers from two variety programs, and an endorsement from a dairy company.

Only after filtering out the other options did we come to this conclusion as a team,” Chu Xiang said before looking down at the large bag in Zhou Ye’s hands.

Held within the bag were packs of chili sticks, instant noodles, and other beef-related snacks.

She raised her brows.

“Director Zhou, what are all those things for”

Zhou Ye lifted up the bag, grinning.

“Wanna watch a movie and hang out for a bit Uncle Dong, you guys should be quite tired after working for such a long time, right Why don’t you come over and relax in my office for a while”

Uncle Dong swept his glance from Zhou Ye to Chu Xiang.

Taking the hint, he stood up with his laptop and cleared his throat.

“I appreciate the kind offer, but I still have several calls to make.

As the saying goes, you need to strike the iron while it’s hot, right Otherwise, someone else will get their hands on it first.

Why don’t you two go and have fun by yourselves instead”

With that, Zhou Ye made way for him and moved to the side.

But just as Uncle Dong walked by, Zhou Ye patted him on the shoulder and winked.

Facing away from Chu Xiang, he then whispered, “Uncle Dong, thank you for all your hard work.

I will reward you with a bonus for this month’s pay.”

At this point, Uncle Dong did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Had he not talked to Chu Xiang regarding this matter before, how could he possibly be willing to leave her behind with Zhou Ye After thinking deeper into the situation, however, he decided to take his leave for now.

Besides, Chu Xiang didn’t seem like a person who would fall for that kind of thing.

After walking into the room, Zhou Ye placed the bag on the table for Chu Xiang to inspect.

“I bought a decent number of fine snacks for the best movie experience.

Would you care to join me Otherwise, was there anything that you might not have understood during the meeting How about that program dealing with first-time love Why don’t we watch a similar broadcast”

Shifting her gaze from the bag of snacks to his face, Chu Xiang noticed that his eyes were filled with great expectations, completely different from the first time they met each other.

At this point in her life, she was already extremely familiar with this type of gaze.

Ever since she began her rapid ascension up the path of cultivation during her initial life, she had always been surrounded with such longing gazes.

Having seen all kinds of people who had once admired her, this particular type was the one that would always pique her attention.

Handsome features, a well-built body, and a good sense of humor.

Furthermore, he was someone who knew when to give up and opted not to make things complicated.

Whenever she would think about him, she would always feel a great sense of comfort.


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