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Just as she stood up from her seat, the corners of her lips slowly curled up into a smile.

“Alright, it’s decided.

Let’s watch that program.”

Zhou Ye beamed and turned on the television.

It was clear that he had selected the show beforehand because it was the first thing that popped on the screen.

Chu Xiang could not help but giggle as she looked in his direction.

He joked, “I know the course of your life like the back of my hand.

Aren’t you scared”

Brushing her fingers down her hair, Chu Xiang bit back her laughter.

“It seems that Director Zhou can’t control himself from paying close attention to me.

Aren’t you scared”

As a certain fragrance whiffed past his nose, Zhou Ye could not help but take a deep breath as he said in a soft voice, “Such words don’t exist in my dictionary, for I have always done what I wanted to do.

Didn’t you say something similar during the meeting just now”


What’s the meaning of life if both your hands and legs are tied, preventing you from doing anything”

Seeing how the broadcast was about to start, Chu Xiang had no intentions to continue speaking as she paid close attention to the host who was currently introducing the observers of the program.

Casting his glance towards the screen, Zhou Ye dumped out all the snacks onto the table and opened a pack of chili sticks for Chu Xiang.

Reaching out for the bag, Chu Xiang could recall what this particular snack was.

However, she had never tasted it herself.

The intense spice initiated a welcomed ambush on her taste buds.

She salivated, the addictive fragrance of the snack enticing her to take another bite.

Before long, the pack of chili sticks had already been devoured.

By the time, Zhou Ye came back with two cups of lemonade, he was bewildered to see that the bag’s contents had vanished into thin air.

“You didn’t consider saving even a single piece for me Do you really love to eat snacks so much”

Unfazed by his words, Chu Xiang threw the empty bag to the side.

“Well… it has been such a long time since I ate any of those snacks that I’ve already forgotten what they tasted like.”

“In that case, you will definitely love this one since it tastes much better than those chili sticks.

Let me open them for you.” Opening a bag of konjac snacks, Zhou Ye placed them on a small plate along with a small fork before handing it over to Chu Xiang.

The layer of red chili oil flowing down the tantalizing konjacs would entice the taste buds of anyone looking at it.

Unable to control her appetite any longer, Chu Xiang picked up a piece of konjac with the fork.

To her surprise, the fragrance and taste of the konjac were far superior to the previous snacks, or at last, more towards her liking as the nice, chewy texture of the konjac further enhanced the taste.

Switching her attention to the broadcast on the screen, Chu Xiang saw several pairs of esteemed guests testing out the waters in their small assigned house as she continued munching down the konjacs like a machine with a fixed task.

Only then did she understand why Zhou Ye called these snacks the perfect addition to a binge-watch session.

Seeing her eyes sweep towards the remaining bag of snacks, Zhou Ye instantly knew what she wanted.

Shredded pork, braised duck neck, fried beancurd, anchovies, stir-fried shrimp and scallops, pickled-pepper chicken feet, spicy fishballs…

At this point, Chu Xiang only cared about eating while watching the broadcast.

Whenever the bag of snacks in her hands vanished, a new one would immediately pop up in her hands.

Looking at Chu Xiang chow down, Zhou Ye — leaning back against the sofa — felt a slight jitter in his heart.

On impulse, he grabbed a fishball and gently placed it into her mouth.

Paying no heed to his actions, Chu Xiang instead continued to watch the broadcast as if nothing happened.

As his finger came into contact with Chu Xiang’s lips, he suddenly felt it turn scorching hot.

Rubbing the tips of his fingers, Zhou Ye laughed to himself.

Initially, he had only bought these bags of snacks to show Chu Xiang that he was simply a down-to-earth person and to close the distance in their current relationship.

He never would have expected to see this new and unexpected side of hers.

Just as Chu Xiang continued to stare longingly at her seemingly unlimited ration of snacks, her usual appearance as a strong, independent woman had completely vanished into thin air.

Other than Zhou Ye, would anyone else have gotten the opportunity to witness this side of her personality

With that in mind, Zhou Ye suddenly felt a peculiar sense of satisfaction similar to that inexplicable feeling of one’s heart swelling up with extraordinary delight.

It was as if his entire physical body was floating on cloud nine.

Meanwhile, he grabbed two packs of instant noodles and boiled two pots of hot water.

As soon as Chu Xiang got a whiff of the broth, she glanced directly towards the origin of the smell.

Zhou Ye cackled.

“It’s already time for lunch.

Instead of going out to eat, how about we make ourselves some instant noodles”

“That sounds good.” Chu Xiang nodded enthusiastically, having yet to try out instant noodles.

Ever since her cultivation has reached a high level in her initial world, she had only ever dined on the exotic delicacies of the mountains and the seas and even the meat of spirit beasts.

The food of mortals could simply not compare to such luxurious meals.

Even during her previous life, she would only dine in private restaurants of varying cuisines.

The only thing she never laid her hands on was the so-called “junk food.”


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