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Without putting on any makeup, Chu Xiang went ahead and attended the meeting with the dairy company.

As Chu Xiang came into view, the person-in-charge was immediately blown away by her bare-faced appearance as the condition of her skin was surely far too well-maintained.

Her silky smooth, tender, and plump skin was the exact image the company had in mind.

Having accepted five different work opportunities, albeit not simultaneously, Chu Xiang would nevertheless have to bustle about various locations throughout the duration of her work.

Shooting commercials, attending magazine and fashion shoots, attending promotional events, recording live broadcasts, and shooting multiple films.

Essentially, Chu Xiang’s entire schedule was filled to the brim with work from early morning to late in the evening.

If any normal human being were to follow her exact schedule, they would definitely have passed out from exhaustion.

With the ability to channel spiritual energy and constantly bathing in a medicinal bath, however, not only would Chu Xiang not feel even the slightest bit of fatigue, but the condition of her physical and mental state remained the same despite her busy schedule.

At that moment, the controversy regarding Chu Xiang’s role as the witch in Heaven Realm Sect had yet to be settled by anyone.

In fact, the matter was still rather fresh in everyone’s minds.

To their surprise, Chu Xiang had already announced her participation in several variety programs and films.

Even when the evidence was being provided in the photos taken, everyone still found it difficult to believe the news.

[I’m just making sure, but didn’t Chu Xiang only come out of retirement recently If so, how does she have so many resources at hand Could she still have the same influence as she did during her peak as an idol]

[What nonsense! Did you not realize how she attained the supporting role as the witch In that particular web series, the development of the female lead and the female supporting character were both so-so.

Well… it is a series that focuses mainly on the male protagonist.

In other news, when Lin Ling, an extraordinary talent within the variety program industry, stepped down as one of the hosts for the “Ultra Rising Stars,” there should have been many other upcoming small celebrities who were fighting to replace her in the show.

But lo and behold, Chu Xiang committed daylight robbery and stole away the position! How amazing!]

[Since Lin Ling graduated from “Ultra Rising Stars,”  I guess I won’t be watching the live broadcasts anymore.

Not just anyone can replace her important role in the broadcast.

Who does Chu Xiang think she is anyway Can someone who’s already past her prime really replace Lin Ling What a joke! The difference between their abilities is as apparent as night and day.]

[The previous ratings for the last season of “Sweet Love Poem” were quite impressive.

I’m so looking forward to hearing what Chu Xiang has to say during this season.

I reckon she will once again render everyone speechless.]

[Who knows The production crew for that program could have offered her the role solely based on her current relevance.

After all, isn’t she currently the hottest topic amongst female celebrities Does she even have any sort of credibility right now ಠ_ಠ]

[If she’s taking part in a variety program, then so be it.

As a matter of fact, she does seem to possess the talent for such programs.

Thus, I am indeed looking forward to the ones she’s participating in.

However, I can’t get my head around her reason for shooting a movie.

She couldn’t still be oblivious of her lackluster acting skills, right Just look at the size of the production for the “Palace of Abyss!” Although the roles of the female lead and the supporting female character were both offered to capable actresses, the next most important supporting role was actually given to Chu Xiang Could any of you imagine a sweet, naive senior concubine appearing in the midst of the cunning schemes and intense battles between the palace concubines Well… I guess we can only hope that the brutal atmosphere of the show won’t end up turning into a complete **show.]

[I personally think that Chu Xiang might actually do well as the female detective in “Target.” I recall watching one of her live broadcasts and witnessing the skill she used against Zhu Yujia.

Do any of you remember that moment Wasn’t it so cool]

[I-I… I was completely entranced by her during that exact moment! After looking back on the GIFs of that scene, I too believe that she will do an excellent job as the female detective of the show.

I’m saying all this as a fan of Liao Ze.

I will fully support her!]

[I don’t know about any of you, but I will simply not watch any of the shows that Chu Xiang will be acting in.

She should’ve just remained in variety programs.

Having most likely ruined the adaptation of the “Heaven Realm Sect,” Chu Xiang shouldn’t be ruining and making things worse for other promising shows.]

Meanwhile, the PR department had long since expected that Chu Xiang would be bombarded with various types of questions and doubts.

However, those doubts were simply words babbling back and forth, incapable of dealing any sort of damage to Chu Xiang herself.

No matter what they did or how much they continued to complain, the roles offered to Chu Xiang had already been finalized.

Around the same time, Xiao Tao went on social media to inform Chu Xiang’s fans to remain calm for the time being and expect great things from the upcoming shows.

Having occasionally divulged reliable inside information on several occasions, her account had already built up a lot of influence within the community of fans.

Most of Chu Xiang’s fans would often listen to her words and not cause any unnecessary ruckus.

With Chu Xiang’s fans laying low for the moment, and the bypassers expressing a few opinions here and there, the constant criticisms of the haters had already been widely accepted as the norm.

Even the users who rarely visited this part of the forum understood that Chu Xiang was being targeted by her haters.

Thus, no one really paid much attention to them any longer.

Even so, there would still be comments under the forums of the “Palace of the Abyss” and “Target” constantly hoping for the production crew to consider replacing Chu Xiang with someone else.

But of course, the decision had already been set in stone.

With so many things in her schedule, Chu Xiang would first and foremost shoot the commercial for the dairy company.


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