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Amidst the organic pasture, Chu Xiang was dressed in a plain and simple outfit with her hair drooping down in a ponytail.

With a single glance in her direction, the image of the pure, gentle girl-next-door would immediately come to mind.

With disposable gloves covering her hands, she grasped onto a brush and scrubbed the dairy cow clean as her lips curled up into a cheerful smile.

In the same moment, the expression of the cow brimmed with comfort and joy as it raised its head and faced Chu Xiang.

Suddenly, it stuck out its tongue and licked in the direction of her face out of gratitude.

Quickly stepping back to dodge its attempt, Chu Xiang let out a sharp yet cheerful giggle before hugging the cow and rubbing it on its head playfully.

The pair of human and cow played around amusingly under the light of the radiant sun.

In the background, the other dairy cows grazed leisurely in the seemingly endless lush green field beneath the refreshing atmosphere of the azure sky.

With the natural and cozy mood, further complemented by the gentleness of Chu Xiang’s smile, one simply could not help feel as if their heart was starting to melt.

In the next scene, Chu Xiang squatted down next to the dairy cow and held a rich barrel of milk in her hand, revealing an enchanting smile on her face.

As the camera zoomed closer towards Chu Xiang, her lush, tender skin looked as if it would pop with a light touch of one’s finger, appearing similar to the silky smooth texture of creamy milk.

The following text gradually appeared on the screen: “Organic, healthy, nutritious! The rich fragrance of milk bursting with genuine freshness!”

Not only did this commercial broadcast during OCTV’s golden time, but it also appeared before and after the broadcast of a popular variety program.

Furthermore, its advertisement column would also pop up upon one’s entry into the popular online forums, in addition to the countless ads on billboards and posters around the country.

With that, Chu Xiang instantly became a frequent appearance in the eyes of the public.

The company even attached a picture of her refreshing on the packaging of their milk cartons.

[I must say… I have indeed fallen deep in love with Chu Xiang!]

[Man…! The level of her attractiveness must be off the charts right now! Just look at how smooth and tender her face without makeup is! She’s so beautiful! Kyaaa! I so want to feel her skin right now!]

[With this, I have confirmed that Chu Xiang is, without a doubt, my first love.

She has such a pure and innocent appearance! At this point, it would be illegal to poke even the smallest hole in the milk carton! Ah… my queen, you have captured my heart completely!]

[The features bestowed upon Chu Xiang certainly befits that of a campus belle, yet hints at the appearance of the innocent girl-next-door.

Oh my god! That photo of hers is far too beautiful!]

[I’m going to stock up on some milk and drink it daily from now on.

I too want to have such beautiful skin!]

[Huh You do realize that Chu Xiang has never attended university, right Yet, you still call her a campus belle Don’t forget that she had once gotten a divorce.

Where did the image of an innocent young girl even come from]

[Did you think your skin will improve just by drinking milk Chu Xiang is simply trying to scam all of you! From the looks of it, she must definitely have drowned her face in makeup.

Furthermore, they must have used several layers of filter on her face.

In reality, Chu Xiang probably looks like an elderly woman without makeup!]

This particular commercial did not have even an ounce of imperfection as Chu Xiang’s attractiveness appeared impeccable.

At the same time, her haters’ comments were all swept away by the shower of praises from the bypassers as anyone with eyes could clearly see the truth before them.

But when it came to Chu Xiang’s beauty all her haters seemed to have gone blind.

As for the fact that Chu Xiang did not attend university, what was there to mock about it After all, Chu Xiang’s current success and standing were things that the majority of people in this world could never hope to attain in their lifetime.

Was there anything wrong with agreeing that Chu Xiang looked like a pure and innocent girl in the commercial Moreover, one could even claim, if she were to act the role as an innocent character in a show, that she would have what it takes to nail the role.

This proved that she wouldn’t have to keep acting the role of a malicious person anymore.

With a single commercial, Chu Xiang had attracted the attention of the public and had once again appeared in the top rankings of the trending section of various social media.

Naturally, everyone was talking about her attractive appearance.

At that moment, the haters dug up the photos from the variety program, “Are Celebrities Capable Or Not”, and uploaded them on multiple forums to compare it with her picture on the commercials.

[I would like everyone who claims that Chu Xiang has good skin to take a good look at this picture from her first live broadcast after coming out of retirement.

Can’t you see just how withered her appearance looked then]

Furthermore, they posted the photos taken when Chu Xiang had initially been discharged from the hospital.

[Surely, you can’t look at her face in this photo and tell me she doesn’t look like an elderly woman.

Her appearance in this photo doesn’t seem like it belongs to someone in her mid-twenties at all! Rather, she clearly looks like someone in her thirties!]

Upon seeing the posts, Xiao Tao logged into her account and struck back with counterarguments.

[Who in the world would have a perfectly healthy appearance after being discharged from the hospital That hospital isn’t a beauty salon, alright Why don’t you look at her appearance in each of the broadcasts she has appeared in so far in chronological order Can’t you see just how much her skin  has improved since then]

Besides, Xiao Tao had already guaranteed Chu Xiang’s fans that she wasn’t wearing any makeup whatsoever in the commercial.

Even without filters, she already looked extremely beautiful.


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