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Naturally, Chu Xiang’s fans would be willing to trust her words.

According to Xiao Tao’s suggestion, the chronological order of Chu Xiang’s appearances quickly surfaced.

Just as expected, one could clearly tell the gradual improvements in her appearance with each photo.

Even then, the haters nevertheless persisted with their claims that all those photos of Chu Xiang were either photoshopped or filled with all sorts of filters.

Besides, no one would be able to figure out each other’s real identity on the web.

Thus, nothing prevented them from sending hate comments out of jealousy whenever they felt like doing so.

At this point, however, the hate comments no longer had any effect on any of the other users.

Everyone was now discussing what kind of skincare products Chu Xiang used for her to attain such smooth and plump skin.

How exactly did her skin revert back to its initial condition over the past month or so

Had this simply been a case of natural beauty, everyone would have no choice but to accept things as it was.

However, anyone with a working pair of eyes could clearly see that Chu Xiang didn’t have very good skin initially as she even had dark bags under her eyes due to high amounts of stress.

During that period in time, she didn’t appear to be very energetic either.

But for whatever reason, that seemingly withered appearance of hers had improved drastically, becoming the first love of many individuals throughout the nation.

If one were to say that she was an 18-year-old girl, no one would doubt them at all.

Women created an uproar, wanting to know the secret behind Chu Xiang’s skincare routine.

At some point during the discussion, someone pointed out the following:

[Wasn’t there an article in the past claiming how Chu Xiang went to purchase some traditional herbs to brew up her own skincare product]

[Wait a minute… that’s right! Could that occurrence possibly have something to do with the drastic improvement of her body]

[You’re not wrong.

A healthy body naturally brings out one’s best appearance.

The problem is… just what kind of godly medicine did she use to assist her It couldn’t have any side effects, right I too have been working out and have even taken some traditional medicine for my skin over the past six months.

Yet, my efforts failed to show any apparent results.]

[One of my cousins just so happened to be one of the staff members who worked on the “Heaven Realm Sect.” She once told me that a fragrant, medicinal smell lingered out from Chu Xiang’s room in the hotel they were staying in during that time.

Furthermore, Chu Xiang even brought a suitcase solely filled with medicinal herbs along with her on the days of the shoot.]

[Chu Xiang, where did you go Please come out and rescue us! All of us also want to have skin as good as yours!]

[Why don’t we take a minute to calm ourselves down If there really was traditional medicine with better effects than modern skincare products, surely it would have been announced to the public at this point, right Besides, we still have no idea whether the photos of Chu Xiang really were filtered or not yet.]

Despite the mountain of questions on social media, everyone was truly curious about Chu Xiang’s skincare routine.

Furthermore, the users also discovered that Chu Xiang’s entire figure had also improved drastically and become more fit than ever.

It appeared as if her entire being had been reborn.

How mystifying indeed!

Previously, Chu Xiang had invested in a certain foreign enterprise within the country.

Having just heard all kinds of rumors spreading around the web, the company’s CEO immediately gave Chu Xiang a call.

“Xiang, did your skin really improve so drastically within the span of a mere month”

“That’s right.

Anyways, did you need something from me”

“D-Dear lord! Do you have some kind of secret formula for the products that you use Wouldn’t it be too much of a waste to keep the secret to yourself If we can establish our presence within the market of the country, we will definitely have a great advantage! Don’t you think so too”

Only then did Chu Xiang recall that she was dealing with a cosmetics company.

She would definitely be presented with the space necessary to gain even more influence with the enterprise.

While this particular company had quite the influence outside of the country, its reputation within the country was only so-so ever since they failed to establish a presence for their name.

It was exactly during this moment of crisis when Chu Xian presented them with a helping hand, preventing their company from suffering great damages and giving them a chance to stand firmly in the country for the moment.

By doing so, she already managed to acquire a high standing within the enterprise itself, in addition to a rather generous reward.

After pondering about the idea for a moment, Chu Xiang laughed.

“Of course, I do indeed possess the secret formula.

In fact, the proof of its effectiveness is my very appearance.

However, what kind of benefit would I receive from revealing such a godly product I’ll have you know that I won’t just accept any kind of reward.”

The CEO replied bluntly, “Why don’t we schedule a formal meeting over at our company If you can really prove the effectiveness of the product, we will accept you as one of our official business partners.

I can guarantee that our company treats our business partners with the utmost generosity.

What do you think”

“Alright, that sounds like a plan.

Let me take a look at my current schedule first.

I’ll call you again once I have everything figured out.

In the meantime, I’ll have to inconvenience you with the task of deciding how much we’re going to split the profits.

If I find your offer to be lacking, then I’ll have to sell the formula over to another company.” Chu Xiang chuckled, seeing how she had just hit the nail right on its head.

It seemed that she’d have to thank her haters this time around.

If they hadn’t been so critical and persistent with their comments, she would never have thought to use her own skincare routine to earn money.


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