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Chu Xiang’s secret formula was legitimate, making the negotiations pose no problems to her.

After meeting with Johnson, the CEO of the company, she managed to obtain 30% of the dividends of the cosmeceutical series, as well as her status as the eternal endorser of the series.

When signing the final contract, Johnson gasped in surprise.

“I don’t dare to believe that you’re simply a celebrity from the entertainment industry as you even make me doubt my own abilities.”

Chu Xiang chuckled.

“Who said that celebrities can’t be investors Becoming a celebrity was only an interest of mine.

I hope our cooperation will go smoothly.”

“Indeed, so do I!” He personally led her out of the meeting room and gave her a polite hug at the entrance to the elevator.

“Oh, Xiang! I hope we’ll be able to continue our cooperation as I’m quite fond of you.

Truly, you’re amazing!”

When the elevator opened, Zhou Ye was standing inside and just so happened to see the two of them hugging each other.

With trembling fingers, he strengthened his self-control, holding himself back from pulling Johnson away.

Behind him stood Johnson’s assistant, stepping forward to introduce them to one another, “Boss, this person here is Mr.

Zhou Ye, the CEO of the Zhou Corporation.


Zhou, this is our boss…”

Johnson and Chu Xiang had already separated from each other’s embrace.

Zhou Ye faked a smile and asked, “Xiang Xiang, why are you here This…”

“Are the two of you acquainted”

Chu Xiang smiled.

“That’s right, this person here is my boss.”

Pleasantly surprised, Johnson said, “What a coincidence this truly is! As the saying goes in China, this must be a predestined encounter.

We’re truly fated to meet each other.

Director Zhou, you came to my office to talk to me”

Seizing the opportunity, Zhou Ye walked next to Chu Xiang before shaking hands with Johnson, still wearing his fake smile.

“I’m sorry, but I suddenly recalled that I have important matters to handle with Xiang Xiang.

Could we set up another appointment for next time”

“Of course, go ahead and deal with those important matters.”

Bidding farewell to Johnson, Chu Xiang said before leaving, “I’m hoping you’ll complete the formula without a hitch and publish the cosmeceutical series as soon as possible.”

“Definitely!” Johnson smiled as he watched her walk into the elevator, seeing her as some kind of treasure.

After all, she was the goddess who had just presented him with a huge opportunity at making easy money!

Seeing their exchange, Zhou Ye felt extreme unease.

As soon as the door to the elevator closed, he could no longer hold himself back.

Deciding against asking directly, he opted to probe out the situation first.

“Xiang Xiang, are you friends with Johnson”

Chu Xiang took out her phone to browse over her daily schedule.

“That’s right, did you come here to cooperate with him Johnson isn’t a bad choice as he’s quite a good partner to work with.”

For the first time, Zhou Ye finally understood what the lemons often mentioned on the internet tasted like.

Why had Chu Xiang never boasted about him in such a way

Glancing at the side of Chu Xiang’s face, he cleared his throat.

“Are you not busy today Where are Xiao Lin and the others Did you come here by yourself”

“They left after sending me here since I didn’t know how long my negotiation with Johnson would take.

Besides, I can just call over a cab to take me to the filming location later on.”

When the elevator stopped at the floor of the underground parking lot, Chu Xiang put away her phone and looked at him.

“That’s right, you mentioned how you wanted to discuss some important matters with me Is it something related to work”

Zhou Ye hastily fabricated a story, “There will soon be an exquisite dinner banquet with many big shots attending it.

I wanted to ask whether or not you’d like to go.”

Without even thinking, Chu Xiang immediately rejected the offer, “I won’t go since my schedule has been packed with work lately.

What’s more, I already have a steady amount of resources.

It isn’t a good idea to hastily rise up the ranks either.”

Having attended countless dinner banquets, Chu Xiang was naturally more interested in shooting a movie.

Besides, she really didn’t need to get acquainted with any big shots right now as it was still too early for her to do so.

Only after her works got broadcasted would she then consider doing so.

With a nod, Zhou Ye had her get into his car.

“I’ll send you over to the shooting location.

The aquarium, right”

“Yes.” As Chu Xiang took out a wet wipe from her bag to remove her makeup, her mind was already starting to go through the process of the shoot.

Shooting a quick glimpse at her, Zhou Ye started the car as his mind drifted back to the scene of Chu Xiang embracing Johnson and the final glance Johnson shot at Chu Xiang.

How unsightly!


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