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After turning silent for a few minutes, he asked, “Even when you and Johnson are only friends, you had to wear makeup during the short moment you went to meet him.

Now, you even had to remove it all.

Wasn’t it rather troublesome Wouldn’t it be enough for you to appear like you are now with me”

Chu Xiang wiped off her eyeliner.

“Isn’t wearing makeup the fundamental etiquette when talking business You’re my boss, one of my own.

Of course, I would act with a bit more freedom.”

The moment Zhou Ye heard her say “one of my own,” the corners of his mouth perked up as he immediately changed the topic of the conversation.

“Talking business The investments you mentioned previously involved cooperating with Johnson”

“I guess he can be considered as one of my cooperation partners.

That’s right, they will soon release their cosmeceutical series and sign me as the permanent endorser of the particular series of products.

Their brand is an extremely high-end one and can be considered as the first luxury good that I’m the endorser of.

Could you hand the contract over to Uncle Dong on my behalf”

Zhou Ye suddenly recalled the video clips of the matter regarding Chu Xiang’s “facial transformation” circulating throughout the web over the past two days, saying how she used some sort of godly medicine to improve her appearance.

They were even constantly tagging Chu Xiang.

He laughed.

“So, that’s what you were talking about.

Alright, I’ll bring the contract back.

You’ve certainly spared so much trouble for the company, seeing how you’ve even negotiated to become the endorser of a luxury brand all by yourself.

You won’t have to worry about these aspects, for I have already asked my men to connect you with appropriate resources that are completely reliable.”

Since the tone of Zhou Ye’s voice had taken a complete turn from how he previously spoke, it finally caught Chu Xiang’s attention.

Lifting her up from her mirror, she stared at Zhou Ye with raised eyebrows and asked what was going on with him in her mind.

Restraining his smiling expression and remaining silent for a few seconds, Zhou Ye looked her in the eyes and admitted his defeat, “I apologize as I wasn’t able to hold myself back.

I initially thought you and Johnson were… you get the gist of things.

I was just overthinking.”

Only after thinking back on Zhou Ye’s previous words did Chu Xiang catch the hint of bitterness within his words.

She then took out another wet wipe to clean her face.

“It’s fine.”

Hearing those words, Zhou Ye, on the contrary, felt a sense of unease.

Glancing back at her repeatedly, only after he saw that she finished wiping off her makeup and prepared to rest did he finally speak his mind, “Will you not be giving me more of a response I have already made myself this clear to you.

In any case, could you let me know which place I’m standing at and what I should be doing next”

Chu Xiang closed her eyes.

“Recently, I’ve only been interested in being a celebrity.

At that moment, I do not have any interest in dating anyone.

Besides, I may not have much time to spare for love during these next several years.”

Not hearing her utter the word, “dislike,” Zhou Ye breathed a great sigh of relief and replied patiently, “How can there never be time for love We can even have a private relationship.

If you’re busy, I can just go over to find you.”

Unconvinced, she opened her eyes and gazed at him.

“What are you going to do if you come to look for me when I’m busy Watch me work”

Choked up for a moment, he thought for a moment.

“Watching you work, that’s certainly possible.

There will inevitably be time for you to eat lunch and rest.

Couldn’t we be with each other then”

“What kind of joy will dating me bring you then It would be better for you to look for a beautiful young lady with lots of free time to play with you in your office every day.

Isn’t the purpose of love to make you happy Dating a woman who works every day from morning till night would be equivalent to not dating anyone.”

Zhou Ye was unexpectedly at a loss.

Coughing to calm himself down, he parked the car on the side of the road as he faced her and said confidently, “Xiang Xiang, I’m not just looking to date anyone casually.

Rather, it’s only because that person is you that I even thought of dating.

It wouldn’t work if it was anyone else.

So, even if you’re occupied with work, I will be more than happy to simply watch you from the side.

Then, when you finish work, I’ll be there to be with you.

Wouldn’t that also make you happy I understand that you prioritize your work before anything else.

I also intend to gradually take over the duties within my family.

We can just meet each other during our free time.”


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