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Chu Xiang’s heart did not move a single inch, feeling as if the current situation was similar to that of the process of refining items within a cauldron back in the world of immortals.

Having a bit of fun after finishing one’s task while not caring about anything during one’s task.

Zhou Ye’s intense recommendation was simply to spend time with her during her small amounts of free time What a weird man.

Glancing at her watch, she reminded him, “Let’s head over to the aquarium first.

I want to familiarize myself with the other staff members before the shoot begins.

We’ll continue talking about these personal matters later.” She smiled.

“These days, I’m not in the mood to have another person by my side.

I’ll come to look for you when I need another person, okay”

“Sure,” Zhou Ye replied as he continued driving, feeling as if something was amiss.

Why did those words make him sound like a scumbag Despite being the scum, he nevertheless felt quite happy as Chu Xiang basically meant that he would be the first one she would go and look for if she ever felt like dating someone.

Didn’t this imply that he had succeeded

As the car arrived at the road to the aquarium, Zhou Ye still failed to determine his own success, feeling as if he had been played by Chu Xiang.

Just as she was about to get off, he grabbed onto Chu Xiang and asked worriedly, “You couldn’t be doing things half-heartedly in fear of me bothering  you, right”

Chu Xiang chuckled.

“Then, what do you want to do I don’t have the time.”

“The first time, you said you weren’t interested in dating anyone because you didn’t have the time to do so.

In that case, does that mean you like me” Zhou Ye looked at her as he held his breath, wanting a definite answer.

Chu Xiang replied truthfully, “I just like myself more.

This is a fact in all cases.

Thus, I don’t have much of an interest in matters dealing with love.

It isn’t essential, I guess”

Hearing that, Zhou Ye finally let go of his grasp.

But right after she got out, he rolled down the window and asked one final question, “Can I come to find you”

“Of course.

You should go back now.” Chu Xiang waved at him before turning around and entering the aquarium.

Zhou Ye gazed at her leaving figure, slowly sorting out the meaning of her words.

She didn’t hate him nor did she like him.

It was because there’s simply nothing like that on her mind as she was only thinking of making it big.

This was also the first time he has ever learned of a celebrity who rejected their boss in the entertainment circle in order to succeed.

Furthermore, the reason was that she didn’t have the time to spare in order to gain popularity.

Yes… how confusing.

However, if not for Chu Xiang’s unique nature, would he have been attracted to her

It was the sudden reveal of his feelings just now, in addition to Chu Xiang’s response exceeding his expectations, that caught him off guard.

Now that he had the time to calm himself down and come to a rational conclusion, did her reason for not dating count as a reason at all He could simply keep coming to pursue Chu Xiang during her free time.

With that, Zhou Ye contacted the operations department and asked for Chu Xiang’s daily schedule in detail.

All fascinating souls in this world would naturally be difficult to pursue.

Right now, he had to take advantage of the time when everyone was still unaware of just how good Chu Xiang was.

He had to assert dominance!

Chu Xiang immediately took notice of this.

When she was busy shooting the variety programs, no matter which city they headed to, she would always catch sight of Zhou Ye whenever they finished the shoot.

Sometimes having a meal together with her, sometimes bringing a whole pile of snacks for her, sometimes relaxing in the pool with her, sometimes watching her work for a while before leaving.

Since Zhou Ye would never disturb Chu Xiang during her working hours, even when one other person had been added to her free time, she wouldn’t mind either.

With that, she naturally got used to his frequent visits.

Even Xiao Tao and Brother Yong had gotten used to leaving them alone when Zhou Ye appeared.

Besides, Zhou Ye took care of her even better than they did, so there really wasn’t anything to worry about.

Taking yet another step closer to Chu Xiang, Zhou Ye felt as if he had become less significant, for Chu Xiang’s heart would never wholeheartedly give him her attention.

The only thing he could rejoice in was how no other men had gained Chu Xiang’s attention.

Thus, he began striving even harder to stress his existence and to obtain the “seat of honor” as soon as possible.

He had even secretly ordered the attire of a butler with intentions to give her a pleasant surprise on her birthday.


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