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Initially, he even thought that giving her 30% of the dividends would be too much.

On the other hand, he now felt that his decision to do so was entirely worth the cost.

The sales volume of their other series of makeup products sold in department stores had also increased greatly.

Where else would he be able to find such a good business partner

With that, Johnson contacted Chu Xiang and exclaimed, “Xiang, I love you so much! Both your secret formula and influence are absolutely amazing! I have a feeling that the cosmeceutical series will definitely give everyone a great shock.

Why don’t we find some time to celebrate the occasion”

At this moment, Chu Xiang was currently swimming in the pool and asked Zhou Ye to pick up the call for her.

Although Zhou Ye wanted to tell him that Chu Xiang was busy on her behalf, after thinking about her personality, he muted the phone for a moment and decided to tell her about the situation.

Swimming back to the side of the pool, Chu Xiang asked Zhou Ye to turn on the loudspeaker function on her phone.

“Congratulations, Johnson.

It’s truly unfortunate, for my schedule is currently filled with work, so I won’t be able to celebrate with you.

I offer you my best wishes.”

Johnson replied in a regretful tone, “That is truly unfortunate.

I had even made reservations in a hilltop restaurant.

It’s definitely beautiful over there.

Could I receive the honor of dining with you whenever your schedule opens up”

Crouching and staring at her on the side, Zhou Ye appeared like a pitiful puppy in Chu Xiang’s eyes.

Laughing, she replied to Johnson, “We’ll talk about this again when I find the time to do so.

I apologize but I’m really busy right now.”

“Alright then, bye.”

Zhou Ye turned off the phone.

“He seems to harbor ill intentions towards you.”

Chu Xiang turned around and swam a distance away.

“Is he any different from you”

As her pursuers, how were they any different from each other

After understanding her words, Zhou Ye felt slightly irritated.

He had put so much effort into pursuing her for such a long time, yet he still wouldn’t receive the treatment he sought after Taking off his bathrobe, he dove into the pool and swam towards Chu Xiang below the water.

Arriving next to Chu Xiang, Zhou Ye pulled her along her waist into his embrace as she laid her hands down on his chest — the two of them separated only by the thin layer of her swimsuit.

Leaning closer towards her, Zhou Ye said, “What’s the purpose of swimming alone Why don’t I swim with you”

How were they going to swim if he doesn’t intend to release her from his embrace He was obviously trying to hint at something else.

Feeling out the muscles on his body, Chu Xiang chuckled.

“You’ve been training quite well.”

Just when Zhou Ye was about to move, she then pushed him to the side.

“I still have to go over the script since I’ll be reporting to the production crew tomorrow.

I don’t have time to play around.”

“We’ll only be playing around for a short while.”

“How would that be possible” Chu Xiang stared at him.

Immediately understanding her words, Zhou Ye moved forward to explain himself, “That’s not what I meant.

Didn’t I make it clear that I won’t waste your time My body is pretty good…”

Chu Xiang waved her hand.

“I understand.

I’m going to head back to go over the script.”

Hardly reluctant to leave at all, Chu Xiang once again pushed him away.

Even when she climbed up from the pool, she didn’t turn her head back even once.

Lying back on the water of the surface, Zhou Ye felt as if he had nothing left to live for.

Chu Xiang couldn’t be thinking that he wasn’t good enough, right Their special moment really just came to an end like that!

At that moment, a ringtone resounded through the air.

Despite initially wanting to ignore the ringtone, after realizing that it belonged to Chu Xiang’s phone, he immediately dashed out of the pool and took out the phone from the bathrobe.

Seeing Uncle Dong’s name on the screen, he immediately answered the call.

Having gotten accustomed to this, Uncle Dong did not question that it was strange for Zhou Ye to pick up the call before telling him that the complete trailer of “Heaven Realm Sect” had just been released.

Furthermore, the official airing of the show had already been determined to release during the summer vacation, when the traffic on the internet reached its peak.

By doing so, the show would definitely attract a large number of fans.

Previously, they had only released short trailers for “Heaven Realm Sect” as Director Lee wanted to create suspense for the show and maintain its mysterious feel.

Never once had they revealed Chu Xiang’s part in those short trailers.

The fans of the original novel and other online users had even thought that the production crew could no longer handle the backlash and ended up cutting off Chu Xiang’s parts in the show.

With the official complete trailer released, everything erupted all at once.


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