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The moment the director gave Dong Bohao the signal, he immediately asked, “Xiao Chu, it’s still not too late to regret your decision.

Will you back out or not”

Taking a large stride towards the grandiose entrance, Chu Xiang replied, “Since I’m already here, it would be too much of a shame to not go in for a round.

Brother Dong, did you bring your Suxiao Jiuxin Pills”

T/N: Suxiao Jiuxin Pills is a type of traditional Chinese medicine commonly used for cardiovascular conditions.

“…Xiao Chu, you’re underestimating me far too much.

Today, I, Brother Dong, will walk out calmly from the other side as I bring you along to set a new record.

Do you believe me”

Chu Xiang pushed open the large gate and turned around with a smile.

“Brother Dong, enough with the nonsense.

Are we going to go in or not”

“Let’s go.”

Dong Bohao peeked at the Suxiao Jiuxin Pills from his pocket.

Only after confirming that they were there did he take large, confident strides into the haunted house.

[Hahahaha! Brother Dong actually brought Suxiao Jiuxin Pills along with him!]

[Sister Xiang understands Brother Dong very well, hahaha! She’s already seen through his trembling heart.

Sister Xiang, you must definitely take care of our Brother Dong!]

[Thinking back to Sister Xiang’s previous victory, Brother Dong seemed extremely out of breath.

I seem to have a premonition about how today’s broadcast is going to go.

May the gods bless and protect Brother Dong.]

[What should I do I’m terrified, I still want to watch.

Although Chu Xiang may be good at extreme sports, you have to remember that this is a haunted house.

She will definitely be frightened.

No matter what, she’s still a girl at the end of the day.]

[To think the production crew was actually authorized to broadcast live at this haunted house! That’s amazing! I must absolutely watch no matter what.

I won’t go to the world’s scariest haunted house, but I’ll definitely be willing to watch a live broadcast about it.]

The director was extremely satisfied with the feedback.

Even though the broadcast had only just begun, the viewership had already skyrocketed.

The ratings for this week’s broadcast would definitely not disappoint.

Looking at the viewer count increase for the live broadcast, the director’s face radiated with a blinding smile.

Zhou Ye was also watching the live broadcast.

However, he never told Chu Xiang that he was actually horrified by ghosts.

In order to get an idea of Chu Xiang’s situation inside as soon as possible, he huddled up in his car and turned on the live broadcast, his face already turning deathly pale.


As Chu Xiang and Dong Bohao walked inside an ancient castle, they realized that it wasn’t entirely pitch black within.

Rather, the dusky atmosphere gave off a stifling feeling, paired with the candlelight.

The interior of the castle appeared squeaky clean with various kinds of objects placed neatly around the place.

But since this place was “haunted”, the tidiness, on the other hand, caused everyone to feel uneasy and on edge.

Everything seemed far too perfect.

Chu Xiang swept her gaze everywhere.

“The interior decoration isn’t bad.

The ghost must have possessed a rather significant identity.”

With a blank stare, Dong Bohao followed her actions and  looked around the place.

“You’re looking at the interior decorations despite being in a haunted house What an odd train of thought, Xiao Chu.”

Just as Chu Xiang shrugged her shoulders, she caught hints of slight movements coming from the stairway walking away.

“Brother Dong, did you hear that There’s something on that side.”

With a lick of his lips, Dong Bohao replied, “I-I didn’t.

Don’t scare me on purpose like that.

What movements”

As soon as Chu Xiang walked over to the stairway, sudden gales of wind blew violently throughout the castle, extinguishing the flames on all the lit candles.

With that, the entire castle turned much darker, with shadows of figures appearing on the wall from time to time.

Dong Bohao instantly ran next to Chu Xiang and grabbed onto her bag, his eyes wide open as his gaze flitted back and forth through the dark.

Chu Xiang was dumbfounded.

“Brother Dong, you’re scared of ghosts In that case, why did you come up with this challenge”

“I-I… I just wanted to experience this… while I still can.

I-It’s a once in a lifetime feeling, so of course I need to experience this extraordinary….

Y-You… have to stay next to me.

Don’t run off on your own.” He did not look like a fifty-year-old elder brother at all as he was practically on the verge of tears.

Staying silent for a while, Chu Xiang asked him in a serious tone, “If ghosts do indeed exist, will you still want to see them Or do you just want to leave this place immediately”

“I-I… do want to see them.”

“Oh.” Chu Xiang bent down and lifted up a dead bat that she stepped on.

“Ah—” Dong Bohao screamed the instant he saw the bat covered in blood, tightening the grip on Chu Xiang.


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