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[WTF! That scared the hell out of me!!!]

[What the hell is that thing That bat must have been tortured to death! There are injuries all over its body, and it’s even missing an eye.

How scary!]

[The bat’s not even a ghost.

What are you so scared of We demand for Brother Dong’s current state of mind.


Swaying the bat around, Chu Xiang said, “This thing is fake, so there’s no need to be scared.

This is only the prelude.”

At this point, Dong Bohao had already directed his gaze towards the floor, not daring to look in any other direction.

Seeing this, Chu Xiang brought him along as she walked up the stairs.

“Why don’t we recite the core values of socialism”

“Core… what”

“Prosperity, democracy, civility, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, patriotism, dedication, integrity, friendship.”

“What’s the point of reciting that overseas Foreign ghosts won’t understand a single thing you’re saying! Are you familiar with  foreign languages Use it to recite…”


“Ahhhh—” Dong Bohao jumped up on the flight of steps and hugged tightly onto Chu Xiang’s backpack, shivering in fear.

Chu Xiang looked in the direction of the great hall and comforted him, “A hanging lamp dropped down from the ceiling.

It’s not a ghost.”

Just as he began to calm down slightly, Chu Xiang added, “However, there’s blood spread all around the ground.

I’m not sure where it all came from.”

Immediately clinging even tighter onto Chu Xiang’s backpack, Dong Bohao looked straight down and didn’t dare utter a single word.

With that, Chu Xiang dragged him along up the stairs and went straight across to the door at the end of the hall.

[Blood, blood, blood! The ghost has appeared!]

[Where Where This type of ghost that doesn’t show itself is the scariest.

You don’t know where they might show up!]

[It feels like I’m playing a horror video game.

To think Chu Xiang actually dares to push open the door.

Did you guys hear that sound F*cking hell!]

[I heard it, god damn it! What sound is that I’m home alone right now!!!]

An unusual sound echoed through the castle, similar to that of a ghost.

Dong Bohao was so terrified that he didn’t dare to even open his eyes any more.

Leaning his head on Chu Xiang’s backpack, he kept up with Chu Xiang’s steps without slowing down.

As soon as Chu Xiang pushed open the door and stepped through, a hanging upside down figure suddenly dropped down from above, which just so happened to land between Dong Bohao and Chu Xiang.

Instinctively lifting his head up, Dong Bohao was instantly faced with the face of a clown, exceptionally terrifying in such a gloomy setting.

“Ahhh— Chu Xiang——”

[Oh my f*cking god!!!]

[What the f*ck is that!]

[I’m done.

I’m done.

I don’t dare to watch this anymore! It’s far too horrifying!]

Chu Xiang turned around and grabbed the clown on its shoulder, throwing it down onto the carpet below.

Quickly sweeping her gaze throughout the room, she pressed the clown down onto the ground.

“Chu Xiang! Chu Xiang, Chu Xiang!” Dong Bohao shouted as he shrunk down like a mouse next to the wall, neither daring to open his eyes nor run away.

Besides, there was blood all over the ground, so where could he possibly run off to

Chu Xiang called out to him with a loud voice, “Brother Dong, everything is fine! Everything is fine now! I’ve already captured this person!”

Anyone who sank down into fear and despair would lose all rational thinking.

For Dong Bohao to stop himself from carelessly running away, he had already used up all his rationality.

Thus, he simply couldn’t hear Chu Xiang’s voice at all as he continued screaming out Chu Xiang’s name with a hoarse voice.

Chu Xiang looked down and stared into the eyes of the clown.

Still performing its duty, it emitted a terrifying aura as it revealed a weird smile at Chu Xiang.

Throughout her life, Chu Xiang had already encountered countless other evil spirits far uglier than this clown.

Not the least bit distraught, she dragged the clown next to Dong Bohao and pressed its face down to the ground.

She then held onto Dong Bohao and said, “Brother Dong, you’re going to lose your fans if you continue to act like this.

You’ll have to at least act as if you’re not afraid, alright Everything is really fine now.

Quickly get up and follow my lead.”

Shivering non-stop, Dong Bohao opened his eyes.

Only after seeing Chu Xiang did he feel a great sense of ease.

But when he looked down and saw the clothes of the clown, he jolted up with fright and crawled frantically behind Chu Xiang.

[Separated by a screen, I’m not that afraid.

In fact, Brother Dong is quite adorable.

His current appearance contrasts that of his usual self greatly.]

[That scared the sh*t out of me! But when Chu Xiang pressed the clown down onto the ground, why did it look so funny Sister Xiang, did you immerse yourself too deeply into your character from “Target”]


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