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Originally, he had prepared a bucketful of bugs and other “small tricks.” Having been restrained, however, he could no longer pull off any of his tricks.

Their haunted house had never been defeated by a single one of their challengers.

He couldn’t simply let them walk away freely.

After thinking for a short while, the clown used his feet to hook over the plates of “food” that Chu Xiang placed beneath the table and picked the right moment to kick everything in the direction of Dong Bohao.

The severed parts and organs were laid out all over the floor.

At that moment, the sound of a clock suddenly reverberated throughout the room as all the candlelight in the room was extinguished.

Replacing it was a flickering red light, giving off a strange feeling.

“Ahhh——” Dong Bahao shrieked as he had never done before.

Similarly, the viewers watching the live broadcast fell into a panic.

[Ahh! That’s extremely terrifying! It’s no wonder that no one managed to complete the haunted house!]

[Brother Dong, I beg you! Please just go back! You’re already 50 years old, so don’t get sick! Sister Xiang, quickly get him out of there!]

[That evil clown! Failing to let out the bugs, he actually compromised and took out the things that Sister Xiang hid earlier.

How terrible of him!]

[Can that really be called dedication There’s clearly something wrong with Chu Xiang.

What did she beat up the staff member for Unqualified trash! Utterly disgusting! She even tied the person up against the table.

Who does she think she is]

[ Do you understand that this is the most terrifying haunted house in the world Don’t you know that the patterns there are different from other haunted houses Had Chu Xiang not restrained him earlier, their faces would’ve already been covered in bugs! Besides, did you not notice the carpet on the floor Did you not see how Chu Xiang was paying close attention to avoid injuring him from beginning to end When did Chu Xiang beat him up She even used a soft piece of cloth to tie his hands up, alright]

[How are you still in the right state of mind to be discussing such things I’m really going to be scared to death here.

I give up.

I give up.

Sister Xiang, I beg of you, just do something else that’s fun outside.

Production crew, if you see our messages on the bullet screen, then hurry up and tell them to get out! That place is terrifying!]

[Can you guys stop commenting on the bullet screen I literally can’t see anything on the broadcast because of your nonsensical comments.

Are you guys being employed to say all these things]

[What about the bullet screen What’s the point of a live broadcast without it Have you never seen a live broadcast before]

Noticing the messages written by the viewers, the crew members passed on their concerns to the director.

Considering for a short moment, he shouted into a megaphone, “Old Dong, Xiao Chu, you may come back out if you’re too scared.

Don’t try to be brave.”

This was the first time they had even considered suspending the entire program.

The first reason was that they’re afraid that Dong Bohao might be struck with an unfortunate occurrence.

The second reason was that the live broadcast might be too terrifying.

Thus, the higher-ups might cancel this program.

Consequently, the director began regretting his decisions.

He had indeed never considered that this haunted house would be this similar to a horror film.

Hearing his voice, Chu Xiang shook Dong Bohao and asked in a loud tone, “Brother Dong, can you hear me Calm yourself down! The director gave us the OK to head back! Let’s just give up on this.”

Hesitating for a moment, Dong Bohao didn’t think giving up would be a good idea.

However, the instant he tried moving his body, he immediately fell back down on his knees and landed on an eyeball.

As the eyeball burst in pieces, he let out an ear-piercing shriek, leaned against Chu Xiang, and shouted, “Back! We’re going back!”

With that, Chu Xiang immediately carried him on her back and ran back outside with large strides.

[What are they doing They couldn’t actually be backing down, right This program is precisely about bravely challenging a haunted house.

How could they back down despite only going so far Are you kidding me]

[I came here simply to watch a horror program.

How is doing something else any different from the usual programs Afraid of going into haunted houses Incompetent weaklings!]

[That’s enough.

Brother Dong had good intentions and wanted to challenge himself by doing so in the first place.

Furthermore, he gave us the opportunity to see just what it was like inside.

However, he’s absolutely terrified now.

How would we have known just how scary it is inside without going in beforehand If I wasn’t a die-hard fan of this program, I would have long since closed the live broadcast, so what’s wrong with backing down]


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