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[Hehe, I knew they wouldn’t produce any results.

The ones who were especially fond of haunted houses had already backed off from the challenge.

Even then, mere actors, still had the nerves to accept the challenge How embarrassing!]

The director sighed heavily and shook his head helplessly for not preparing this week’s program very well.

However, Dong Bohao’s body and state of mind were nevertheless the top priority.

Thus, he couldn’t force him to keep going on.

Fortunately, there was only a small amount of viewers who were discontent with their decision.

The large majority of viewers were more concerned about Dong Bohao’s condition.

Meanwhile, Zhou Ye was frightened to the point where he clenched tightly onto his pillow.

Even then, he was still staring intently at Chu Xiang in the live broadcast, afraid that she would get jumpscared by some other thing.

There were times when even the bravest would get scared out of their wits.

Who knows what might happen at each turn

Indeed, his pillow was out of luck as it had already been mushed thoroughly.

Seeing Chu Xiang come back out of the large gate to the haunted house, he weakly sighed a breath of great relief, no longer needing to see the horrific scenes within the place.

God knew when he saw Chu Xiang trudging about in the room trickling with blood, his tensed muscles had nearly snapped apart.

She helped him sit down on the ground.

Letting out a sigh of relief, he said, “I feel as if I had just come crawling out of hell after dying once.” Pressing down against his stomach, he added, “That’s not right.

I was saved by you.

Had I gone in by myself, I reckon that I wouldn’t even have had the guts to get out of there.

Instead, I might have fainted right there and then.”

Chu Xiang grabbed a bottle of water from her backpack and gave it to him before comforting him, “That’s a very normal reaction.

Before coming here, I searched the internet for information regarding this haunted house.

Every year, many of its challengers would end up fainting within the place.

At least we didn’t lose face by managing to get out of there.”

After calming himself down for two minutes, Dong Bohao looked back at the gate to the haunted house and rubbed his face.

“This is my first time suffering such defeat.

The viewers must definitely be disappointed.”

Chu Xiang stared at him for a moment.

From the beginning to the end, this fifty-year-old man who was full of vitality had lost all enthusiasm, not because he was scared witless, but rather because he thought that he let his fans down.

She looked back at the haunted castle.

“How about I go back in by myself I’ll do my best to complete the challenge as fast as possible.

We’ll meet up on the other side.”

Astonished, Dong Bohao stared blankly at her and thought back to just now when it looked as if she was simply taking a stroll around the garden behind her house.

He then swept his gaze towards the director.

“That… Xiao Chu.

She really isn’t afraid, so why don’t we let her in We shouldn’t waste such a great opportunity to film such a thing.

Who knows She might just be the first person to ever walk out from the other side of the castle.”

Hearing that, the director called over the deputy director for a quick discussion before saying, “Alright, Old Dong, get some rest outside for now while Xiao Chu goes back in.

Taking the viewer’s psychological state into consideration, Xiao Chu, try your best to avoid any horrific scenes and run through the castle as fast as you can.

If you’re too scared, don’t force yourself to keep going and just come back out.”

Giving them a thumbs up, Chu Xiang went back to her car and changed into a short-sleeved shirt and some long pants that allowed her to move freely.

Immediately after, she dashed back into the castle.

Meanwhile, Zhou Ye sat rigidly in his car.

Staring blankly at the screen, he felt as if he had nothing left to live for.

On the other hand, the viewers of the live broadcast were greatly excited.

After all, they had seen just how fearless Chu Xiang was before.

Thus, they no longer had to worry about getting jump scared.

Rather, the staff members inside should be the ones worried about getting scared by Chu Xiang.

People were naturally attracted to exciting things.

The moment this haunted house became widely known throughout the world for being undefeated, the level of interest immediately skyrocketed.

Not only did the viewers stay and watch the live broadcast, but it even attracted an even larger audience.


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