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At the same time, Chu Xiang started reading through a handbook related to acting, having already gotten used to Zhou Ye attending to her.

She had purchased many such handbooks with the intent to study more about acting by herself.

One would have to love what they were doing to keep doing what they were doing.

Even during dinner, Chu Xiang quickly finished her food, paying little to no attention to the TV, before laying down on her bed to continue reading.

Turning down the volume of the TV, Zhou Ye ate in silence while watching the show that Chu Xiang played a role in.

Taking advantage of when Chu Xiang wasn’t paying attention, he sent a message to the PR Department, telling them to immediately find a way to delete all the comments related to the shipping of Chu Xiang and Liao Ze.

He absolutely could not allow that ship name to rise up into the top search queries.

Confused for a moment, the manager of the PR Department immediately contacted people and spent money to delete such comments.

However, they were already a step too late, for the caption “Chu Xiang and Liao Ze, One as Xiang Ze” had already skyrocketed up the top search queries.

In fact, it had risen up into the top few rankings.

The PR Department kept spending money in a hurry to extinguish the “flame,” yet the ship name rose up the top search queries once again within ten minutes!

This was definitely someone’s doing behind the scenes.

After reporting the situation to Zhou Ye, the manager of the PR Department immediately contacted Uncle Dong and the people employed to post messages online.

Furthermore, he ordered Xiao Tao to pay close attention to the activities of Chu Xiang’s fans in order to prevent the culprit from taking the lead.

On the other hand, the other individuals paying close attention to this situation were Zhu Yujia and Mo Xinru.

Drinking to their heart’s content in a bar, Zhu Yujia let Mo Xinru take a look at the top search queries on her phone.

“Sister, just wait and see.

This time, Liao Ze’s fans will definitely not let Chu Xiang get away with this.

She had once gotten a divorce and was spotted getting picked up by some rich guy.

It would be even more strange for Liao Ze’s fans to remain silent and do nothing in this situation.

Furthermore, I’ve hired some people to keep spamming the ship name on the forums and cause a ruckus online…”

“Alright, stop bothering me.” Mo Xinru slapped her phone away and downed her shot of alcohol in a single go.

Taking a deep breath, Zhu Yujia looked down with her eyes and said, “Sister, there’s no way Brother Jiawei likes Chu Xiang.

He must be purposely shunning you.

Why are you being so petty The instant you came back, he got a divorce and was even willing to lose his own reputation for you.

Didn’t he do all those things because he loves you”

Mo Xinru placed down her shot glass violently and shot her glance towards Zhu Yujia.

“Are you telling me that I’m the one in the wrong I’ve personally found out that he’s been watching the programs that Chu Xiang had partaken in.

What else could this possibly mean As for Chu Xiang, now that she’s made a name for herself, every single time she makes her way up into the top search queries, there are always people ridiculing and sneering at me.

Lin Jiawei doesn’t even treat me the same way as before.

How could I possibly endure such treatment”

“No, no, no one’s telling you to bear with this.

Am I not helping you get back at her Sister, don’t worry.

I’m familiar with how things work in the entertainment industry.

That last time she managed to dodged a bullet from her haters; no one expected her to improve so much in acting.

However, our plan this time is surefire.

Liao Ze is a celebrity who became popular through his acting skills.

His fans will certainly not stand back and do anything as he’s being shipped with someone else.

I even ordered some people to photoshop some pictures and edit some videos to heighten the situation.

Chu Xiang is definitely screwed this time.”

“What kinds of photos and videos”

“That kind where she’s drinking along with someone and getting taken advantage of.

The kind where she’s sent home by a luxurious car and even ones where she’s getting a room with someone at a hotel.

Each one of them is indistinct, yet similar to Chu Xiang when seen from behind.

The more it spreads around, the more likely it’ll be passed off as being genuine.

Liao Ze’s fans will definitely use these materials to make a fuss online.

When the time comes, Chu Xiang won’t be able to explain herself.”

Shutting her eyes, Mo Xinru leaned back against the sofa and acknowledged her words, “You make the arrangements.

Let me know when you run out of money.”

“I understand, Sister.” Zhu Yujia moved to the side slightly and scrolled through the online forums.

She would definitely take initiative to ask for more money once it runs out.

Besides, when doing such things, she could even pocket a portion of the money.


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