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At that time, she lost an important endorsement because of the matter with Chu Xiang.

At the same time, both Lin Jiawei and Mo Xinru lost their trust in her due to her incompetence.

Only after several months of hard work did she gradually build herself back up.

In fact, she had even gotten a role in a film.

She couldn’t do anything to Lin Jiawei and Mo Xinru, but what about Chu Xiang Why couldn’t she gain popularity when Chu Xiang, someone who was abandoned, could She simply could not stand seeing Chu Xiang gradually gaining more fame.

By taking advantage of this opportunity to pressure Chu Xiang, she would be killing two birds with a single stone.

Suddenly, Zhu Yujia’s phone rang.

Upon seeing Lin Jiawei’s name on the screen, her heart skipped a beat.

Carefully giving Mo Xinru a quick glance, she then went into the bathroom to pick up the call.

Lin Jiawei asked her whether or not she knew where Mo Xinru was.

Adding fuel to the fire, Zhu Yujia told him that Mo Xinru wasn’t currently in the best of moods and was now drowning her sorrows away with alcohol.

She even took the initiative and tactfully urged him to forget about Chu Xiang to prevent hurting Mo Xinru even more.

With a cold snort, Lin Jiwei immediately hung up the call.

Pleased with her actions, Zhu Yujia chuckled slightly.

Facing the mirror, she tidied up her hair and hummed a song joyfully.

That Mo Xinru treated her as some sort of servant and an object to vent out her anger on.

She looked down on her as a mere actress, nothing more.

But today, she would give them the performance of her lifetime, slowly turning their relationship into a nightmare.

When the day came when Lin Jiawei lost all interest in Mo Xinru, she would like to see just what Mo Xinru had left to be proud of!

Hanging up, Lin Jiawei looked through the tablet he used in private and discovered that Mo Xinru had indeed gone through his watch history and even opened them up to see.

With that, he immediately changed his password, extremely displeased with her actions.

He nevertheless felt at a loss.

Why was he discontent with Mo Xinru Had this taken place in the past, he would have been overjoyed, knowing that she would check up on his activities.

What had gotten into him now Why did he often find Mo Xinru annoying these days

Ever since the news of him gifting Chu Xiang a bouquet of flowers went up the top search queries, some sort of problem arose between their relationship.

Mo Xinru would always be overly suspicious of him.

Even when he was thinking of business-related matters, she would suspect him of thinking about Chu Xiang.

It wasn’t because she was jealous of Chu Xiang, but rather because she felt humiliated being placed on the same level as her.

Lin Jiawei was uncomfortable with her way of thinking.

If Chu Xiang really was a low person, then what would he, as someone who had once taken her as his wife and pampered her considerably, be regarded as

Opening up the online forums on his phone, Lin Jiawei searched up Chu Xiang’s name and was shocked to see the entire page filled with the caption, “One as Xiang Ze.” He was familiar with the person called Liao Ze.

After all, he was that coward who was in the first live broadcast Chu Xiang partook in after coming out of retirement.

Chu Xiang looked down on him, yet she was acting friendly with Liao Ze

He sneered aloud.

The one who’s being cheated on wasn’t him, but rather, Zhou Ye.

He wondered how Zhou Ye would feel after being cheated on.

When he took Chu Xiang in as his wife, he did nothing as his grandmother forced Chu Xiang out of the entertainment industry.

Otherwise, where would he turn his head to when his wife shot a romance film with another guy Zhou Ye must have spoiled her.

Even if it didn’t count as cheating, he was likely seen as a joke in the entertainment circle.

Turning on his tablet, Lin Jiawei headed to his study room and gathered his subordinates for a video conference, urging them to take quick actions.

They needed to take advantage of these few days when Zhou Ye might be feeling down to snatch away all the business talks for the next week.

As for Mo Xinru, he had long since pushed her to the back of his mind.

Subconsciously, he no longer thought that Mo Xinru would abandon him.

Without any sense of urgency, his attitude took a complete turn.

Meanwhile, on the internet, the scandal between Chu Xiang and Liao Ze continued to escalate.

Various photos of them staring at each other, holding onto each other, sharing beverages with each other, and many other ones surfaced, adding fuel to the already burning flame.

However, the real shippers decided to keep their fantasies to themselves in order to prevent causing them even more trouble.

Thus, how could they be the ones dispersing such photos

Pondering the situation for a moment, Liao Ze gave Chu Xiang a call.

Originally, Zhou Ye intended to explain the situation to Chu Xiang after dealing with it.

Who knew that Liao Ze would leak the information to her so soon!

Rummaging through the nonsense on the web, Chu Xiang tossed her phone to the side and said nonchalantly, “It’s not as if we’re married.

So what if we’re together”

At that moment, Zhou Ye’s sense of urgency surged greatly.


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