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Bai Xuewei was standing by Ye Chen’s side, so she heard the entire conversation.

She was able to hear the contempt in Ye Zhenhong when he mentioned her.

Those words were like sharp blades, causing her complexion to pale, and feel embarrassed.

She continued standing next to him with her head lowered and back straight, waiting for Ye Chen to console her.

She knew that Ye Chen loved her lofty and unyielding character; however, she waited for a long time but never received Ye Chen’s words of consolation.

Ye Chen was in a daze.

He had always wanted to annul his engagement with Chu Xiang and it had been nearly a year since he had this idea.

But now that the engagement was finally annulled, he was not as happy as he had imagined.

Instead, his heart felt empty, like he had lost something very important.

He used to like Chu Xiang.

They were childhood sweethearts and they both came from similar family backgrounds.

Many people from similar backgrounds had praised them for being a lovely young couple.

Everyone believed that they were born for each other.

He felt the same way, and he was even proud of having a good fiancée like her.

When they were younger, they scoured the internet and found a widely circulated article telling couples that there were 21 trivial things they should do if they fall in love.

They had done them all and during that time, their love blossomed.

They used to have the most memorable time together, so why didn’t he like her anymore

Chu Xiang was spoiled and was treated like a princess at home.

If he stood her up, she would be angry at him for days on end.

He even needed Bai Xuewei to help him coax her.

When he made Chu Xiang angry, she would not give him face in public.

It was Bai Xie who often resolved their dispute and helped him save his face.

Whenever the two quarreled, Chu Xiang never took the initiative to apologize, but it was Bai Xuewei who would look for an opportunity to help them become reconciled.

He gradually started to compare Bai Xuewei and Chu Xiang.

Bai Xuewei made him feel good about himself, while he constantly needed to coax and console Chu Xiang.

He quickly became impatient with Chu Xiang and often thought why did he need to coax Chu Xiang when there were so many girls at school who were chasing after him and dying to please him

After that Bai Xuewei started to stand out brilliantly at school.

She placed first on exams for her major, looked breathtakingly beautiful when dancing, and knew how to play the piano skillfully.

Her talents amazed the students and the teachers at school.

He had never noticed that Bai Xuewei was actually multi-talented, gentle, and considerate of others.

As a result, he became more and more drawn towards Bai Xuewei until he couldn’t restrain his feelings anymore and started to shower her with favor.

Bai Xuewei’s initial refusal avoided arousing suspicion, which made him believe that she was not a greedy woman that coveted his wealth.

He and Bai Xuewei were also childhood sweethearts.

They have known each other for over ten years.

In the past, Bai Xuewei had always been in Chu Xiang’s shadow, but after he got to know her, he discovered that she was a proper, outstanding, and gentle lady.

That was why he started to passionately pursue Bai Xuewei and Bai Xuewei finally agreed to go out with him after he and Chu Xiang had another quarrel.

Bai Xuewei told him that she didn’t want him to damage his relationship with Chu Xiang, so she wanted him to keep their relationship a secret.

She also told him that if one day, he fell out of love with her, she would quietly retreat to the background and pretend as if nothing had happened between them.

Everything that Bai Xuewei did make his heart ache for her and due to this, he started to develop this idea of wanting to break his engagement with Chu Xiang.

He wanted a happy family that was unlike the one his parents had.

His parents did their own things and treated each other like guests in their own house.

As a result, he persisted in wanting to annul his engagement because he wanted to marry someone he truly loved.

He expected Chu Xiang to be upset at the news.

It was also within his expectations that Chu Xiang would cause his parents to put pressure on him to marry her.

He was annoyed but he was prepared to have his card frozen.

But in the end, Chu Xiang actually annulled their engagement.

Ye Chen recalled the box of gifts and photos thrown outside the Chu Family estate.

The gifts he gave her were given to the servants.

When he met Chu Xiang earlier in school, he could feel how indifferent and cold she acted towards him.

Then he recalled how the collaboration between the Chu Family and the Ye Family fell apart.

He finally realized that she wasn’t actually trying to get his attention, but was actually trying to break everything off with him.

Chu Xiang no longer wanted him, and after their engagement was annulled, she would never bother him again.

This sudden realization made him feel at a loss.

Didn’t Chu Xiang tell him not to give up on their relationship of ten years before she entered the hospital Didn’t she tell him not to change his mind on their relationship Then why did she let go of him so easily


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