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Zhu Yujia quickly gave the people she hired a call, only to find out how they were being pressured by the higher-ups.

They did not dare to make any more moves.

Sweeping her gaze towards Mo Xinru, Zhu Yujia burned with impatience.

If Mo Xinru were to find out about her mess-up, she would have to face the consequences.

Since her family still needed to rely on the Mo Family, she needed to settle this matter properly.

Gritting her teeth, Zhu Yujia personally set up a few accounts and uploaded everything she forged against Chu Xiang.

Without any hesitation, she accused Chu Xiang of being someone’s mistress, using resources to snatch away character roles, gaining unfair advantages when it comes to investing, and marking the prices of her tenders publicly as a regular at wine bureaus.

Otherwise, how could she have gained so much popularity so quickly

Although Zhou Ye’s men were constantly deleting the messages, one could not forget how Chu Xiang had once been a first-rate celebrity about a year ago.

Thus, she naturally attracted a large number of haters.

During this time, her haters went absolutely crazy.

Especially after seeing the forged materials sent out by Zhu Yujia, how could they let Chu Xiang get away with this

A large portion of her haters kept forwarding these forged materials.

While these forged materials may not have been confirmed as irrefutable evidence, the bypassers who come across these materials would unknowingly come to believe them.

As soon as Zhou Ye confirmed that the person in these photos wasn’t Chu Xiang, he immediately ordered his company to issue a Lawyer’s Letter.

In the midst of the night, the bloggers of Glorious Star suddenly gave an update on the situation and issued an official statement, claiming how the character roles that Chu Xiang received were all obtained through auditions.

Besides, her performance in “Heavenly Realm Sect” spoke for itself.

They explained that those remarks on the internet were simply false rumors and that they would investigate the situation as soon as possible.

Following that, they even uploaded the Lawyer’s Letter along with the statement.

Generally, such matters would be addressed with a few words at best.

Rarely would anything so serious happen.

There was once a female celebrity who relied on the hype of such shipping to rise in popularity.

Even if she ended up receiving hate messages, the haters would eventually get tired and let her go.

When that time comes, her effort would end up bearing fruit.

Which company would have taken such a situation as seriously as Glorious Star Entertainment

However, Chu Xiang’s fans were overjoyed to learn that Glorious Star Entertainment valued her so highly.

One after another, they commented their gratitude to the company in the comment section below their official statement.

Moreover, they spontaneously began looking through the photos and videos to find any discrepancies with the person whom the haters claimed to be Chu Xiang.

The PR Department of Glorious Star Entertainment was also performing the same task as they even cooperated with their team specializing in this field, analyzing the photos more meticulously than the fans.

Zhou Ye had even discovered the location of the people who sent the forged materials.

Each of the accounts led to the same exact bar.

Although Zhu Yujia and Mo Xinru had already left the bar, the cameras monitoring the place were still there.

As soon as Zhou Ye found out about the two female culprits, he let out a cold laugh before giving Mo Xinru’s father a call.

“Hello, Director Zhou”


Mo was woken up by a sudden call in the middle of the night.

Upon seeing Zhou Ye’s number, he stared blankly at his screen, not understanding why he would look for him.

“Director Mo, you even dared to move a move on one of my people Haven’t you gone a bit too far”

At this point, Mr.

Mo had fully sobered up as he quickly headed over to his study room.

“Director Zhou, could there possibly be some sort of misunderstanding How could I have offended you”

“It appears that your family business will only be used by your daughter to bully others.

There’s no use keeping it running anymore.

I hope you’ll enjoy your life in retirement,” Zhou Ye said before hanging up the call.

What the hell When Mo Xinru was responsible for sending Chu Xiang in the past, Zhou Ye was kind enough to let her off.

In spite of that, she still dared to pull off the same trick Did she think Zhou Ye would stay still and do nothing

Partaking in a video-conference in his room for the past few hours, Zhou Ye decided to snipe down the projects held by the Mo Group.

While the higher-ups continued their meeting, each of them ordered their assistants to investigate the Mo Group.

Who knew whether or not they might find some sort of problem within the company that may lead to their collapse

Zhou Ye finally understood why Mo Xinru returned back to the country to snatch back Lin Jiawei.

The Mo Family was actually on the verge of collapse.

Thus, she had no choice but to come back for her backup man.

He purposely told the others to keep the information a secret for now.

Since Lin Jiawei was still completely unaware of the situation, he chose not to spread the information, for the time being, to avoid affecting the relationship between the two sweethearts.


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