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Zhou Ye busied himself for the entire night with this particular matter.

On the other hand, Chu Xiang woke up in the morning with great vitality and immediately headed over to her shoot.

The people from the production crew looked at her with a completely different gaze.

After all, the big show that lasted throughout the entire night caused many discussions within the forums.

Even if all those hate materials were indeed faked, with how fast Chu Xiang settled the matter, it meant that she must have had quite an extraordinary person supporting her behind the scenes.

The leading actress starring in “Palace of Abyss” came over to have a chat with her.

Probing the situation, she asked, “Everything that happened last night was dealt with, right Someone was clearly trying to sabotage you.”

Looking through the script, Chu Xiang replied, “It’s fine, all those things were fake anyway, popped with a single poke.”

“Your company was also quite impressive, to have settled such a complex situation so decisively.

It was amazing.

Even I have never received such a firm response from my company before.

This must be how your company treats their star celebrity, right” The leading actress chuckled, seemingly joking around.

Chu Xiang knitted her brows faintly.

“I’m still far from being the company’s star celebrity.

However, the company does indeed value me greatly.

I borrowed a few million yuan from the company.

If something happened to me, I wouldn’t be able to pay back the debt.

How could the company not protect me”

“You borrowed a few million yuan”

A few million yuan is not at all considered to be much.

However, it was widely known that Chu Xiang had just come out of retirement.

She was still living in the dormitory of Glorious Star Entertainment and using the company’s Toyota Alphard for transportation.

Why did she borrow so much money upon coming out of retirement

Upon noticing the suspicions on her face, Chu Xiang said in a confident tone, “I borrowed money to make investments.

Waiting for money to grow by itself is much more efficient than earning money as a celebrity.

I still want to buy myself a house and a car and start anew.

It’s certainly better to make preparations in advance.

Besides, I will definitely be able to pay everything back as long as I still have this job.”

The leading actress’ mouth twitched slightly before chuckling.

“Very good.”

Meanwhile, she wondered whether Chu Xiang was a fool or someone with guts.

Without anything in her possession, she had actually borrowed money from the company to invest What would happen if she ended up losing money instead She’d certainly never heard anything about Chu Xiang understanding how to invest.

A person who grew up as an orphan and dropped out of school halfway to become a celebrity knew how to invest Surely, she didn’t spend the time during her one year of marriage to learn such things, right

The leading actress did not really take Chu Xiang’s words seriously.

However, it was obvious that she wouldn’t get any more information.

Thus, she made up an excuse and left.

Xiao Tao then walked next to Chu Xiang and said softly, “Sister Xiang, that person was so annoying.

Why did you talk to her about such things She definitely didn’t approach you with good intentions.

After all, you’ve kind of stolen her spotlight in the show.”

Chu Xiang’s lips curled up into a smile.

“What can she do Is she going to spread rumors about how I’m an idiot who wasted money on investing Wouldn’t that be good It would let everyone know that I’m not just a mere celebrity but also an investor.”

Xiao Tao stared blankly at her.

“Sister Xiang, you did that on purpose But… but… have you already made money from your investments”

Chu Xiang looked at her and patted her on the head.

“What do you think From this month onwards, your salary will be doubled.”

“Wow! Sister Xiang, you’re amazing! I love you!” Xiao Tao hugged Chu Xiang tightly before running excitedly into the bathroom, needing to cool herself down with cold water.

After all, her salary was going to be doubled! She had certainly followed the correct person!

Upon hearing the commotion of this end and seeing Xiao Tiao bursting with excitement, the leading actress’ lips twitched slightly as she whispered to her assistant, telling her to keep an eye out for Chu Xiang’s bad qualities.

The film clearly placed great emphasis on the female roles.

Since Chu Xiang performed her role as the senior concubine extremely well and even received a lot of positive feedback from the viewers as the villain of “Heaven Realm Sect,” the director naturally increased the amount of screen time for Chu Xiang and really wanted her to survive until the final episode.

As the female lead’s most difficult opponent, Chu Xiang would essentially have the same amount of screentime as the second female lead.

Although the second female lead seemingly did not pay any mind to this development, the leading actress, on the other hand, did indeed mind.

Wasn’t Chu Xiang essentially competing with her for screen time She needed to come up with a way to worsen the viewer’s opinions of Chu Xiang.

If Chu Xiang were to begin receiving hate from the viewers, she would take advantage of Chu Xiang’s misfortune for her own personal gain.

However, she still needed to find out the identity of the person supporting Chu Xiang from behind the scenes.


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