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Chu Xiang played the vicious and merciless role of the senior concubine extremely well, paying no attention to the lives of others in order to achieve her goals.

However, she would become quite inadequate when it came to her feelings for the emperor.

Pondering on the senior concubine’s unwavering love for the emperor, Chu Xiang felt that something was amiss.

After all, the emperor had already married so many women and would even give the senior concubine the cold shoulder.

Thus, shouldn’t the senior concubine have started up a rebellion instead Wouldn’t it have been so much better to become the empress who holds great authority within the entire nation

Although it might not be possible for a single woman to start up a rebellion during the reign of emperors, surely she could have raised someone up to assassinate the king and take the throne for herself as empress, right The last thing she should have done was fall head over heels for the emperor.

After rejecting yet another take of the scene between Chu Xiang and the emperor, the director felt slightly frustrated and called her over.

“Which part of this scene are you having trouble with It’s not as if you haven’t fallen deeply in love with someone before.

You’ll just have to imitate that feeling from before.

This shouldn’t be a very difficult scene to shoot.”

Knitting her brows, she replied, “If you’re talking about my ex-husband, the fact that I fell in love with him was solid proof that I was blind.

Whenever I think back to that time, I would have the urge to beat him to death.

How could I imitate my feelings from back then”

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, the director rolled up the script for the play and whacked it on his palm.

“In that case, why don’t you imagine the emperor as someone you like Surely, you have at least someone whom you’re fond of, right”

Of course, the person she liked was herself.

Never would she prioritize her feelings for someone else and neglect herself.

But how could she possibly put on an act when seeing the other party as herself It wasn’t as if she had some sort of weird obsession!

Taking a moment to ponder on the meaning behind the director’s advice, Chu Xiang said, “I’ll do my best to work things out.

Let’s give it another try later.

I apologize for holding everyone else up with this.”

The director waved his hand.

“No problem.

It’s not like you do this every single time.

Just go ahead and figure things out.

Come to me if any problem arises.”

Sitting down on the chair for a moment’s rest, Chu Xiang propped her head up and wondered just what she could substitute the emperor for.

One after another, she recalled everyone that left a deep impression on her.

Truth to be told, all those people weren’t here.

Still, why would she think back to the time she spent with them Wouldn’t it just ruin her mood even further and prevent her from acting out her role properly

After thinking about it for quite a while, she came up with the pleasures of life.

Previously, her former goal had been to achieve immortality.

But now, her main goal became seeking after the pleasures of life and doing anything that she found interesting.

This was the most important thing to her at this moment.

When she thought of the things she found interesting, her eyes shone similarly to how one looked at the person they love.

Having resolved this issue, she shot another take with the emperor.

Satisfied by her performance, the director revealed a smile.

This quality of hers consolidated the fact that Chu Xiang was born with the talent for acting.

Sure enough, the director did not misjudge Chu Xiang.

Originally, the leading actress rejoiced in Chu Xiang’s misfortune.

But now, she felt quite troubled once again.

Why would she get scolded like a dog by the director whenever she made mistakes during her shoots while Chu Xiang would be called over to be given pointers Moreover, the director wasn’t strict with Chu Xiang at all.

Wasn’t this a case of favoritism

Searching up topics related to Chu Xiang on the internet, she realized that the movement of Chu Xiang’s haters had already been put to a stop.

There had been discussions saying how many of the haters had already deleted their accounts after receiving the Lawyer’s Letter from Glorious Star Entertainment.

Scared out of their wits by the possible consequences, the haters did not dare to make a single complaint about the situation.

Looking through the other news about Chu Xiang, the leading actress stumbled upon the very first photo of Chu Xiang and Zhou Ye having a meal together.

She realized that Chu Xiang was holding a business magazine.

Then, she asked her assistant to investigate the situation.

Half an hour later, her assistant dug up several photos taken by news agencies of Chu Xiang reading magazines.

In other words, Chu Xiang would always find the time to read business magazines during her break time at work.

It wasn’t until recently when she switched to reading handbooks related to acting.

Satisfied with this discovery, the leading actress ordered her assistant to upload these photos with mocking captions using several random accounts.


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